How to Customize & Reset Your Instagram Explore Page

how to customize and reset instagram explore page

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Instagram tries to do everything to make user experience as pleasant as possible. In case you don’t know, Instagram collects all of your data, knows your most liked Instagram profiles, collects your search queries and knows what content you like the most.

Instagram’s explore page is individually customized for every separate person, so the content would be interesting to every user.

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However, sometimes while browsing on Instagram’ explore page or feed, you may see strange or irrelevant content.

When you start seeing irrelevant content, it is a good sign that you need to customize or reset your Instagram explore page. Customizing will help Instagram algorithm to know more about you and what content would you like to see on your explore page.

Keep reading further and learn how to customize and reset your Instagram explore page.

Let’s get started!

Which content appears on your Instagram explore page?

As I have mentioned above, Instagram tries to improve user experience and show you only the content you would like. How Instagram finds out what you may like? It is simple.

Whenever you like or comment on certain type of content, Instagram knows that it got your attention so you may be interested in similar content.

Whenever you search for certain queries or actively check certain hashtags or profiles, Instagram logs this information and uses it to provide you with better content on your explore page.

In short, Instagram gathers every bit of information while you are online on Instagram, and uses this information while deciding which content to show you.

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How to customize Instagram explore page?

You can avoid undesired content on Instagram explore page and Instagram feed overall by letting Instagram know that you don’t want to see such content. You can simply do that by following the steps below:

  1. Open up Instagram app and login to your account if you haven’t already;
  2. Go to the Explore page;
  3. Find content that you wouldn’t like to see in the future and open it;
  4. Click the ellipsis icon at the top right corner and select “See fewer posts like this”. Done! Keep doing this whenever you see the content you don’t like.

What’s more, you should let Instagram know which content you like, so be more active and like, comment the content you really like. This will give Instagram a signal to show more of such content.

Also, don’t forget to follow hashtags that you are interested in. In this way you will see more of the content of your followed hashtags.

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How to reset Instagram explore page?

If you see that your Instagram explore page shows you too much of unrelated content, then you can take the simplest route and just reset your Instagram explore page.

By doing this, Instagram will remove all of its collected data and will start showing content related to your newest searches and entries.

The easiest way to reset your Instagram explore page is to clear all your Instagram search history.

Follow the steps below to reset your Instagram explore page:

  1. Go to Instagram app and login to your account if you haven’t already;
  2. Tap on the menu icon at the top right corner;
  3. From the drop-down menu select “Settings”;
  4. Select “Security” and then “Search history”;
  5. Click on “Clear search history”. This will delete all of your search history and Instagram explore page will be reset consequently.

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I hope that you were able to successfully customize your Instagram explore page. If you have any more questions related to this topic, let me know in the comment below!

5 thoughts on “How to Customize & Reset Your Instagram Explore Page”

  1. I selected architecture and am flooded with a gazillion posts. Can I reverse my choice to stop all posts vs doing it on each photo?

  2. Mike Klemetson

    I cleared my search history and it did nothing to change what was appearing on my Explore page.

  3. Yeah deleting search history doesnt impact explore page at all.
    I will try the first method and leave a my result here. As I am going into this experiment I highly doubt that it will change my explore page.
    One more thing, if you are addicted to instagram explore page as I am, you should consider using instagram app for direct messages only.
    It doesnt really change this situation for me as I go to instagram for news. (but my explore page is instant dopamine crap)

  4. Exactly. Deleting search history doesn’t do anything. I’m trying to stop Instagram from showing me photos of provocative women/makeup/fashion. I never searched for them. I can’t find the Explore page either. Does anyone know what the author is referring to?

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