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How Does It Work?

1. Choose Your Package
Get The Package You Want, Small To Big

2. Give Us Your Details
We Only Need Your Video URL, No Password Needed.

3. Checkout And See The Magic Happen
Pay with secure payment (creditcard), lean back and watch your profile grow.

YouTube subscribers views and likes illu

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    Why People Buy YouTube Likes?

    As you already know YouTube displays your like count publicly so everyone can see it. Of course, you can hide your ratings from public view and people will still be able to like or dislike your video.

    However, hiding likes count is not suggested as people always suspect that something is wrong with your video and that perhaps you have received a lot of dislikes.

    The main reason why people buy YouTube likes on their videos is to increase their search rankings. You see, when you get a lot of likes on your video, YouTube algorithm automatically increase your search rankings as it thinks that your video has become a lot more popular.

    Secondly, people buy likes to make their video seem more popular. You see, the more likes you have the more popular it seems to other users. If people see that you have a lot of likes on your video, they will be more inclined to press “Thumbs up” on your video too! This will lead to even higher search rankings for your video!

    Are YouTube Likes Definitely Real?

    That’s correct, video likes we provide are gathered from real and active users and they will be liking your video on their own will. So, there YouTube likes are the highest quality you can buy, as they gathered from real YouTube users.

    However, there are many of other service providers which may offer cheap services, but consequently you will get likes from bot accounts which won’t interact with your content at all. You get what you pay for. Usually, the more you pay the higher quality likes you will get.

    All in all, you can be assured that our likes are the highest quality possible as we always strive only for the best.

    Is It Safe To Buy Likes?

    It is completely understandable that you are wondering about this as you care for your YouTube videos and channel’s good standing in general. The good thing is that we care for your videos and channel too, that’s why we couldn’t provide these likes if they could do any harm to your videos or YouTube channel.

    Buying YouTube likes is completely safe for both your video and channel. That’s because we provide real, organic likes to your YouTube video, so it doesn’t violate YouTube’s Terms of Services.

    However, if you are ordering YouTube likes from other service provider, then we would suggest to check twice whether you are receiving real likes and not the likes generated from bots.

    Should You Buy YouTube Likes?

    Should you buy YouTube likes or not mainly depends on what you want to do with your videos. If you are posting YouTube videos for your personal use and you don’t care about its rankings, growth, etc., then you simply don’t need any likes.

    However, if you want your channel to become more popular, get more exposure, increase your video rankings in search results and, consequently, get more video views, then it is advisable to buy YouTube likes.

    When you buy likes for your YouTube video algorithm notices that your video is liked by other people and increase its ranking position automatically. This leads to more views, more organic likes and more advertisement revenue. Buying YouTube likes is an investment which generates a very good ROI in terms of growth of your YouTube videos and channel in general.

    All in all, why wouldn’t you want your videos and channel to grow faster? That’s the answer to your question. If you do, then you need to buy YouTube likes.

    Why Should You Choose FreewaySocial For Buying YouTube Likes?

    What we would recommend is to go with credible and trusted service provider if you are going to buy YouTube likes for your videos. This is really important as you want to get the highest quality likes on your YouTube videos and don’t want to get scammed. Nobody wants that.

    FreewaySocial provides YouTube likes since 2017 and clients are still happy the service we provide. We provide only real YouTube likes that’s why we are still in this business and continue getting new clients. Everybody wants to get more views and likes on their videos and we are a trusted partner who can help you to achieve your goals.

    We gathered a lot of experience throughout all these years, so do not hesitate and place your order on our website right now and we will make sure to provide you only with the best quality services.

    Can I Buy YouTube Likes & Make My Video Popular?

    Yes, you can definitely do that. Making your YouTube video popular was never this easy as you can buy both views and YouTube video likes.

    There is no difference between the likes you get organically and likes that you purchase, because they are practically the same. We provide only real likes to your videos so they are high quality.

    You may find cheap YouTube likes which are lower quality ones, however, we would not recommend ordering those as they mostly come from bot or spammy accounts (likes are not real).

    However, if you go with high quality likes, then you will most certainly make your YouTube video popular in no-time.

    What Are The Benefits Of Buying YouTube Likes?

    There are a lot of benefits if you decide to buy YouTube likes for your videos.

    First of all, you will not only increase your likes count, but will get more exposure to your video. This means more reach and more additional views.

    Secondly, higher amount of likes on your YouTube video signals YouTube algorithm that your video is popular and it automatically boosts its ranking in search results. This means that your video will get more organic views later on.

    Thirdly, your videos will become more popular and other people will be more attracted to your content as you are already getting a lot of likes.

    How Does Buying YouTube Likes Work?

    The process is very simple, all you need to do is to place your order on our website. Just choose the amount of YouTube likes you would like to buy and specify your YouTube video link.

    We do not need to login to your YouTube channel nor we need any other private details, all we need is your YouTube video link. This way you are sure that your content and channel overall will stay safe while we are working on your videos.

    We do all the promotion externally, that’s why we don’t need to login to your channel. You will be amazed just how effective and fast our services are.

    Will YouTube Likes Increase My Video Rankings?

    Yes, that’s why most people keep on buying likes for their videos, as they don’t want just to increase the amount of likes on their videos, they want to get better rankings in YouTube’s search results.

    When you buy likes for your YouTube videos algorithm instantly detects that your video is more likeable so it suggests it more to other people because they may like it too.

    This leads to higher search rankings because your video likes have increased. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to increase your video position in search results rankings.

    Will Bought YouTube Likes Drop?

    We provide only non-drop YouTube likes. It means that when you order likes from our website, you will receive the likes and they will not drop after your order is completed.

    However, we cannot assure that this will happen if you would purchase YouTube likes from another vendor, as some of them may provide you with low quality YouTube likes.

    At FreewaySocial we provide only the highest quality likes which are real users, it means that there is no reason for them to drop. So, you can feel safe about your purchase.

    What Are Organic & Real YouTube Likes?

    That’s a really good question as there are many qualities of different likes you can buy on the internet right now.

    Organic YouTube likes are the ones which were gathered organically without any external promotion of your videos. It means that people saw your video and clicked on “thumbs up” icon.

    Real YouTube likes are not only organic likes, but also those that were gathered from real users. It means that the marketing aspect is not meaningful and all that matters is that the likes would come from real people. Real people means real YouTube users who use YouTube on a daily basis. It means that likes do not come from some bot or spammy accounts.

    Why Are High Quality YouTube Likes Important?

    It is very important to do your due diligence before buying YouTube likes. You need to make sure that you are getting only the highest quality likes for your YouTube videos.

    You see, if you purchase low quality likes, then everything that you are getting is just the increased count of likes on your YouTube video. However, if you purchase high quality YouTube likes, then you are not only increasing the like count but also getting more reach as these real users are interested in your video.

    Real people liking your video means that they may eventually become your subscribers or watch your other content and become your fans.

    Are All YouTube Likes The Same?

    No, there are different qualities of YouTube likes that you can buy. You can buy low quality YouTube likes and the high quality ones.

    Low quality likes are those that come from bot YouTube accounts. We wouldn’t recommend buying such YouTube video likes as all they do is increase your likes count and nothing more.

    On the other hand, if you purchase high quality YouTube likes, then you will not only increase the amount of likes on your YouTube video, but also increase the reach and search rankings on YouTube.

    Can You Become An Influencer By Buying YouTube Likes?

    Yes, you can definitely become YouTube influencer simply by buying likes for your YouTube videos. You see, these likes are no different from organic likes as we promote your videos to real users.

    This means that you are getting likes only from real users, so there is no way to spot the difference between the purchased like and the organic one.

    A lot of likes on your videos will lead to becoming popular person and this makes you an influencer. So, there was no easier way to become an influencer as buying YouTube likes.

    How Many Likes Do You Need To Become An Influencer On YouTube?

    This is a really tricky question as people usually look at the subscribers count when deciding whether to work with such YouTube influencer. But likes count is important nevertheless because it shows how engaged your audience is with your content.

    You always need to look at the percentage of your current subscribers count and likes count. For example, if you have 10000 subscribers, then you should be getting at least 100 likes per YouTube video. This means that you should be getting 1% engagement rate.

    How To Increase YouTube Video Likes Organically?

    You can always grow your YouTube video likes organically for free. This takes a lot of time and effort, however, if you are not ready to spend any money on your YouTube growth, then you can do it all for free. Just follow these tips.

    First of all, content is king. Upload only the highest quality content on your channel so that people would be interested in watching it. You can notice uninteresting moments of your video by tracking the retention rate in your video analytics.

    Secondly, engage with your audience and reply to comments. This will lead your audience to like your video and leave even more comments as they will see that you are responsive to them.

    Thirdly, like other content creator videos and they will probably like you back. This is not “like for like” method, so make sure that you like only those videos that you really like. Maybe then this creator will watch your videos too and like them in return.

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