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How Does It Work?

1. Choose Your Package
Get The Package You Want, Small To Big

2. Give Us Your Details
We Only Need Your Post URL, No Password Needed.

3. Checkout And See The Magic Happen
Pay with secure payment (creditcard), lean back and watch your profile grow.

Get more followers likes and views on social media

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    Why People Buy Instagram Comments?

    Have you ever wondered why people buy Instagram comments in the first place? Well, the answer is very simply. Everyone wants to get more likes, views, followers and of course more comments under their Instagram posts.

    You see, engagement you get under your posts shows others whether you have a loyal audience or not. If you are not receiving too many comments or likes under your Instagram posts, it probably means that your content is not that attractive as it could be.

    That’s why people buy comments for their Instagram posts. They want to increase the engagement rate and rank their posts better at the search results. Yes, you heard that right! Buying Instagram comments increase your chance to be featured in the Instagram’s explore page. Instagram algorithm automatically detects best performing posts with many comments and usually ranks them better so they get more reach organically.

    Should You Choose FreewaySocial For Buying Instagram Comments?

    There are many websites that can provide you comments on your Instagram posts. However, most of them are scam websites which do not deliver anything. Even if they deliver, you usually get some spammy-looking comments under your Instagram post. These comments are easy to identify that they have been bought.

    On the other hand, FreewaySocial provides only the highest quality Instagram comments from real Instagram users. By buying Instagram comments from us, you are sure that you will get only the highest quality comments with descriptive text.

    That’s why others choose FreewaySocial too, we always strive for the best service quality and the best customer experience since 2017.

    Is It Safe To Buy Instagram Comments?

    Yes, it is completely safe to buy Instagram comments from FreewaySocial. We gather only real comments to your Instagram posts which are written by real users.

    There’s nothing wrong with buying Instagram comments if you are not buying some spammy comments. All that matters is quality. Real users commenting under your posts doesn’t violate Instagram’s Terms of Service, so your Instagram profile will be in good standing as it is right now.

    We are providing Instagram comments since 2017 and we have never faced any issues with doing so, neither our clients. So, your Instagram profile is completely safe and sound with us.

    Can I Buy Instagram Comments & Get More Reach?

    Yes, you will get more reach if you buy Instagram comments. It works the following way. You get more comments under your Instagram post and Instagram algorithm notices that instantly. Then, algorithm ranks your Instagram post higher compared to other posts because it has received a better than average engagement rate from increased comments.

    This will increase the organic reach and organic growth of your Instagram profile in general. More reach means more exposure to potential customers, more sales of your products and services and more growth.

    Buying Instagram comments is a great investment to your social media growth if you seriously want to grow your Instagram profile. The return on investment you get from buying Instagram comments is exponential without a doubt. That’s why other people like this service so much and comes back to us on a daily basis.

    What Are The Benefits If You Decide To Buy Instagram Comments?

    There are many reasons to buy Instagram comments on your posts. You are not only increasing the amount of comments, but also getting other benefits too.

    Firstly, you receive more engagement on your Instagram post. More engagement means that more people are interacting with your post and this leads to Instagram algorithm suggesting your posts more to other people.

    This happens because Instagram algorithm is built that way to increase the exposure of popular posts. So, algorithm automatically catches your post as thinks of it as popular simply because you receive more comments than usual. So, this will lead to even more growth.

    Secondly, people will think that you are popular as you receive a lot of comments. People are always interested in people who are famous or popular and as they see that you receive a lot of comments, this will immediately suggest them that you have something interesting to say and that they should follow you.

    How Does Buying Instagram Comments Work?

    Buying Instagram comments has never been easier. All you need to do is to go to our website and place your order. Also, don’t forget to specify your Instagram post link so we would know where to gather the comments on.

    Please note that we do not need any of your login details (passwords, e-mails, etc) as we do all the promotion externally. This means that only you will have access to your profile, so you don’t need to worry about your profile’s security.

    You will be able to proceed using your Instagram profile as you usually do without any interruption while we are working on your Instagram posts.

    Are These Comments Received From Real Instagram Users?

    Yes, all of the comments you receive on your Instagram posts will come from real users. We promote your Instagram posts only to real people so there is not way for the comments to be not real.

    If you will be using another service provider, then you should of course check prior to buying Instagram comments whether they will be real, as some of the providers supply with bot-looking comments. And you don’t want such comments to appear on your posts.

    By buying Instagram comments from FreewaySocial you are always sure that you will receive only the highest quality comments on your posts.

    Will Purchased Instagram Comments Drop?

    No, our Instagram comments are non-drop. It means that after your order has been processed, the comments will stay on your Instagram posts forever. There is not reason for them to disappear from your Instagram posts as they are real and legit comments.

    By going with FreewaySocial you will not need to worry that some of the comments will drop after a while and your money will be wasted. We provide these services since 2017 and we have gathered a lot of experience within these years. There are many users who buy Instagram comments on a daily basis for every new picture that they post.

    What Are High Quality, Organic & Real Instagram Comments?

    That’s a really good question as there are many different Instagram comments that you can buy. You can get high or low quality ones, organic and real comments.

    Organic and real comments are in high quality comments section. That’s because organic and real comments are generated by real users, so there is no better quality than that.

    On the other hand, low quality comments are the ones that are generated by spammy or not real Facebook profiles. This means that such comments only look real, however, they are not written by real person.

    Why Are High Quality Instagram Comments Important?

    If you have decided to buy Instagram comments, then it is really important to purchase only the high quality ones. That’s because it is impossible to tell that high quality comments have been bought, there is no way to tell that they are not organic.

    On the other hand, if you purchase low quality Instagram comment, it will be obvious that they have been bought because profiles commenting will not even have profile pictures or the comment itself will be random.

    That’s why it is always a good idea to spend more buying high quality comments instead of cheapening out.

    Are All Instagram Comments The Same?

    Definitely not, not all Instagram comments are the same. There are different qualities of Instagram comments than you can buy in the market right now.

    You can buy high quality comments and low quality comments. Low quality comments are much cheaper compared to high quality ones, because they are easy to tell that they have been bought. High quality comments are almost impossible to tell that they have been purchased, because they come from real users and real Instagram profiles. People write those comments themselves.

    So, before buying Instagram comments, you should always do your research first and make sure that you are buying only the highest quality comments for your Instagram posts.

    Can You Become An Influencer By Buying Instagram Comments?

    You can become influencer on Instagram even by buying comments for your posts. You see, there is no difference whether you buy your comments or get them organically, as long as these comments are coming from real people.

    If you buy high quality Instagram comments then nobody will be able to tell the difference between purchase comments and organic ones, as all of them come from real people writing real comments.

    How Many Comments Do You Need To Have Good Engagement Rate?

    That’s a really good question as not only your followers count matters but engagement rate too. All established Instagram influencers are trying to get at least 1% engagement rate for their posts which means that if they have 100k followers then they should be getting at least 1000 likes per post.

    However, whether this applies to Instagram comments… I’m not so sure. In actuality you should be aiming for 0,05% engagement rate for your comments. It means that if you have 100k followers, then you should aim to get at least 50 comments per each post.

    How To Increase Instagram Comments Organically?

    You probably have already tried organic growth earlier and got no results as everyone. That’s true, organic growth is free, however, it takes a lot of time and effort to get any results. Nevertheless, here are a few tips that may help you to grow organically. Firstly, always respond to the comments you get. If someone commented under your post, make it a rule to reply to that comment no matter what. When people see that you reply to their comments, they will be willing to comment more on your posts as they know that they will get your response. So, don’t just like their comment, thank them for commenting instead! Secondly, be more active on Instagram overall and comment under other people’s posts. This will trigger them to view your content and comment under your posts too.

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