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How Does It Work?

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    Why People Buy Twitter Likes?

    As you already know people are buying not only Twitter followers or retweets, but also likes & favorites on their tweets. Tweet likes is a social validator of your activity on Twitter app. You see, the more likes you get on your tweets, the more popular are your tweets and your profile in general.

    That’s why people tend to buy Twitter likes, because they want to become famous. By buying Twitter likes you not only increase the amount of likes and favorites on your post, but you get a lot more exposure to your content too. Twitter algorithm sees that you receive much more engagement on your tweet so it suggests you tweet to even more people. This leads to even bigger organic growth of your Twitter profile.

    Why would you grow organically at slow speed while you can grow your tweets and profile in a few days? Why wait for years while you can skyrocket your growth? That’s right, that’s why people are still buying Twitter likes and will continue doing so for a long time.

    Should You Choose FreewaySocial For Buying Twitter Likes?

    If you google for Twitter likes & favorites providers then you should find a lot of them. However, how do you know which of them to trust? Some of them may simply scam you while other may deliver only low quality likes for your tweets.

    With FreewaySocial you know for sure that you are getting only the highest quality likes on your Twitter tweets. We promote your Twitter posts only to real users so you will get only real likes on your Tweets if you buy Twitter likes from us.

    Additionally, FreewaySocial provides Twitter likes since 2017, so we gathered a lot of experience within those years and you can be sure that we will provide only the highest quality services.

    Why would you risk your money and reputation by ordering likes from some unknown provider just to save a few pennies? Always buy likes for your Twitter posts only from verified vendors.

    Is It Safe To Buy Twitter Likes?

    Yes, it is completely safe to buy Twitter likes for your posts if you buy them from us. As stated earlier, we provide only real likes. It means that likes are gathered from real and active Twitter users. Real promotion and real likes are not against Twitter’s Terms of Services, so you can be 100% sure that you won’t get in any trouble.

    On the other hand, if you choose to buy Twitter likes from some other provider, then you should do your research and find out whether they do real promotion and whether they gather real likes on your Twitter posts. If they don’t or you are not sure that they do, then you should stay away from such services providers as they can get your tweets or the whole Twitter profile in trouble.

    Why would you risk your Twitter account by buying Twitter likes from some unknown website while you can do that by using verified and trusted service provider as FreewaySocial? We at FreewaySocial guarantee that your account will stay in good-standing while we promote your tweets.

    Can I Buy Twitter Likes & Make Myself Famous?

    Buying Twitter likes can definitely help you to become famous on Twitter. That’s why so much people buy Twitter likes in the first place – they want their posts and accounts to become famous.

    By buying Twitter likes on your posts you are not only increasing the amount of likes, but also increasing its exposure to more people. People are seeing your post and liking it, so Twitter algorithm gives your tweet a boost and suggests it to more people accordingly because of the increased engagement rate.

    That’s how Twitter algorithm works. It promotes the most active tweets. So, your tweets will grow even more organically after our promotion and this will lead to being more famous and well-known on Twitter platform.

    What Are The Benefits If You Decide To Buy Twitter Likes?

    This is a really good question as you are not only getting the increased amount of likes/favorites on your tweets, but also many other benefits.

    First of all, getting more likes on your tweet means that your tweet will be shown more on other people’s profiles. In other words, liked tweets are being suggested more and rank better in Twitter feed. So, this will lead to even more growth after you buy Twitter likes on your tweet.

    Secondly, other people will start following you more and be more interested in you in general as they will see that you have great support and engagement on your tweets. This means that you are credible person with engaged audience.

    How Does Buying Twitter Likes Work?

    You shouldn’t be worried about this process as buying Twitter likes has never been easier than before.

    All you need to do is to go to our FreewaySocial website, choose the amount of Twitter likes you would like to buy and place your order. All you need to specify is your Twitter tweet URL link and we will start working on your order.

    You do not need to provide any sensitive information as passwords, e-mails, etc as we do not need to login to your Twitter profile. We promote your tweets externally outside of your profile.

    So, you will be able to use Twitter as you used to while we are working on growing likes on your tweets.

    Will These Users Interact With My Content?

    Yes, we promote your tweets only to real users. This means that your tweets be liked by real people and so they can engage on your other content too. They can even follow your Twitter profile if they like it so much.

    That’s the difference of quality when you buy real Twitter likes. If you would buy low quality Twitter likes, then there would probably be no engagement on your other tweets as these would be fake likes from fake users.

    By purchasing from FreewaySocial you are always sure that you are getting the highest quality likes & favorites on your tweets.

    Will Purchased Twitter Likes Drop?

    It is important to mention that we provide only non-drop likes on your Twitter tweets. They are non-drop because they are gathered from real people, so there is just no reason for them to drop after they have been applied on your tweet.

    However, you should be aware that many other service providers may provide likes that drop right after your order has been processed, so you always need to make sure that you are buying only the highest quality Twitter likes on your tweets.

    It is always better to pay more for quality likes then struggle with dropping likes afterwards.

    What Are High Quality, Organic & Real Twitter Likes?

    High quality Twitter likes are the best quality of likes that you can buy for your tweets. As oppose to low quality ones, they are organic & real.

    Organic Twitter likes means that the users came to your tweet organically and liked or favorited your tweet by his own will. On the other hand, real Twitter likes mean that there is no difference how these people came to your tweet, however, they liked it on their own will as they are real Twitter users.

    That’s why high quality Twitter likes are very important for your Twitter profile’s growth.

    Why Are High Quality Twitter Likes Important?

    You see, if you purchase low quality Twitter likes that are generated from spammy users, then all you are getting is the increased amount of likes on your tweets. However, when you buy high quality likes, then you get more reach and exposure to real Twitter audience who is interested in your content.

    This leads to even more engagement and followers on your Twitter profile. That’s why you always need to make sure that you are buying only the highest quality Twitter likes/favorites for your tweets, so that you would get all the benefits it brings you.

    Are All Twitter Likes The Same?

    As you must have understood from earlier chapters, not all Twitter likes are the same. There are many different qualities of them as some suppliers may provide bot likes which are generated from fake profiles and some of them may provide real Twitter likes.

    That’s what FreewaySocial do, we provide only the highest quality Twitter likes on your tweets. It means that we promote your tweets only to real users and all the likes you get are real and quality ones.

    Can You Become An Influencer By Buying Twitter Likes?

    There is really not much of a difference how you gathered your likes as long as they are real likes from real people. If you are getting real likes, it means that you are increasing your reach and content exposure.

    This leads to eventually becoming Twitter influencer as you will build your audience sooner or later. So, you can grow your likes organically or buy real Twitter likes, that’s your choice, however, results will be the same at the end.

    How Many Twitter Likes Do You Need To Become An Influencer On Twitter?

    That’s a really good question as mostly people look at the Twitter profile followers count to decide whether someone has became Twitter influencer or not. But Twitter likes are very important too, because if brand wants to collaborate with you, they will check your followers to likes ratio to make sure that your audience is engaged enough with your content.

    As there would be no point for them to collaborate with you if you have unengaged audience and it doesn’t matter how many followers you have. You should aim for 0,1% engagement rate, meaning that you should be receiving 100 likes on each post if you have 100k followers on your profile.

    How Much Twitter Influencers With 100k+ Likes Make Per Year?

    Well this is not as easy to answer as what matters is not only the likes that you get but the amount of followers on your Twitter profile too.

    Also, a lot depends on your niche too. For example, if you post about investing in stocks or you are in financial markets in general, then you are expected to earn much more compared to someone who is posting funny memes on their Twitter profile.

    However, what we can tell is that on average Twitter accounts which is getting 100k likes per year may earn around 100k USD per year. That’s the average, if you are in good CPC niches (e.g. financial markets), then you can expect this figure to be 2 – 3 times higher.

    How To Increase Twitter Likes Organically?

    As you probably already know organic Twitter growth is very slow and hard as it requires a lot of time allocation. It is not as easy as simply buying Twitter likes. Here are a few tips on how to grow Twitter likes organically.

    Firstly, make sure that you are posting unique content that is interesting to your audience. Unique means that you are not only retweeting posts of others, but you have your own opinion on something.

    Secondly, engage with other people. Like their tweets, retweet them, comment if you have anything more to add. This will lead you to getting even more likes on your posts as people will be more engaged with your content too.

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