7 Most Common Instagram Mistakes to Avoid

7 most common instagram mistakes and how to avoid them

We are all trying to upload the most attractive content, use relevant hashtags, interact with an audience and apply various other strategies to keep our Instagram accounts growing. However, sometimes it seems that none of these efforts provide you with the results you desire to get.

The reason to that isn’t that you aren’t doing enough, but you are most likely doing something incorrectly and don’t even notice it.

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So, are you looking for methods how to improve your Instagram strategy? Wondering what are the most common Instagram mistakes that can ruin your efforts to grow your Instagram profile?

Then, you are in the right place.

In this article, I am going to present you 7 most common Instagram mistakes and explain how to avoid them.

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1. Uploading poor quality images

Instagram is a social media platform which primarily focuses on a high quality visual content.

Therefore, when a user first looks at your Instagram profile’s images, what type of message these images are sending to your potential customers? If your message is a blurry picture that doesn’t induce an audience to stop and look at it, then it means that you are doing something wrong and there is a need to reconsider your visual strategy.

Believe me or not, the quality of your Instagram pictures or videos sends a direct message about the quality of your brand’s products or services. High resolution images are always associated with expertise, quality and speak in a way that an audience can become interested in your brand’s products or services.

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When it comes to your brand’s social media presence, the first impression matters a lot. In this case, your task is to ensure that your brand’s images stand out from a crowd of other appealing photos on users’ Instagram feed. So, upload only the highest quality pictures to your Instagram profile.

If you think that it requires a lot of money, then you are absolutely wrong. In order to make your brand’s images look professionally, you don’t need to buy an expensive camera to capture the high quality photos. All you need is a smartphone with a good camera.

However, keep in mind several important things:

  • Carefully consider the background. Use simple white walls, single tiles in a natural stone or just pretty patterns that will make your image look aesthetically and professionally.
  • Use natural source of light. Ensure that your Instagram pictures’ would get enough of light. In this way, always try to capture a photo in a natural light, otherwise, use photo editing apps which will help to adjust it.
  • Experiment with the perspective. Provide your audience with various angles and views in order to make your images look unique.

2. Wrong use of hashtags or not using them at all

7 Tips on How to Use Instagram Hashtags and Get Results

When it comes to hashtags, many Instagrammers use all of 30 available hashtags and even the ones that are generic. However, this strategy is definitely wrong because most probably you know how annoying a hashtag overload is.

Not realizing a power of hashtags and not using them at all is another mistake many brands make.

In order to make hashtags work effectively, you need to use them correctly.

What does mean correct usage of hashtags?

First of all, keep in mind that according to social media studies, the best number of hashtags that is advised to use is from 5 to 10 per Instagram post.

Secondly, you need to pick up hashtags which are searchable and popular. However, pick only a few that represent your post the best and are related to your business industry.

Thirdly, hashtags need to be short and relevant to your brand’s products or services.

What is more, you can create a unique hashtag for your brand which will help your audience to recognize your brand when they will be scrolling through their Instagram feed.

Overall, by following these tips you will be able to catch attention of users who are searching exactly for what your brand offers and, consequently, drive traffic to your Instagram profile.

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3. Forgetting to write a catchy caption

As Instagram is known as a visual content platform, a lot of marketers forget about the importance of image’s caption.

Actually, this overlook can bring a negative impact on you Instagram profile’s performance. Why? Just because in most cases visual content can instantly grab audience attention, however, in order to hold their interest, you need to include an engaging caption that will induce users to interact.

The piece of text that is accompanying your Instagram image is not just a space filler, it is an important part of the whole Instagram post because it helps to add depth and context to a picture.

So, while uploading an appealing image to your Instagram profile, don’t forget to insert a caption which will be as a conversation starter. It means that you need to add a text that will encourage your Instagram audience to take a particular action (call-to-action), such as like your image, leave a comment or tag a friend. And after that you will notice a difference in your Instagram performance results.

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4. Posting inconsistently

Most likely that you have already heard the phrase consistency is the key. And it is absolutely true!

When it comes to uploading images to your Instagram profile, it needs to be consistent. If you are persistent, then it means that you are predictable. Your audience likes content creators that are predictable. Users follow brands which regularly provide them with a value they are searching for.

However, don’t confound consistency with quantity. If you are posting tons of images every day, you will only boost the chances of annoying your followers and encouraging them to press “unfollow” button.

In order to receive better results of your Instagram performance, social media researches show that you need to post from one to three posts per day. But if you are not sure how often you should upload your Instagram content, it is better to analyze your Instagram Insights metrics and see when and how many times per day your audience is the most active.

What is more, it is advised to use scheduling feature that will help you to plan all your engaging Instagram posts ahead of time and, consequently, stay consistent.

5. Ignoring Instagram Insights metrics

There are marketers who don’t examine data provided by Instagram Insights, in this case, they cannot know who is interacting with their Instagram posts, when and why these users visit their account. It means that they don’t understand how their Instagram account is performing.

Therefore, ignoring Instagram Insights analytics is a huge mistake because it helps you to figure out what content is giving you results and what content is only wasting your resources. Moreover, Instagram Insights metrics provide you with a full picture of your audience.

In this way, if you know your audience demographics, behavior and interests, then there are more chances that you will create a content which grabs your audience’s attention and encourages them to engage.

Overall, analyzing your Instagram performance and understanding what actions you need to take, will help you to avoid mistakes and improve engagement level of your Instagram profile.

6. Deciding not to invest in Instagram ads

Devoting your time and efforts in order to create a huge Instagram following, undoubtedly is a perfect idea. However, guess what is more effective when it comes to building your Instagram followers’ base? And the answer is running an ad campaign.

But many marketers underestimate the strength of Instagram ads and don’t include it into their marketing strategy. And it is a big mistake!

Ignoring Instagram ads and using only the standard posts, it becomes harder to reach the right audience, induce them to take a specific action and get successful results in general.

Furthermore, Instagram statistics prove that 75% of people starts to take actions, such as subscribing for a newsletter, visiting a brand’s webpage or even making a purchase only when they see a branded content. So, apply the advanced targeting opportunity while creating your Instagram ad campaign and you will easily attract users who can be interested in your brand. Efficiently interact with them using call-to action and most probably this audience will take your desired action.

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7. Not engaging with your audience

If you, as many other marketers, believe that to post an attractive image on your Instagram profile is enough in order to receive successful results, then you are mistaken. Because engagement is that one secret element that creates an outstanding and strong Instagram performance. It is the key way to connect to your Instagram audience.

Therefore, remember, Instagram isn’t a one-way conversation platform and after you upload a photo on your Instagram profile, don’t be a ghost. What you need to do is to provoke discussion and actively respond to audience’s comments. However, while engaging with users in comments, try to avoid using short, generic phrases, like “nice”, “sounds good”, “thanks for your opinion” or etc.

By engaging with your audience, you can receive a lot of advantages. First of all, you will learn more important facts about your audience. Secondly, you will make your audience feel like you care about their opinion and encourage them to become your loyal followers. And lastly, you will increase your Instagram post’s discoverability.

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In conclusion, knowing what things to avoid, even if you have noticed that you have already made one or several of these mistakes, don’t start to worry. Because fixing these mistakes isn’t so difficult once you realize them and know the right solutions.

So, it is advised to learn from your mistakes, try to improve and you will see the great results of your Instagram profile’s performance!

However, if you still have any questions related to today’s topic, drop a line in the comments below!

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