7 Tips to Write the Best Facebook Ads Ever

Do you get confused with Facebook advertising? Are you tired of losing money on Facebook ads campaigns?

Many advertisers just like you, while creating a new ad campaign, every time hope to finally win the advertisement game. They try different demographics of a target audience, use various engaging visuals and even upload the successful copy of their ad over and over again.

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However, they didn’t perceive why their ads are not profitable. They just feel like spending their time and efforts uselessly and throwing money out for Facebook ads.

What if I tell you that with some advice received here, you can run your first successful ad campaign today.

In this article, you will learn 7 strategical tactics how to write the best Facebook ads.

Let’s start right now!

1. Use audience targeting in your Facebook ad

As Facebook suggests you a lot of opportunities how to target your audience, it can be easy to get confused. Or even easier to give up and start randomly selecting target’s demographic characteristics, their interests, hoping that magic happens and Facebook match an advertisement with your ideal customers.

When it comes to advertising online, it can be said that you need to feel like you are on the stage in front of the crowd of viewers. However, in our case this way of thinking is wrong. In order to make your advertising performance effective, your task is to create and present the ad as you are writing to one specific person. And this person is your clearly defined target audience.

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If you focus all your attention on your narrow target and their preferences, then you will not only save your time and money, but also reach audience which you need and persuade them to take a particular action.

In this case, to make your Facebook advertising more profitable, you may use the existing information about your customers, such as people who made a purchase on your webpage, to narrowly target the similar audience on Facebook. For instance, you can target young women who are over 25 years, live in United Kingdom and are interested in fitness.

In order to receive the best results, don’t forget that it is important to narrow your audience by adding the particular categories and excluding random targeting from your advertising tactics.

2. Stay focused on one Call-to-action

All successful Facebook ads campaigns have clear goals, either to capture the potential customer’s attention or to induce the audience to make a specific action, like install an app or buy a product.

Ideally is when your ad campaign reaches both goals. But in most cases your ad either focuses on one goal or another. To concentrate only on boosting brand awareness is a smart strategical action, which helps to build your brand over a long period of time. However, a lot of advertisers try to combine brand awareness with audience’s direct responses and it rarely works out.

Talking about direct responses, these ads are better used for feedback about provided service or sold products rather than trying to engage.

No matter what your goal is or if you are using the brand awareness campaigns, your Facebook ad should have a clearly defined call-to-action, such as following your Facebook page, visiting your website, subscribing for a newsletter. Without a call-to-action, the audience will see your advertisement, however, they will have no idea what to do with it. Call-to-action suggests users what they should do next.

All in all, it is advised to select one action, which your Facebook ad encourage the audience to take and you will notice the difference in the results of your advertising performance.

3. Write a clear headline

According to social media studies, the best headlines are considered the ones which are clear and conversational because they minimize the annoying feeling caused by advertising on Facebook news feeds. Successful Facebook ad shouldn’t irritate users with the unattractive benefits and sales pitches.

Actually, there is no common, true opinion how the perfect ad headline should look like. Sometimes a great headline is just a clever phrase, however, other time it is a well-defined advantage of your product or service.

Even the old advice, which says that ad headlines should include the benefits, but not the features of your brand, doesn’t work. Nowadays, a majority of well-known brands applies the conversational method while writing their ads headlines, rather than traditional ones.

4. Ensure that your ad goes with your visual

It doesn’t matter if it is a small or large business, most of them don’t have a lot of pictures prepared in advance. And when it comes to uploading an advertisement, brands’ panic level raises because they need to ensure that image which reflects their ad is attached.

However, sometimes it results in visuals which don’t go together with the ads that show an emotion for a Facebook audience. If the ad’s text and the image don’t line up, your target audience will be confused what exactly your advertisement is about. Consequently, they won’t click on it – it means your ad is useless.

In this case, find the image which will not only be related to the peace of a text written in your Facebook ad, but also will be looking eye-catching and inducing your target audience to engage.

5. Keep it short and deliver value

Think about a fact that you are paying for your ads. It means that your ads should be catchy in order to be as profitable as possible. While advertising, your task is to explain your product or service to the audience. But in the matter of Facebook ads, it is important to keep them short and make sure that your products/services provide value to the target audience.

There are several main questions, such as “What does the target audience get out of using your product or service?” and “How is your product or service different from any other products?”, that needs to be answered in the ad.

You should describe everything clearly and concisely, in order to help your audience to learn about your brand in a few seconds and understand why it is worth to click on the ad.

Remember, that your ad value proposition needs to be believable. For instance, if you are saying that your brand’s jogging leggings are the most comfortable workout clothes for women, probably it will not make users click on your ad, however, offering 30% discount will.

6. Include the price

It is significant for your audience to see the numbers and know how much your product or service costs. In this case, if you are selling the products or organizing a sale, use your advertisement to tell people the price or a percentage which they can expect to get off.

This type of Facebook ads is more useful to show only to the audience who have already visited your website because these users are probably interested in your products or services and more likely to become your customers.

7. View your ads from the side

If you are the one who devotes time, efforts and spends money trying to run the best Facebook ads of your brand, then it can be helpful to step back and analyze your past advertising performance. Go through your ads and remember which advertisements induce you to click and which you want to skip.

Actually, the tactic of looking at your previously created Facebook ads is a good idea because it helps to understand what you are doing wrong and improve in the future, or contrary find out how your successful ads looked like.

Taking everything into account, as an advertiser you should ensure that you are putting all essential skills in order to create the powerful Facebook ad, which will help to reach your goal.

Now, it is enough of information, start applying the tips discussed in this article and start creating Facebook ads that converts well.

However, if you want to leave some comments, please write them in a comments’ box below!

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