5 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Facebook Posts

If you have already created your Facebook content strategy – you know how often you want to publish content, what audience you want to reach, and probably you have even determined your strategy’s goals.

Probably now the question “What’s next?” arises in your mind.

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Although, you may upload your Facebook posts with no specific consistency, however, you will receive much better results from your Facebook content, if you stick to a schedule.

Without a doubt, many users are struggling to post the content on their Facebook page consistently. In this case, it is advised to schedule your Facebook posts when it is the best time to reach your audience and consequently boost your content’s engagement level.

However, if you are doubting about benefits of Facebook posts’ scheduling, here are 5 reasons why you should schedule your Facebook posts.

Let’s get it started!

1. Facebook scheduling helps to post consistently

You probably understand that success on Facebook will not happen overnight.

When it comes to Facebook, consistency should be your best friend. Being consistent in frequency of your Facebook posts is very important because it helps to create trust, reliability and grow your audience. Consequently, all these things assist you in building a successful Facebook strategy.

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What is more, consistency provides your followers with understanding when they can expect to see your content and creates a reason to come back to your Facebook page as soon as a post shows up.

In this case, to be consistent, it is advised to schedule your Facebook content in advance. It doesn’t matter if you plan your Facebook posts for a whole week or for a month ahead, there are more chances that using scheduling you will not miss a day. 

By scheduling your Facebook posts, you will appear on your followers’ newsfeeds regularly in order to encourage them to engage with your content.

2. Gives extra time to improve your strategy

Without a doubt, effectively organizing your content on Facebook may be a difficult task. But if you schedule your Facebook posts in advance, then you will free up more time to create and improve your Facebook strategy according to the metrics provided by Facebook Analytics.

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Moreover, by applying a scheduling tactic, you will have time to conduct the researches on what social media approaches other brands implement. In this way, you will have a great chance to understand how you can change your strategy in order to improve your performance.

It is important to remember the rule: the more powerful your social media strategy is, the more likely that your Facebook account will grow and the bigger amount of traffic will be driven to your brand’s webpage.

Overall, try to create and schedule your Facebook posts and you will have time to work on your strategic plan, consequently you will notice the better results from your performance.

3. Allows to save more time on engaging with your audience

Often changing Facebook algorithm makes it complicated for your brand’s posts to reach the right audience. Also, if you are not scheduling Facebook posts and just randomly uploading your content, consequently your Facebook followers can miss your posts. This will lead to a complete waste of your time and efforts.

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Remember, irregular posting of a content on Facebook will only reduce the engagement level.

However, by scheduling in advance, you free up more time to engage with your audience.

The tactic of waiting until your followers will start to engage with your Facebook content isn’t right. Your task is to become a part of Facebook conversations around your brand. You should like comments about your brand, write replies on these comments, interact with your audience via direct messages, include hashtags to your posts to attract the right audience. In other words, do most out of your possibilities and you will notice that the efforts are paid off.

Actually, this is considered as the most powerful way how you may build strong connections with your audience on Facebook and encourage them to engage with your content.

4. Helps to avoid chaotic situations, like “What should I post today?”

Now, let’s imagine… It is a wonderful summer Sunday and you are spending time with your friends by the lake, however, you suddenly remember that you have forgotten to upload a new post on Facebook today.

So, how would you react in this kind of situation? It is most probably that you panic and start searching for your phone, thinking what content to post on Facebook while your friends are asking you to hurry up and come to play volleyball!

In most cases, because you didn’t planned what content to post on Facebook, you will likely upload something that doesn’t seem engaging and informative for your audience. Moreover, you can miss some main elements, such as catchy headline, relevant hashtags or even post the content when a majority of your Facebook audience isn’t active.

In this way you will not only make your audience feel disappointed, but also worsen your Facebook performance results.

In order to avoid these situations, the easiest way is to plan and schedule your Facebook posts ahead of time. Remember that the scheduling of your Facebook content will not only protect you from the last minute confusion, but it will also assist you in improving your content and ideally adjusting your each Facebook post with your social media strategy.

5. Provides you a chance to get more free time

Many marketers usually forget that they have free time which can be spent somewhere just relaxing. Even during holidays they are devoting their time in order to organize the content on Facebook page.

However, in order to stay fresh and generate creative ideas for posts, it is important to have a rest to recharge your mind and become more inspired.

So, if you decide to go on vacation, then who will be uploading your Facebook posts? And what if there is no Wi-Fi?

By implementing a tactic of scheduling your Facebook posts you can easily solve this issue. What you need to do is just start using a scheduling tool which will accomplish all the tasks related to Facebook content publishing. In this way, the strategy of planning and scheduling your posts will let you to have free time and spend it as you want without any distractions.

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Wrapping everything discussed above, scheduling Facebook posts is the best way in order to save time and dedicate it for achieving more important goals, such as using a powerful strategy to grow your brand awareness, reach new potential audience, engage with existing followers, generate traffic or increase sales.

Now, after learning about advantages of scheduling, it’s time to go ahead and plan your Facebook posts!

What do you think about scheduling of Facebook posts? Leave your comments in the field below.

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