Why You Should Advertise on YouTube: 5 Reasons

should you advertise on youtube

If you need to entertain yourself, to understand how to fix something around the house or find review on the particular products or services, then most probably you end up your searches on YouTube.

Due to the fact that YouTube suggests huge variety of videos on any type of a subject, there are more than 30 million daily active users who spend 1 billion hours watching YouTube content per day.

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With such enormous audience spending so much time on YouTube, you should not be amazed that YouTube has become the powerful platform to advertise for many brands.

However, are you still doubting that YouTube advertisements need to be a part of your marketing strategy?

Discover 5 reasons why you should start advertising on YouTube.

Let’s dive right in!

1. YouTube reach is massive

The first important thing, which you need to know about YouTube, is the potential reach of audience that you will be working with. YouTube is the second largest search engine in online world with more than 1.9 billion monthly active users. And this amount is expected to increase year over year.

According to social media statistics, the number of videos that are watched by the YouTube audience every single day exceeds 5 billion, which is almost one third of all digital activity. Based on these indicators, which shows that YouTube has an incredibly wide range of users, it goes without a saying that YouTube should be the number one place where you need to run your advertising campaign.

However, with such a great quantity of video uploaded, which makes 300 hours of new videos posted on YouTube every minute, you can easily get lost. In this case, in order to ensure that your YouTube videos reach your specific target audience, include usage of the keywords that are related to your advertisement topic in your strategical actions.

Overall, YouTube gives a great chance for your content to reach an enormous audience of social media users who can potentially turn into your customers.

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2. Targeting capabilities

If you are advertising to people who are not interested in your brand’s products or services, it means you are just wasting your time and money. The right targeting of your audience is critical in order to get the best results of your ads’ performance.

Luckily, YouTube provides you with the broad targeting possibilities that assist in reaching the exact audience. As other social media platforms, YouTube lets to target the audience based on their demographic characteristics, such as age, gender or even parental status. However, it is a simple tactic.

Besides, YouTube suggests you to use the exact type of the audience for targeting in your ads campaigns. By applying the first type, which is affinity audiences, you can use your advertisements in order to reach the audience who have already showed their interest in a similar topic. This targeting method helps you to boost awareness of your brand. Another targeting method is called in-market audiences. It includes the audience who is actively looking for products or services like those you offer.

What is more, YouTube allows you to show your advertisements on the specific channels or videos. In order to ensure that your brand’s message will appear where it needs to be, you can put your ad on the channels or videos that are popular among your target audience. In this case, you will have a chance to attract the audience with the high conversion prospects. You may even place your ad on the videos of your competitors and in this way, steal the leads from right under their noses.

YouTube targeting capabilities are very helpful to your advertising campaigns because they help you to reach the high intent audience at different buying stages. 

3. Easy to track Ad metrics

Advertising metrics are the key in measuring your ads’ performance and understanding whether your invested money is being spent efficiently or not. In this case, using YouTube Analytics tab you can easily access various up-to-date data, in order to evaluate your ads’ performance results.

Although the available information usually depends on the format and pricing of your advertisements, however, YouTube allows you to analyze the most common metrics, such as views, clicks, reach, frequency and engagement. Furthermore, in order to see how often and what length of your ad is watched, you need to track the video viewership.

Without a doubt performance metrics are powerful thing because they help to understand where your ads are performing effectively and where they should be improved. So, after figuring out what needs to be done better, you can easily edit your advertising strategy.

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4. YouTube makes impact on purchasing behavior

Many social media studies state that YouTube generates high conversion rates and influences people’s purchasing behavior. 73% of people say that they are more likely to buy the products or services after watching YouTube videos that explain how these products or services should be used.

If your YouTube video is informative and comprehensive, then there is a bigger chance that audience will become interested in your brand and make a purchase. While making your ad campaign, it is advised to step into the shoes of your target audience, think of the questions that your customers can ask and based on that write the title and description of your YouTube ad.

What is more, according to various analyses, YouTube ads place your brand in front of the audience with high buying intent in a way no other platform does. If you target the audience correctly, you will notice that YouTube generates high quality leads from users who want to purchase.

5. It is affordable

Comparing with other ads’ platforms, like Google Ads, it is a powerful way to advertise on YouTube because it generates the highest ROI (return-on-investment). When it comes to YouTube advertising, you only need to pay for a view if the audience passes 30 seconds mark of your video or views the entire video.

So, how much does advertising on YouTube cost? A typical ad’s price is around 0.10-0.30 dollars per view.

Have you ever noticed the “Skip Ad” button on a YouTube video? If yes, probably you are afraid that you need to pay when audience presses the “Skip Ad” button while haven’t even seen your whole ad. However, stay calm, as it was mentioned before, YouTube doesn’t charge the advertiser for the first 30 seconds (unless your ad is shorter than 30 seconds and your ad has been viewed till the end).

In conclusion, YouTube is a valuable digital platform, which provides you with powerful opportunities to reach your target audience. In this case, it is impossible to ignore the enormous impact which YouTube ads can have on your brand.  

If you were doubting about running an ad on YouTube, I hope that after today’s article you have understood the reasons why you should advertise on YouTube.

But if you want to leave some comments regarding the topic of advertising on YouTube, then please drop a line in comments’ box below!

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