4 Reasons Why You Are Losing YouTube Video Views

why you are losing youtube video views

People upload videos on YouTube to show their personality to the world. If it’s a brand’s account, then they mainly aim to build brand awareness and get sales from YouTube’s audience. Usually performance on YouTube is measured by the amount of views that videos get.

Here’ the situation. Imagine that yesterday you had 5000 views on a particular YouTube video, but today you noticed that there are only 2500 views left on your video. You start wondering, is it a mistake? Did YouTube’s website glitched and showed you the wrong amount of views?

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This situation can be familiar to many of those who are regularly creating video content on YouTube. If it sounds familiar to you too – don’t freak out. In this article I will explain why you are losing YouTube video views and should you do something about it.

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1. YouTube updated its algorithm

One of the reasons why your YouTube video views decreased can be related to YouTube updates. For example, at 2018 January YouTube updated its algorithm to improve system accuracy while counting video views. They informed all YouTube creators that because of this update many may see views decreasing on their videos starting from January 29th, 2018. You can find more information about this update by clicking here.

Purpose of update was to ensure that videos were viewed by real people and not bots.

Moreover, this update also changed the way views are displayed overall. YouTube informed, that during the first few hours after video has been published, they will show only that amount of views which their algorithm thinks is legitimate human views. If algorithm decides that views are generated by bots or they are spammy looking short retention views, then they may not count it as views.

Also, YouTube mentioned that views updates slower for few hours after the video has been published, but starts to update faster afterwards. And for the most important part, YouTube mentioned that they are “constantly validating views, so views count can always be adjusted.”

So, if you noticed that your views suddenly decreased, it may mean that YouTube’s algorithm found out that some of your views were not legitimate enough and looked like short retention spammy traffic. Maybe it was you or your friend who refreshed your video couple times?

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2. YouTube servers

There are unlimited quantities of videos on YouTube. YouTube is huge in general – videos are being uploaded and watched many times per day. YouTube needs to keep up with huge workload, so it runs on many different servers to preserve the performance and host all this data. But many different servers mean more problems. Sometimes numbers just don’t add up and different servers show different numbers.

If you refresh YouTube video every few seconds, then you can notice fluctuations in views. View count goes up and down. That’s mainly because YouTube is running on many servers and they can be delaying (lagging) a little.

So, if your video views are decreasing but shortly after (10 – 15 minutes) view count goes back up, then you shouldn’t be worried, as this is normal.

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3. YouTube is doing spring cleaning

YouTube has a tradition to do cleaning of inactive or spammy accounts every year. This tradition started somewhere from 2013 – 2014.

If some YouTube accounts have been inactive for a long time or breached YouTube’s policies and guidelines a few times, those accounts may be permanently closed by YouTube. When account is removed, then consequently YouTube removes all the comments, likes, subscriptions that were made from that particular account. Views are not an exception, they are removed from videos too.

So, if you noticed just a small decrease of views, you shouldn’t be worried as it’s probably just YouTube doing some cleaning.

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4. You purchased low quality views

There are a lot of third-party apps and websites which offer to add views to your YouTube videos. While they may be saying that views are high quality and organic, you should still be careful and think twice about their legitimacy.

Many of them won’t even add any views to your video, they will just take your money and won’t respond. And if they provide the service, most commonly they just submit your video to “view for view” exchange or in worst case scenario – sends bot traffic to your video.

In that case, you will see views on your video increasing, but beware – it’s probably not permanent! Soon after YouTube’s algorithm notices that views are not legitimate, you may lose all of them instantly. So, if you used such service before, you may now know why you have lost those views.

If you are still considering using third-party service to promote your videos, at least make sure that they are a trustable agency and will really market your video in legitimate ways.

Here were 4 main reasons why you may be losing YouTube video views. If you have any other reasons in mind, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below.

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