Why Instagram Influencer Marketing is Significant for Your Brand?

Why Instagram Influencer Marketing is Significant for Your Brand

As more and more people go online in order to make purchasing decisions, Instagram influencer marketing has been a popular strategy which is growing overwhelmingly.

Actually, influencer marketing is a relatively not so difficult way to spread information about your brand, reach new target audiences, increase it’s awareness or even generate sales. People start to devote their time and invest their money on influencers.

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According to social media survey conducted by Bloglovin, from 100 polled participants more than 90% of them choose Instagram as a platform for influencer marketing. What is more, 63% of these participants stated that they increased their budget on influencer marketing by approximately 24% in 2017.

This expansion in budget reveals that brands begin to figure out the worth of influencer marketing and how to use it in order to improve their performance.

However, you probably still have been thinking why influencer marketing is beneficial for your brand? A main cause why influencer marketing is a powerful weapon for your brand is that due to a huge amount of influencer’s followers you can attract a bigger target audience.

Besides this, for better understanding let’s take a look at several more reasons why you need to go for influencer marketing.

1. Instagram influencer helps to increase brand awareness

Actually, influencer marketing is a perfect way in order to boost brand awareness. Other Instagram users get interested and trust opinions and recommendations of an influencer. Why? Because influencers are known and are showing brands which they probably have tried by themselves.

So, followers begin to engage with a content where an influencer is telling about your brand and become aware of your brand.

However, it is very important to choose a right Instagram influencer with whom you will collaborate. The main requirements should be following: a relevant influencer needs to have a huge active target audience, their posts should be authentic, compelling to stop and interact.

What is more, don’t forget that it is a must that your brand’s niche would match with influencer’s Instagram content’s theme.

2. Helps to build trust of potential customers

Probably everyone had a situation when it is hard to decide which brand is better but friend’s recommendation helps to choose the right one. In this way it becomes the best form of advertising.

Also a lot of social media studies find that it is hard for people to trust little known brands and advertisements about them. However, when a popular Instagram influencer with a several thousands of followers is talking about a brand, explains benefits and it’s authentic features, automatically it increases the brand’s awareness, establishes trust and loyalty with a target audience.

So, in this case using influencer marketing is a great chance to invite influencer’s audience to trust in your brand and get new customers.

All in all, influencer marketing provides an opportunity for brands to get people’s trust, because they are presented as recognizable, reliable and relevant to customers’ needs.

3. Helps to generate revenue

Is it possible for you to perform knowing that your marketing campaign doesn’t generate revenue? Exactly – no, because you try to do everything in order to use marketing campaign which will give you high return on your investment.

In other words, from your efforts, time and money invested in work with an influencer, you want to get something in return and it is to boost conversions and increase sales of your products.

Actually the main reason why working with influencers on Instagram will boost your brand’s sales because influencers’ posts are discoverable by a big target audience and their accounts have a high engagement rate.

According to an analysis made by Bloglovin, 53% of people use influencer marketing as it helps to increase sales.  In this case without no doubts it proves that investing in influencer marketing really pays off.

4. Instagram influencer helps to reach target audience

By using influencer marketing it is quite easy to enter new markets, however, it is difficult to capture them. When people are interested in influencer’s daily content and trust her/his recommendations, your brand can make a higher influence on a target audience without much effort.

You just think how it is useful when your brand is placed in front of a huge social audience, who are already interested in your brand’s niche. In this case you don’t need to spend a lot of money on ads in order to find the users who will likely become your customers, because an Instagram influencer has already taken care of it.

5. Helps to boost SEO

As probably you know that in order to generate a high organic traffic, it is important to have a high SEO (Search engine optimization) ranking of your brand’s most relevant keywords. In this case you shouldn’t forget that influencer marketing makes a positive impact on SEO of your webpage (gives boost by social signals).

As influencer’s content seems strong and compelling, they are popular and easily discoverable by other social media users, so accordingly influencers have a high SEO ranking. It means that working with influencer provides your brand with a flow-through effect.

How it works? Actually, very simply. An Instagram influencer creates an entertaining and informative posts relevant to your brand and shares it with followers. As search engines check account’s activity, quality of a content, usage of keywords, readability (and influencers are specialists in these things), in this way you will improve your SEO ranking and likely get traffic into your website.

All thoughts considered, now it is clear that a collaboration with Instagram influencers is really beneficial for brands. It is like a marketing weapon which helps to increase band’s awareness, build trust, reach a larger amount of target audience, improve SEO ranking, boost sales and get more revenue.

Efforts put in a work with an influencer will assist in overcoming social media marketing challenges and will make your brand stronger than competitors.

Besides, while selecting a right influencer, remember, that it is really important to choose an influencer whose account niche matches your brand’s niche.

So don’t hesitate, try these tips with your brand and you will see great results!

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