Why Facebook Engagement Rate Is Important?

why facebook engagement rate is important

You have created a Facebook page for your brand, optimized it by uploading a catchy profile photo, wrote an appealing description and keep posting content on consistent basis.

However, are these things enough to grow your Facebook page and build a deep and authentic connection with your audience?

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The answer is no! Unfortunately, having a good-looking Facebook page without engagement on posts you will unlikely receive positive results.

Engagement plays an essential role in the success of your Facebook page. If you want to reach thousands of Facebook users who are your potential audience, then engagement needs to be your priority.

Wondering why engagement rate is so important on Facebook?

Keep reading and in this article you will discover why engagement is significant to the success of any Facebook page.

Let’s get started!

What is the engagement rate?

Engagement rate is an indicator which shows how actively involved your audience is with your Facebook content. In order words, it tells whether people find your content interesting, relevant and worth paying attention to and interacting with.

Moreover, according to social media studies, audience who spends their time interacting with your content is more likely to become your customers.

Keep in mind that engagement rate consists of several factors, such as likes, comments and shares your content receives.

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Why Facebook engagement rate is important?

1. It boosts your brand awareness

Facebook has the power to bring different people from all around the world closer together. For brands, it means that anything is possible when it comes to expanding their brand awareness.

In fact, every time when a user engages with your content on Facebook, your brand awareness increases. How? The answer is simple.

When your followers are liking, commenting on or sharing your uploaded content, there is a big chance that the Facebook page of your brand will be noticed and checked by their friends. Consequently, you will have an opportunity to gain new followers and boost your brand awareness, which is crucial in order to build a good reputation.

2. It influences your brand’s reach

An important reason why you need to pay attention to your content’s engagement level is that it makes impact on visibility of your brand.

However, keep in mind that it is not an easy task for brands to keep their posts visible on the news feeds of their Facebook audience.

When Facebook algorithm is deciding what content to show, it chooses posts that receive more attention from users. It means that the more people interact with your Facebook content, the more likely that your posts will get higher exposure.

Consequently, you have the bigger chances to promote your brand’s products or services and attract new potential customers.

In fact, the explanation how Facebook algorithm works is simple. If no one or very small number of users engage with your posts, Facebook thinks that your content will be not interesting to the rest of the audience and doesn’t put it high on their news feeds.

In order to make your content visible, you need to ensure that it has a great engagement level. Only then your brand will be able to maximize its reach and drive sales. 

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3. It increases audience’s interest

Another advantage of a strong engagement level on your content is the increased interest in your Facebook page.

If a person who visits your Facebook profile’s page for the first time, notices that your posts are captivating, informative and receive high engagement, then it is more likely that they will be curious about your future content and start following you.

So, in order to make a positive impact on new visitors of your profile, try to ensure that the posts you upload on Facebook are attractive enough to get a lot of engagement.

4. It creates social proof of your brand

Facebook engagement isn’t just the amount of followers you have or amount of likes, comments or shares your posts receive.

Engagement makes a difference when it comes to how your brand is perceived by an audience. In this case, when other users, who are not your followers, visit your Facebook page and see that you have a large base of fans and there are lots of engagement on your posts, they assume your brand as a leader in its industry.

What is more, if your existing followers are commenting on your content how much they like and care about your brand, new visitors will naturally be thinking that they want to work with your brand too.

Overall, a high engagement level provides your audience with social proof of your brand and makes you look more trustworthy. Consequently, this encourages people to purchase your brand’s products or services.

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Wrapping everything up, engagement is a critical metric for the success of brands on Facebook, because people pay more attention to an engagement rate rather than to product features and price.

Try to ensure a high engagement level of your Facebook content as it is an indicator that your audience finds your content interesting.

Moreover, by having a strong engagement, you will be able to receive benefits, such as a greater brand awareness, better brand visibility and social proof that will make it easier to gain new followers who can turn into loyal customers.

If you still have any questions related to this topic, feel free to write them in the comments below!

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