5 Reasons Why Every Brand Needs a YouTube Channel

5 reasons why every brand needs youtube channel

If you haven’t noticed yet, videos are taking over the web. Nowadays a majority of brands are trying to develop their video content marketing strategy. They upload their videos on YouTube in order to attract interested audience, encourage them to engage with their content and most probably turn them into their customers.

According to social media studies, 5 billion videos are viewed every day on YouTube. Also 60% of users prefer YouTube instead of watching TV.

If you are not sure about the advantages of using YouTube for your business, then keep reading and you will learn why YouTube can be a useful sales channel for you and your business.

Here are 5 reason how your brand may benefit from having a YouTube channel.

Let’s begin!

1. YouTube is where your audience is

Without a doubt your brand’s performance depends on ability to reach as wide audience as possible. If you think of all social media networks that allow you to do that, then YouTube will be at the top.

So there is no a reason to underestimate the YouTube opportunities!

With more than 2 billion monthly active users, YouTube is considered as a popular digital platform where people can easily find all necessary information about products, services or brands itself. Also statistics show that the amount of videos viewed by the YouTube audience every single day exceeds 5 billion, which is almost one third of all social media activity.

Based on these numbers it can be easily seen that YouTube has an incredibly wide audience. Because of this, it goes without a saying that your brand needs to create YouTube channel and start uploading engaging videos. These videos would grab users’ attention, encourage them to interact with content, visit your website or even help to make a decision regarding a purchase.

2. Videos help to explain everything

If you are launching a new product or service, without a doubt it is advised to create a YouTube video and show some catchy details about it. In this case you will grab audience’s attention, get them feel interested and induce them to try your products or services.

According to social media studies, 98% of people watch video in order to learn more about particular products or services. Due to this fact, 45% of brands who are applying video marketing in their advertising strategies, create and upload the “explainer” videos on their YouTube channels. This type of video helps to clearly show characteristics of your products or services to an audience and encourage them to purchase.

Moreover, if you are thinking how you can give an understandable explanation of a difficult topic, then go to your YouTube channel and upload a video there. Actually, you can also use animated videos while trying to explain tough subjects. While texts or live videos can’t help, animation may easily cope with this task.

Overall, YouTube videos help not only to entertain your audience, but it is also considered as a perfect way to clarify everything that is hard to explain in words.

3. Videos build trust and loyalty

Trust is the crucial factor in success of your performance, in other words, number of conversions and sales that you get.

However, in order to build trust and long-term relationship with your audience, it is recommended to start creating videos and uploading them into your YouTube channel.

Instead of obsessively selling, encourage audience to visit your YouTube channel by uploading compelling videos that provide useful information about your brand, products or services. Keep in mind that it is not enough to make a good content and focus on traffic, you need to show things in a way which will easily catch audience’s attention and build their trust.

So, while creating your YouTube videos, try to ignite viewers’ emotions, educate them and induce to engage with your video content. Also, interact with audience’s comments left under your videos. In return you will receive trust and loyalty of your YouTube audience, who most probably will become your customers.

4. Videos increase conversions and sales

According to social media researches, uploading a video on YouTube channel, which clearly depicts all your product service characteristics, may boost conversion rates by 80%. The brands who implement YouTube video marketing into their strategies, receive 66% more leads yearly.

What is more, when people see video about your products or services, there are more chances that they visit your website or even come back to it after some time.

Don’t doubt whether you need to have a YouTube channel or not, better start creating informative and engaging videos where you will apply straightforward CTA (call-to-action). In this case, you will encourage your audience to do a specific action and achieve your desirable goal.

Furthermore, studies state that 64% of people get more confidence to buy your products or services after they watch your brand’s video.

You have probably noticed that numbers speak for themselves. So, better start crafting YouTube videos that provide useful and interesting information and you will notice powerful results of your performance.

5. Customers choose to watch video better than read text

More and more video content is being viewed by people. Studies show that users are 95% more likely to remember an information about your brand after watching a video, compared to receiving information in the text format.

Due to this fact, video is considered as a great tool not only for education, but also it is very easy to consume. Because of the busy lifestyles, a majority of people (especially young adults) don’t have time and patience to read the long descriptions about products or services or go deeper with explanations how to do something. Instead of this, nowadays’ customers prefer to see products in action because it is the fastest and easiest way to get all necessary information.

As video can reach wide audience, then it definitely should capture attention of the laziest consumers. What you need to do is to ensure that the content of your YouTube videos is engaging and informative enough, in order to attract not only the eyes, but and the ears of your potential customers.

All in all, due to the high demand of video content, you shouldn’t doubt in creating YouTube channel and uploading engaging videos to it.

Wrapping everything up, I hope that after today’s discussion you know why it is important to have a YouTube channel, and you will agree with opinion that YouTube is an incredibly powerful tool for all types of businesses.

YouTube will not only provide you with ability to reach a lot of people, but it also assists you in creating your brand awareness, entertaining and educating your target audience, building trustworthy and long-term relationship, generating more conversions and boosting sales.

If you have something to add, please drop a line the comments section below!

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