Why Engagement Rate On YouTube Is So Important?

why youtube engagement rate is so important

YouTube is still one of the best platforms to market your personal brand or business. However, uploading videos on YouTube is not enough.

If you want to keep growing your YouTube channel, you need to create quality videos which would get a lot of likes and comments. Without engagement your channel won’t be growing. The more engagement your videos get, the more views and subscribers you will gather.

In this article you are going to learn why engagement rate on YouTube is so important. Also, I am going to share a few tips how to increase engagement rate on your YouTube videos.

Let’s get started!

Why engagement rate on YouTube is so important?

If you are not constantly checking YouTube Analytics, then you should start doing it right now!

Firstly, YouTube algorithm tracks engagement rate of your videos and ranks your videos in the search results accordingly. You see, YouTube algorithm decides whether your video is liked by the audience or not, and decides whether to boost it up or not.

YouTube algorithm tracks variety of different metrics (views, watch-time, retention rate, etc.). However, the most important one is the engagement rate. The bigger the engagement rate, the better your video is ranked in YouTube’s search results.

If you have been on YouTube long enough, you may notice the correlation between the amount of likes, comments and views that your video gets. Usually, the more likes and comments your video gets, the more views your video will gather.

You see, YouTube wants to show only quality content to YouTube users so that they would be coming back to watch more. In other words, YouTube is always improving user-experience so that YouTube platform would continue growing.

Secondly, you need to track engagement rate to track if your videos are still liked by your audience. Engagement rate shows if your audience likes your videos or not. You can find it out by the amount of likes, dislikes, comments and subscribers that your videos get.

If you noticed that likes and comments on your videos have reduced and dislikes increased, then you can take appropriate action and improve your videos.

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How to improve the engagement rate on your YouTube videos?

There are many ways how you could improve the engagement rate on your YouTube videos. I will review some of the main ways below.

1. Consistency

Keep uploading your videos as consistent as possible. For example, once or twice a week would be a good start.

If your viewers know when to expect your new videos, they will be more inclined in watching them and leaving their comments and likes. This will create a loyal audience.

2. Call-to-action

Always include call-to-action in your videos. You need to tell your audience what you want them to do.

For example, in the beginning and the end of your video you could say “Press thumbs up on my videos”, “Leave a comment below” or “Subscribe to my channel”. This call-to-action will instantly increase your engagement rate.

3. Engage

Engage with your audience and always respond to comments under your videos. Like their responses and comment back.

People are more inclined in leaving their comment under your video if they know that you will respond to it. This will improve the overall engagement rate and boost your video in search rankings immediately.

4. Custom thumbnails

It is a no-brainer. You can’t use automatically generated YouTube thumbnails for your videos. You must create a custom thumbnail which would attract people’s attention and induce them to click on your video. This will increase video views and engagement altogether.

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I hope that you found this guide helpful and learned why engagement rate on YouTube is so important. Try these 4 tips in practice to improve the engagement rate on your YouTube videos.

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