Why Engagement Rate on Twitter Is So Important?

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If you track Twitter Analytics, you may see engagement rate displayed right there. Everyone knows that it represents the engagement your tweets get from your audience.

However, did you know why Twitter engagement rate is so important? Did you know that you tweets ranking depend very much on the engagement you get on your tweets?

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In this article you are going to learn why engagement rate on Twitter is so important, what is considered a good engagement rate and a few tips on how you can increase it.

Let’s get started!

What is engagement rate on Twitter?

Engagement rate is calculated by dividing engagement from total impressions of your tweets.

Tweet impression is counted when your tweet has been displayed on user’s newsfeed.

Engagement is counted when someone clicks anywhere on your tweet (retweets, replies, favorites, follows you because of your tweet, clicks on your profile photo or username, clicks on one of your tweet’s hashtags, clicks on the link).

So, basically, engagement rate represents the ratio between impressions and total engagement. High engagement rate represents that people are interested in your content. Consequently, the better your profile performs on Twitter and attracts more audience.

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Why engagement rate on Twitter is so important?

Engagement rate is important when collaborating with other influencers and businesses because everyone seeks to collaborate with the ones who have high engagement. However, that’s not the most important thing.

The most important part of engagement rate is its influence on Twitter algorithm. You see, Twitter algorithm is built to give users only the best content that they would like to watch. Engagement rate is going to tell algorithm whether your content is relevant to your target audience or not.

High engagement rate practically always indicates that users are liking the tweets and would like to see more. That’s why Twitter algorithm will never boost low engagement tweets in tweet rankings so mostly those tweets won’t appear in users’ newsfeeds.

And the opposite is true with tweets that get high engagement – they are being boosted and shown more in user feeds. More eye-balls means more reach and followers growth.

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What is considered as good engagement rate?

It is important to mention that engagement rate also depends on the niche you are tweeting about. So, look at the numbers just as a guidance.

By analysing several statistics, I have defined these averages:

Low engagement rate – 0% – 0.02% is considered to be low engagement and it indicates that you have a lot of work to do.

Good engagement rate – 0.02% – 0.09% is considered to be good engagement and it indicates that you are already doing good but it can be increased just by a few tweaks.

High engagement rate – 0.09% – 0.33% is considered to be high engagement and it indicates that you are professional on Twitter and have already applied majority of tips to increase engagement.

Very high engagement rate – 0.33% – 1% is considered very high engagement which is not possible to reach for majority of niches. However, some influencers manage to climb over 0.33% mark at certain times.

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How to increase engagement rate on Twitter?

Whether you have low or good engagement rate, you can still get to high engagement rate just by applying a few tips.

Engage. You must keep posting tweets and engaging with people that are in your niche. Try to respond to every comment you get under your tweets. Just be friendly, re-tweet the posts of others and try to connect as much as possible.

You must build relationships in order to grow your engagement rate. As people get to know you, they will be more willing to retweet and comment under your posts.

Post visual content. Scroll through your Twitter feed and check which tweets you notice first. Most probably these will be tweets with attached images or videos.

You see, people notice visual content more than just plain text as visuals just seems more interesting. So, try to attaching high quality pictures and videos to your posts and you will notice a sudden boost in engagement rate.

Be consistent. Stay consistent with your tweets. Choose a frequency whether you would post once or five times a day, just keep it up. Consistent content will boost engagement rate of your posts.

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I hope that now you have learned why engagement rate on twitter is so important and found out a few tips on how you can increase it.

If you still have any questions related to this topic, just leave a comment below!

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