What To Tweet When You Are Out of Ideas: 5 Tips

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Haven’t your Twitter followers heard from you in a while? Have you found yourself staring at blank screen of Twitter page trying to come up with the ideas to tweet about? And do you feel like you have already wrote Twitter posts about the majority of the things twice?

Don’t worry, I perfectly understand your feeling. Sometimes it can be a hard task to manage your Twitter account and maintain its content constantly in order to boost Twitter engagement level.

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Unfortunately, when the time to tweet comes, you don’t always have time to sit and wait for inspiration to magically appear. Got accustomed to consistency, your Twitter audience is expecting the content with which they can interact. Consequently, audience generates higher engagement that should probably lead to powerful traffic results, and increase sales. That’s why you can’t postpone tweet’s uploading to the next day, but you need to go and find creative ideas for your Twitter posts.    

If you are a blogger, a brand or even a specific company’s marketing department’s representative who is having a tough time in collecting creative thoughts for Twitter posts, then you came to the right place where you are going to get the answer to the question “What to tweet?”

In this article 5 ideas are going to be discussed, in order to help you don’t feel clueless the next time when you decide to tweet on Twitter.

Before we start reviewing various ideas of tweets, let’s make the reason of tweeting a little bit more clear.

So, why people want to generate more tweets ideas? Why is it so important?

Actually, the answer is simple – people want to boost Twitter engagement. Due to the bigger engagement level, people receive bigger traffic, more leads, the number of followers increase and their Twitter accounts become more visible.

Now, let’s dive into ideas!

1. Share articles from your field

If you read an article which grabbed your attention, seemed informative and entertaining, then share it in your tweet. Believe me, your Twitter audience will be more engaged when they find something new and educational.

What is more, the article which represents your niche, helps to increase awareness of your products or services. People will get more knowledge about your products or services and likely will be interested in asking the questions on your tweet.

However, avoid sharing difficult articles with in-depth features that are going to let you target audience feel overwhelmed and confused. Don’t forget that by showing your followers the article you are trying to help them understand about your industry, products or services, but not sharing something that is just related to your field.

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2. Include a video into your tweet

If you are thinking about what content to upload on Twitter, keep in mind that you may always tweet a video with some hashtags that reflects its main topic.


Because according to social media analyses, 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter. Furthermore, videos have 6 times higher chances to be retweeted comparing with images and 3 times more than GIF’s.

Actually, there are so many options of video types to upload. For example, you can post a video, which shows a behind the scenes moment of your business or you may share a video with other positive people’s feedback about your products or services.

One important rule is to keep the video short and tell the most engaging things in the beginning of the video because first 10 seconds of your video make the most memorable impression. What is more, social media statistics have found that the average duration of a video is around 4.4 minutes, not longer.

3. Ask questions in a tweet

Another idea when you are thinking what kind of tweet to create is a question post, which without a doubt is powerful way to induce the Twitter audience to engage with your content.

You can ask your followers’ opinion by writing down an open-ended question or create a Twitter poll, which lets people just to tick their answers.

The questions can be very different, starting from people’s experience related to your brand, their opinion about the newest products or services and ending with suggestions how to improve your services or products, or even a general question – what types of content they want to see in the future.

Remember that people are ready to share their views, give their opinion only when they feel that their words will be heard and they will get some sort of response back.

In this case, it is advised to share the most interesting answers of the Twitter poll with your followers. This tactic will show that the opinion of your Twitter audience is important for you and will help you to build stronger relationships with them.

4. Re-share tweets of your followers

It is not a secret that the easiest and fastest way to establish relationships on Twitter is to show that you are interested in someone’s thoughts. Moreover, retweeting helps to expand your Twitter content, make it more variable and make your Twitter profile as an authority in your business field.

Did your follower just published an attention grabbing and informative Twitter post? Don’t wait, retweet it! However, in order to make retweeting more powerful, while you re-share other person’s or brand’s post, add your own insights. In this way, you give an additional value to the tweet.

5. Recommend other Twitter profiles

As the cherry on top of your relationship developing tweets help your followers find other interesting Twitter profiles to follow.

Don’t be afraid, recommend a few Twitter accounts that are really worth to follow. It can be bloggers or just individual profiles where you can find great content.

Actually, it can seem like you are not going to receive anything out of this, but it is valuable for your relationship building and maintenance with Twitter accounts you have mentioned.

Wrapping all things up, I hope that discussed ideas will help you next time when you will be out of ideas while creating a Twitter post. However, you don’t need to try everything at once, just select one or two ideas that are mentioned above and build up your Twitter content from there.

Remember that all efforts are evaluated, so if you tweet consistently, you will notice higher Twitter engagement and better results of your performance on Twitter in general.

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