What to Post on Instagram: 7 Creative Ideas

what to post on instagram

Probably you understand that if you want to use Instagram to promote your brand and build its’ social presence, then the first thing which you need to ensure is great Instagram posts.

However, it isn’t enough just to put some popular filters and effects on your image or video and upload it on Instagram. Your task is to post a visual content that seems appealing to your audience and encourages them to interact with it.

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And this can be difficult, particularly with more than 95 million of photos and videos uploaded to Instagram daily. So, what to post on Instagram every day in order to keep your audience engaged?

The good news is that there are lots of various methods how to keep your Instagram feed fresh and catchy.

In this article I am going to present 7 creative and captivating Instagram post ideas. Use them when you feel a need of inspiration for your Instagram feed.

Let’s begin!

1. Run a giveaway or contest

If you want to grow your Instagram followers’ base, draw attention to your brand and receive tons of engagement, then contests and giveaways are considered as a great way to do it.

Don’t ignore an opportunity of organizing contests because they not only get an audience to talk about your brand, but also may generate strong social proof or user-generated content.

Maybe you not believe me, however, there is no better moment than you are scrolling through your Instagram feed and discover a bit of delight, such as a contest.

In order to get more powerful results, suggest a prize, which will be interesting and relevant to your target audience. It doesn’t mean that you need to offer something expensive. Undoubtedly, anyone would comment for a free iPad, but it is more significant to arise audience’s interest and encourage them to interact with your Instagram post, when there is a symbolic prize.

What is more, you need to set very clear rules for your Instagram contest or giveaway. Only then the right audience will be attracted to take a participation.

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2. Ask questions

If you are thinking about how to provide a value to your Instagram followers,  then you can’t skip a tactic of asking questions in your Instagram post’s caption.

Asking questions helps to show that you care about what your audience think and gives you a chance easily inspire them to share their thoughts and ideas on various subjects. Collecting your Instagram audience’s opinion, you can find out what type of content your followers want to see in the future and make improvements.

Moreover, asking particular questions may help you to come up with an outstanding ideas for new products or services of your brand.

Overall, don’t forget that by using a strategy of asking questions, you boost your Instagram engagement level. So, put an interesting question into Instagram post’s caption, however, ensure that it goes with an appealing image.

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3. Show video tutorials

Actually video tutorials are considered as one of the most valuable and engaging content uploaded on Instagram. Videos easily grab audience’s attention and make them interested.

Do you know that “how-to” video tutorials are the most viewed by social media users? If you have never created this type of video before, so now is the right time to try it.

Remember that even a 30 seconds video, which provides the quick tips or demonstrates how to use, care for or set up your brand’s products, is the powerful way to make your followers stop, pay attention and engage with a post.

Try to show your Instagram audience how it is easy to use your products and what value they can give. In this case, followers will be pleasant to find your informative video tutorials on their Instagram feeds. Furthermore, a strategy of uploading video tutorials on Instagram will help to increase leads to your website and boost sales.

4. Inspire an audience with a quote

Inspirational quotes is always popular and engaging method to interact with an audience.

As there is a lot of negativity on social media, then motivational quotes are a great way to give something optimistic and cheer up your Instagram followers. What is more, this type of content develops positive associations with your brand.

When it comes to quotes, there are several things that you should keep in mind. First of all, you need to ensure that in generally image looks attractive. In this case, use dynamic colors and layouts. Secondly, choose the appealing text type. Also, don’t forget to credit the quote’s words to a person who said it.

5. Show features of your products

Images and videos of your products are most probably one of the easiest ways to decide what to post on Instagram. However, don’t underestimate their potential.

Posting the content, which displays your products’ features in all their glory, undoubtedly, assists you in promoting your brand on Instagram and boosting sales. Moreover, creating product posts that focus on feelings, associations that you want an audience to think of when they see your brand on Instagram will help to drive its’ exclusivity.

While uploading posts with your products on Instagram feed, you need to do it right in order to avoid coming across as spammy. Due to this, write attractive captions, insert several related hashtags and don’t forget to use some photo effects to make your image as catchy as possible.

Overall, it is advised to treat your Instagram post like a chance to pitch the product, highlighting its’ most valuable features and benefits which make it unique.

6. Take followers behind-the-scenes

Everyone sees only an appealing final result. However, no one knows how do you make your catchy Instagram images. Or, what process is hidden while making your brand’s products.

So, take your Instagram followers behind-the-scenes and in this way you will create transparency which lets your audience feel like they are getting acquainted with the “real you”. In other words, showing your audience what goes on in your office is an effective way to humanize your brand.

This type of Instagram content not only works as a refreshment of your feed after a stream of your brand’s product posts, but also helps to build trust of your audience and turn them into customers.

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7. Repost user-generated content

Without a doubt, one of the most effective methods to receive more exposure for your brand and higher engagement level from your Instagram audience is to show them appreciation by sharing the content, which is made by themselves, especially if it is related with your brand’s products. This type of posts is called a user-generated content.

Actually, Instagram users like to see this type of posts on their feeds. In this case, audience feel like you care about them and you show that you inspire them to interact.

So, encourage Instagram followers to produce the content about your brand or its’ products. However, it is recommended to let your audience know what you want to see by providing them particular hashtags they can add to their created pictures related to your brand. After that, you can easily find all the posts where your brand is mentioned.

In conclusion, 7 Instagram post ideas were reviewed in order to help you to never run out of creative and engaging content. However, remember to consider how each type of post will match your Instagram aesthetic and your brand’s strategy in general.

So, what ideas will you try first? Or maybe you have other Instagram posts ideas?

Please share your thoughts in comments section!

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