What to Post on Facebook When You Are Out of Ideas

what to post on faceook when you are out of ideas

Does your brand finds it difficult to boost engagement level of its Facebook content? Are you wondering what post to upload next on Facebook or what Facebook content will work best for your brand?

Well, it is not a secret that every brand has been in such situation. Creative ideas disappear and a concern appears that maybe you will not receive good results from your Facebook content as it was before.

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It doesn’t mean that you should start worrying. Better check out these 5 Facebook post ideas which will help you not to feel clueless the next time you decide to upload a post on Facebook. Feel free to steal these ideas.

Let’s begin!

1. The polls

While Facebook provides you with a chance to ask for user opinion, why not to take advantage of this feature?

It is known that people like to leave comments about products or services they have already used. In this case, using polls, you can give your audience a perfect opportunity to express their thoughts and concerns. It is good that Facebook polls often have real-time feedback.

Consequently, it easily and quickly increases engagement of your content because audience often starts to discuss with each other in a comments’ section.

What is more, Facebook polls are considered as a simple and free but effective way to conduct valuable market research while showing your audience that you care about their opinion.

While thinking about a question for your poll, it is advised to avoid controversial topics. Better select simple, informative subjects that encourage audience to discuss, however, without any far-reaching implications.

How to create a Facebook poll?

Although there is an opportunity to create a poll in Facebook groups or events, however, since a majority of brands participate in both, this Facebook feature is regarded as useful one. You need to click on icon “More”, choose “Poll” from a menu, type your question and then insert answers’ options. Then publish it. That’s it, Facebook poll has been created.

Moreover, instead of text answers, you can add images in your poll for comparison purposes. In order to receive comprehensive results, it is important to exactly decide on the start and end dates for your poll to run. Once your poll is over, don’t forget to interact (like, comment) with your audience’s expressed opinion. 

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2. User-generated content

User-generated content (UGC) is considered as the most authentic kind of content that is shared on Facebook. Actually, results that user-generated content can give to your brand are powerful.

As social media studies show that nowadays 84% of people don’t trust brands which run the traditional forms of ad campaigns. Instead of it, people began to trust more the digital word-of-mouth or in other words user-generated content and engage with it. Also, UGC has a huge impact on selling power, much higher than any other kind of content you might ever upload.

People like to see their created content while they scroll their Facebook newsfeed. In this way, by sharing UGC, you make your audience feel like you care about them and encourage to engage with your content.

So, don’t doubt in effectiveness of this type of content. Better induce your audience to produce a content about your brand and its’ products and upload it on their Facebook profile. What is more, give your audience a special hashtag which they will add into the created content. This hashtag will help you to easily find all the posts related to your brand and share them on your Facebook feed.

When you share user-generated content, it is advised to tag and thank a person whose post you use.

Undoubtedly, by sharing posts created by your audience, you show them appreciation which, consequently, boosts your Facebook content’s engagement level.

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3. Blog posts and articles about your brand

Uploading your blog posts and articles on Facebook is one of the most effective ways to grab audience’s attention, get more clicks and increase engagement.

You have devoted a lot of time and effort in writing the articles, in this case, it would be stupid to ignore an opportunity to share them on Facebook and receive some extra use out of it.

However, it is not enough just to share a link of your blog or article on a Facebook feed, you need to ensure that your Facebook post sounds catchy and encourages audience to click on a link.

How can you do it?

Just write a short summary of your article in a Facebook post’s description, which will give a clear reason why your audience should click to read it. Or add an engaging quote taken from your article that will arouse audience’s interest and induce them to click.

Furthermore, in order to get more interactions with your Facebook post, it is advised to ask your audience to express their thoughts about your article or blog post in a comments’ section.

4. Contests

It is not a secret that people like competitions and especially when they get free stuff. It means you can take advantage from this trait by organizing Facebook contests.

Contests or giveaways are a great way to gain more followers, generate the bigger amount of leads and receive the higher engagement level on your post.

In order to get more successful results from your Facebook contest, you need make sure that it is attractive enough to encourage your audience to engage with its’ post.

While creating a Facebook post which announces about your contest, keep in mind that it should include the clear competition rules, information about prize and notify about the duration of your competition.

Overall, since Facebook contests are not only considered as a powerful method to boost engagement of your content, but also positively influence on organic reach, there is no reason for you to ignore them as a way to grow your brand.

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5. Meaningful quotes

If you are stuck and don’t know what to upload on Facebook, without a doubt you need to try to post an inspirational quote or expression from industry experts. Why?

Firstly, quotes are like a “push” to inspire people every day.  Secondly, they help to show the values of your brand. And also quotes may connect with literally anyone.

By motivating your Facebook audience, you will be slowly but effectively building a strong foundation for following. The more users trust what you say, the more likely that they will follow you and engage with your content.

What is more, in order to obtain better results from your content, it is recommended to insert a quote into a picture. So, use Google search to find some inspiring quotes and include them into your Facebook post.

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That’s all for today! I hope that you have found these 5 Facebook post ideas useful in order to ensure not to feel clueless the next time you want to upload something on your Facebook feed.

Do you have any thoughts to share with me? Please write them in a comments’ section below!

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