What Is The Best Facebook Posting Frequency?

the best facebook posting frequency

Facebook is considered as the holy grail for marketers. However, once Facebook has changed its news feed algorithm in order to avoid inauthentic behavior, many marketers began to search for new solutions to grow their brands and catch audience’s attention on Facebook again.

Due to these changes, the question “how often brands should publish on Facebook?” has become even more important.

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But the answer is – it depends. Why? Just because there is no rule that fits all brands.

So, in this article you will understand how often should you post on Facebook and find out the best posting frequency on Facebook which will work the best for your brand.

Let’s begin our discussion!

Why does a posting frequency matter?

The days, when the best strategy for brands was to upload content multiple times per day in order to let your audience see all your posts, already passed.

Today, brands’ marketers that post many times each day risk being demoted for having a low engagement level of their content or looking spammy.

The bigger amount of content you upload on Facebook daily, the less likely users are to see it due to the organic reach considerably reducing with each additional post.

What is more, Facebook ranks organic content you upload along with how users respond to it. Therefore, if you post something on Facebook and your audience engage with it, then Facebook thinks that this type of content is valuable, should be seen by more users and makes it more visible to your audience (increase reach).

Otherwise, if you upload a post on Facebook and it doesn’t get any engagement, in this case, Facebook considers it as the tedious and decides not to annoy users with this content. 

Also, if you upload your content on Facebook too often, you can make your audience feel irritated and they will just unfollow your brand.

On the other hand, posting too little may result in your Facebook audience losing interest and forgetting your brand that, consequently, will decrease your content’s engagement level.

So, having a limited time to reach your audience and encourage them to interact with your content, you need to focus more on quality, not on quantity. That’s why a posting frequency matters.

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How often should you post on Facebook?

What perfectly worked in the past, won’t necessary work now.

Previously, according to the latest social media studies, it was recommended to upload content on Facebook from 2 to 5 times each day, but this is already out of date. Most recent researches stated that it is better to post 2 times per day on Facebook.

However, there isn’t magic pill that will work for everyone.

If there is no best posting frequency, so, how you decide how often to share your content on Facebook?

Actually, instead of relying on the information provided by other people, let’s review the factors that you need to take into consideration in order to understand what the right posting frequency for your Facebook is.

1. Find out when your followers are online

The first step what you can do in order to discover the best posting frequency for your Facebook page is to know when your audience is the most active.

In order to get a knowledge about your followers, go to the Insights dashboard and on the left-side column’s menu choose “Posts” and click on the “When your fans are online” section. After that you will be presented with a detailed breakdown of the days and times your audience is the most engaged with your content.

This valuable data helps you to study the behavior of your Facebook audience more completely. Therefore, better don’t ignore it while you are thinking how often & when to upload posts on Facebook.

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2. Examine effectiveness of your previous posts

Secondly, in order to understand what posting frequency is the best for your Facebook page followers, your task is to check your existing successful Facebook posts.

Just go to Insights, click on “Posts” and then select the “Post types” section. In this case, in the “Published” column you will have an opportunity to see when (date and time) your each post was uploaded.

Having this information, you will be able to look out for any posts’ trends in terms of time. For instance, does a Facebook post uploaded during a particular time receives a higher amount of reach, engagement, click rates or not.

Furthermore, you will have a chance to analyze your previous publishing frequency and make clear conclusions how it has influenced on an engagement level of your posts.

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3. Do your own testing

Although comprehension of your audience’s most active hours and evaluation of your existing posts’ performance are considered as a significant indicator in order to understand when and how often to upload your content of Facebook, however, not less important is to do an experiment with posting times.

So, try to publish your Facebook posts on different days of the week and at different times of the day. Doing this will undoubtedly assist you in figuring out when your pots are receiving the higher engagement from your audience. But keep in mind that not only uploading time and frequency of a content on Facebook influence on your posts’ success, the subject of your post obviously has a huge impact on that too.

Actually, in order to notice a trend and draw conclusions, it is advised to make an experiment for a few weeks. For example, firstly, you can choose to upload your posts every second day during the lunch time, then publish your content every day in the morning.

In other words, try different options until you have covered all bases. Only then you will be able to find out what days and times actually work for your Facebook audience.

Once you know how often and at which days is the best for you to upload a content on Facebook, then it’s time to start scheduling your posts. Actually, there are lots of free third party scheduling tools that you can use in order to ensure that you publish your content when your followers are ready to interact with your posts.

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Wrapping everything up, knowing your audience’s active hours, analyzing your previous content’s performance and or just making experiments to understand what posting frequency really works are the crucial things that will help you to stand out in this competitive social media world and withstand any Facebook algorithm changes.

Using the tips provided above is a good way to reach as more audience as possible and keep them engaged.

How often do you post on Facebook? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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