What is Mass Instagram Story Viewing?

mass instagram story viewing

Are you interested in the newest Instagram marketing trends? Or have you recently noticed many unknown users watching your Instagram stories? Don’t worry, that’s just people using mass story viewing technique to grow their social presence on Instagram.

In this article I will present what is “Mass story viewing” marketing technique, why it is trending right now & should you try it out.

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What is “Mass story viewing”?

how to see who viewed your instagram stories

Mass story viewing or Instagram mass looking – there are many names to this trending Instagram marketing technique. Put it simply, by Mass story viewing your account is watching many different Instagram stories per day.

Mass story viewing is similar to “Follow for follow” and other shady marketing techniques. This marketing technique is used by so-called Instagram growth hackers or other Instagram growth services.

All the actions are automatically performed by computer. You submit your account details to the agency which offers Mass story viewing services and their scripts/bots do all the necessary work.

We found out that accounts using this technique can even view up to 1000000 stories per day!

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How does “Mass story viewing” marketing works?

“What is the point of viewing so many stories?”, you may ask. Here is the thing.

Everyone is interested in who is viewing their Instagram stories! Instagram users can see a list of users who watched their Instagram stories within the last 24 hours. Also, they can click on any user one the list and go to his Instagram profile to check it out.

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So, if today you viewed just 10 Instagram stories, then there will be little to no chance that someone will notice you on the list and click-through on your profile. However, if your account views 500k – 1 million stories, then you can expect that a few thousand people will check their story viewers list, notice your account and click-through to check your profile. And that’s how you get new followers.

Quantity matters the most here. It means that you couldn’t apply such marketing technique by yourself, as you wouldn’t be physically able to view such a high amount of stories.

Should you use this marketing technique?

Is this marketing technique working? Yes, you can attract new followers by using this strategy. However, I do NOT recommend you to use it.

You may notice increase profile visits and new followers, but it is not good for long-term marketing strategy. Many users informed and warned others that their profiles got suspended after using this technique just for a couple of days.

Imagine an Instagram user watching 500k – 1 million stories per day every day… you and I know that it is not possible for a human to accomplish. So, Instagram’s algorithm notices that too and marks that as spam activity. If you get action blocked – that’s not too bad, however, your account may be easily suspended too, so be warned! So, it is not worth using it, as your account becomes just one of those other story spammers.

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That’s it for this article. I hope that now you understand how Instagram mass story viewing works and that you shouldn’t even consider using it. Have you tried using this marketing technique before? Share your experience with us in the comment’s section below.

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