What is Instagram Story Stickers & How to Add Them

what is instagram story stickers and how to add them

Instagram stories were introduced in 2016. At the start nobody really used Instagram stories much. But if we look at it today, Instagram stories became one of the main features that brands use for marketing purposes in Instagram.

That’s why you need to know how to properly use all of the features available while posting your Instagram stories. One of the features is stickers. It may look easy, but there is a lot to learn about Instagram story stickers.

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In this article I will explain different types of stickers and how to add stickers to your Instagram stories to attract more engagement and followers in general.

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What are stickers and how to add them to your Instagram story?

Instagram stickers are interactive visual elements which can be added to video or image stories. Stickers help to make your stories more interesting and noticeable, many of stickers even are animated or clickable.

Adding sticker to your Instagram story is simple. When you took a picture or recorded a video for your Instagram story, click on the sticker icon in the upper screen. After that you will be brought to a new window with different options of stickers to choose from.

You will see Location, Mention, Share with, Hashtag, Music, Time, Weather Temperature, Gif, Emoji, Poll and many more stickers. After selecting one of these stickers, just drag it across your screen on top of the video or picture, also you will be able to resize it.

I will describe the most popular stickers in detail.

Location. If you upload a picture of you in some famous place, you can add location tag sticker to your story. You can tag buildings, cities or even countries. Location tag stickers work similar as hashtags, as they help to be more discoverable in Instagram search. Whenever someone searches for stories taken in New York City, New York, your story that was location tagged “New York City” will appear in that search too.

Hashtag. You can add hashtags to your Instagram stories in two separate ways. Either you can do it by typing in a text hashtag in the text box tool, or add sticker hashtag. Sticker hashtag will look more attractive than simple text hashtag. Unfortunately, you can only add 1 sticker hashtag to your story. It’s unfortunate because you can add up to 10 simple text hashtags. So, if you would like to add just one hashtag to your Instagram story, then consider using sticker hashtag.

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Gifs. These are moving visual elements from Giphy. Gifs are entertaining and funny, usually attract a lot of user attention. You can even use them in your call-to-action, for example, there are a lot of Swipe up, Click here gifs to choose from.

Poll. Polls are a great feature to increase user engagement. Remember that the more engagement you get, the faster your Instagram account will grow. If you see that your user engagement rate has lowered, just create a poll and ask your audience to vote. By default answers to your question will be Yes or No, but you can easily change those according to your question. In general users are really willing to participate in polls, as it doesn’t cost them anything and are really entertaining.

Question. If you would like to ask your audience a question, but it can’t be answered in simple answer as Yes or No, then consider using Question sticker instead of Poll sticker. Question sticker works best with open-ended questions. Open-ended question also helps to get more of user engagement on your stories.

Date. Date stickers just show date on your Instagram story, but it is still one of the most popular stickers. Was that picture taken on a special day for you? Just put in a sticker with that date then, so everybody would know!

Should you use Stickers in your Instagram stories?

Definitely! Stickers help to make your stories more entertaining and engaging, as Instagram stories with stickers tend to get twice as much exposure compared to simple non-edited story.

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Stickers can help you to create enticing call-to-actions, tag locations of the events where picture was taken, get answers from your audience for a particular question, or even drive sales with product stickers! If you think about it, you can do so much with Instagram story stickers. Stickers really help to induce your audience to take particular action that you want them to take. So, it is a really great tool for social media marketers.

I hope that after this guide you will know how to add different types of stickers to your Instagram stories and won’t forget to use them on every story! Remember, if you weren’t using stickers for your stories earlier, then you will probably see your engagement rate increasing twice after you start using them regularly.

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