What Happens When You Report Someone on Twitter?

what happens when you report someone on twitter

Twitter is a very popular platform that is mainly used to express different views and opinions. However, with so many different opinions, some may be controversial or even abusive to somebody.

Luckily, Twitter users are able to report other Twitter accounts, tweets, lists, direct messages, etc. However, do you know what happens when you report a Twitter account or a particular tweet? Or what can happen to you when someone reports you or your tweet?

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Let’s find it out!

What happens when you report someone on Twitter?

After you report some Twitter account, tweet, list or direct message, you will receive automatic response from Twitter informing that they have received your report. Usually Twitter reviews reports within a few days.

In case Twitter needs more information on your report, they will ask you to provide more information on the matter.

Twitter will be reviewing your report to see if the action reported violates their policies and guidelines. If user’s actions violated Twitter’s policies or guidelines, then Twitter may take further action on reported account, ranging from simple warning to permanent suspension. That mainly depends on the violation.

Twitter will also inform you how they handled your report and how reported account was punished.

If you reported some tweet, list or a direct message, the original content will not be displayed and you will only see a notice informing that you reported it.

One more thing to notice, if you reported a tweet, you will still be able to click-through to view the original tweet. However, if you reported a direct message, then direct message or the whole conversation will be permanently removed.

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What will happen to reported Twitter account?

Twitter staff will review your report in a few days. If they find any violation of rules, Twitter staff will decide what to do with such profile. There are many measures that can be taken to punish Twitter account which violated Twitter rules.

Here is the full list:

  • Twitter may remove or hide tweet from other users;
  • Twitter may put action block so that user wouldn’t be able to tweet for a while;
  • Twitter’s algorithm can punish Twitter account by giving less organic reach;
  • Twitter may disable right to send direct messages;
  • Twitter can put account to read-only mode. It means that user can login to his account, but cannot post tweets, reply, send messages, etc. His profile is still publicly visible though. This one usually lasts no more than 24 hours;
  • Twitter may even remove blue verification badge (if account has one). Accounts that have blue verification badge are usually very influential people who are looked up to by other people. They should always show respect to other users and behave within Twitter rules. If they violate any of Twitter’s rules, they may permanently lose their verification badge;
  • Twitter can completely hide Twitter profile so it wouldn’t be reachable to public. This one is temporary, usually profiles are unhidden within a week;
  • Twitter may permanently suspend Twitter account. This measure is used only in extreme cases.

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What to do if your report has been rejected because it doesn’t violate any Twitter rules?

Twitter will always inform you about the outcome of your report. Even if your report was reviewed but Twitter staff didn’t find any violation of rules, you will still be informed about that.

So, what to do if your report has been rejected and Twitter didn’t find any violation of rules? There are several options to choose from.

You can customize your feed so you wouldn’t see this type of content:

  • Block Twitter account so you wouldn’t see any content from him in the future;
  • Mute Twitter account. This will allow you to remove such account’s tweets from your feed, without unfollowing or blocking it.

Blocking or muting should help you to deal with Twitter accounts that you don’t like.

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I hope that you found this article helpful and will know what happens after you report someone on Twitter and what are the consequences.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comments below!

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