What Happens When You Report a YouTube Video?

what happens when you report a youtube video

A lot of new videos are being uploaded on YouTube every minute. Unfortunately, some of those will probably violate YouTube’s guidelines and rules. At such high number of videos uploaded daily it isn’t surprising that inappropriate content is being constantly uploaded altogether.

Whether your YouTube video just got reported or you are thinking about reporting someone’s video, it is useful to know what happens after someone reports a YouTube video.

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Will reported user know who reported him and will the reported video be taken down immediately? There are the questions that I am going to answer in this article.

Let’s get started!

What happens when you report a YouTube video?

Shortly after you report a video on YouTube, it will be reviewed by YouTube’s staff. Video may be taken down if staff notices any serious infringements.

If video is taken down, YouTube channel that uploaded such video will most probably get a strike too. There are two types of strikes on YouTube – community guideline or copyright strikes.

For example, if YouTube channel receives one community guideline strike, then it will get a warning. If it received the second strike, then it won’t be able to uploaded YouTube videos for a couple of weeks. Finally, if YouTube channel receives the third strike in the same six-month period, then it will result in termination.

Copyright strikes may result in limited access to some of YouTube’s features. But the strike system is similar to community guidelines, if channel received 3 copyright strikes in the same six-month period, then this channel will be terminated.

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Will reported user know that you reported his video?

YouTube keeps this information private. Every one who reports someone on YouTube is kept anonymous and identity isn’t disclosed to anyone. Reported user will know that someone reported his video, but won’t know who exactly.

So, don’t worry ant report any YouTube video if you see that it violates YouTube’s guidelines and rules.

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Will the reported video be taken down immediately?

Once YouTube video is reported, it won’t be taken down immediately. Reported video will be reviewed within few days by YouTube’s staff and they will decide whether to take it down or not.

It is also important to mention that not every video that violates YouTube’s rules is taken down. For example, if content is not appropriate for younger audience, then video may be just age-restricted and still be visible to elder audience.

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Will you know the outcome of the report?

how to report inappropriate hateful or abusive youtube video

If you navigate to YouTube.com home page, you will see “Report history” tab on the left side menu. If you click on it, you will see the list of videos which you have reported earlier. However, there won’t be any notes of progress, you won’t see whether your report has been already reviewed or not. So, there is no way to check the progress.

But you may do this manually. Just go to the reported video and see if it is available for watching or not. Most of the videos that infringe YouTube’s community guidelines are being removed. If the video is still available after few days of your report, then most probably your report has been declined.

However, if you can’t access the video you reported, most probably that is has been taken down by YouTube and that user received a community guidelines or copyright strike.

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I hope that now it is clear to you what happens when you report a YouTube video. If you have any more questions related to this topic, then leave a comment below!

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