What Are Twitter Moments & How to Create One?

twitter moments

Twitter has been a great platform to promote your personal business or brand. Nowadays it is harder than ever to stand out from the crowd of millions of tweets. Statistic shows that there are more than 6000 tweets published every second, so it is not easy to be noticed.

However, Twitter moments can help you to stand out! These curated tweets in particular topic will help you to grow your followers and increase brand awareness.

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Let’s get started!

What are Twitter moments?

Twitter presents Twitter moments as curated stories of tweets about what is happening in the world. Twitter moments are basically a compilation of tweets about certain topic or event. In other words, it is a tweet curation tool that lets you compile a collection of several tweets. When you click on Twitter moment, you will see a compilation of best tweets related to that particular topic.

You can locate Twitter moments under “Moments” tab if you are viewing Twitter via website, or it will be displayed under “Explore” tab if you are viewing Twitter via Android or iOS mobile application. You will see Twitter moments sorted out by topics such as News, Sports, Entertainment, Fun, etc. Usually the most recent moments are displayed first.

When Snapchat was released, every other social network took a hit and needed to update their platform to offer something similar to Snapchat’s stories. So, Instagram followed Snapchat’s idea and launched Instagram stories. And Twitter released Twitter moments to let people compile tweets and tell stories in other way.

Twitter moments were initially released in 2015, but only certain users (partners) could create moments for others to view. In 2016 Twitter made Twitter moments available to everybody to view and curate. So, now everybody can curate & compile a collection of tweets in particular topics.

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How to create Twitter moment?

It is important to mention that you can create Twitter moments only via official Twitter website, you can’t do it via Android or iOS app anymore.

To create a Twitter moment, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the “Moments” tab (the lightning symbol) and click on “Create new moment” button;
  2. Give your moment a name by filling “Title your moment” field;
  3. Fill in “Add a description” to describe your curated tweets;
  4. Choose tweets to add to your moment (you can add your own tweets, tweets you recently liked or do a search of public tweets);
  5. Choose cover background image for your moment by clicking on “Set cover”;
  6. Click on “Publish” to make your compilation of tweets (moment) live.

Here you go! Your Twitter moments are live!

Twitter moments will help your brand to get discovered not relying on Twitter’s timeline and retweets alone. Also, Twitter moments help individual users to find high quality content on particular topics that they are mostly interested in.

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Now that you know how to curate tweets into a Twitter moments, try publishing one and see what results you get.

Have you already tried publishing Twitter moments? What results did you get? Share with us in the comments’ section below.

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