Visual Growth Hacks on Instagram: Creating a Cohesive Instagram Aesthetic for Growth

Visual Growth Hacks on Instagram

While the phrase about not forming perceptions based on covers makes sense in fables and tales, in the real world, aesthetics and appearances and matter— and on Instagram, even more so! Every Instagram user, from personal profiles to business handles, knows the importance of aesthetics and having an Instagram feed that looks structured and well-curated. This isn’t only a matter of preference but, in fact, is a facet very strongly associated with successful Instagram profiles and getting a lot of Instagram followers.

If you’ve seen really great and nicely flowing feeds on Instagram and are set to make your profile look sturdy along the same lines, you’re in the perfect place. We’re going to let you in on everything you need to know about creating a cohesive Instagram aesthetic for growth. Stick around for the end, where we’ll share the perfect way to tie in your profile together and give it the most professional of looks.

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Create a brand concept

If you’re after a cohesive aesthetic for your brand, your inspiration needs to come from the essence of the brand you’re creating an Instagram profile for. Think of everything that the brand represents and everything that went into its making. Scattered ideas cannot make a cohesive concept, so take some time to brainstorm and experiment with different things until you find something you can commit to.

Remember that the brand concept is the core idea from which all of the aesthetics for your profile will stem from. Everything from base colors to a profile logo is important in determining what your Instagram profile will end up looking like. A cohesive Instagram aesthetic that can yield growth needs to be harmonious with everything else that the profile and brand are offering. Inconsistency means a messy profile.

Keep your audience in mind

Your aesthetic needs to be inspired less by your personal preferences and more by the people who are going to be attracted to it. Whether your brand is personal or a large-scale business, you can never neglect your potential customers and profile viewers. Think of aesthetics that make sense for and will call to the particular demographic that your brand is targeting. For instance, brighter colors might work better if your brand caters to younger individuals.

Aesthetics aren’t only colors and tones but also captions, hashtags, and even the grid placement for photos. So, all of this needs to be heavily inspired by your followership. What kind of concept would your demographic group appreciate more? What content has called more to them in the past? Which posts haven’t drawn too much attention? All of these questions will help dictate the perfect cohesive Instagram aesthetic that will prompt your profile toward visible growth.

Stick to a theme

You’ve probably heard the saying about jacks of all trades, and their fate isn’t attractive. Instead of trying to capture a little bit of everything on your Instagram feed and ending up with a mess that your viewers will tire of sorting through, make a theme choice and commit to it. Find what aligns best with your brand’s products and services and stay in that realm. Coloring outside the lines is a dangerous approach when it comes to your Instagram aesthetic and can look unorganized and messy.

Visual Growth Hacks on Instagram

Your Instagram theme needs to be consistent with your niche, and knowing your niche inside out is a good way to create a theme that goes with your brand concept overall. If not all of your content works well with the color schemes and tone you have in mind that is adjustable with some editing, straying from the theme that you’ve created for your brand will take away from the cohesive aesthetic that you plan on building for growth.

Aesthetics aren’t only for the feed

A cohesive Instagram aesthetic that promises growth isn’t restricted to feed posts only. Everything from stories, highlights, and even custom story filters needs to be part of the general aesthetic of your profile. The paid advertisements that your profile puts out as well as the hashtags and captions across reels and IGTV, all need to be compliant with the decided theme and cohesive aesthetic that was planned beforehand.

Stories can also be turned into highlights which are an even better opportunity to add to your profile’s general impression and aesthetics. You can pick custom-made covers for your story highlights that are individual on their own but also go well together as the collective theme of your profile. If you’re thinking of creating a cohesive Instagram aesthetic for growth, then look for all the different opportunities that the platform offers to create a great visual identity for your profile.

Use Instagram’s resources to create an aesthetic

If you’re not too big on capturing all the details that come into play in creating a cohesive Instagram aesthetic, then you can start basic with what the platform already offers. Look at the various story fonts as well as the filters you can apply to both feed posts and story snaps. Pick which ones you think to align with the aesthetic you have in mind and apply them. 

This is a good strategy for initially developing a consistent aesthetic before you get the hang of things. But be sure to pick out visually pleasing and nice fonts and filters that don’t overdo it or look unattractive. You don’t have to be a master of color and taste to develop a good aesthetic. Instead, all you have to do is find what matches your brand concept and stick to it.

Tie in the professional look together

In addition to a great and cohesive aesthetic, an Instagram brand needs to look like they’ve also nailed the part of gathering a bunch of followers and having them engage loyally with their brand’s profile. FreewaySocial is the perfect platform to make your dream of a significant follower count and great engagement rate come true. Check out their page right now and add to the perfect look of a cohesive Instagram aesthetic that attracts lots of growth!

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