Using Instagram Giveaways for Growth

Having a significant presence on Instagram is nothing short of powerful, and everyone wants to know every way in which making consistent Instagram growth happen can become a reality. People try all sorts of strategies to go viral, for example buying Instagram followers. But often relying on poorer choices like clickbait that attract only short-term viewers and do not translate to Instagram growth in any way. This also discourages people from trusting your profile and following it later on.

One of the most fruitful ways that brands and businesses secure growth is through giveaways. Giveaways are appearing in the form of great opportunities for Instagram users to secure free goodies by participating in a brand’s exposure strategy. If you’ve been contemplating hosting a giveaway for your business and aren’t sure how using Instagram giveaways for growth makes sense, then let us walk you through the entire ordeal. 

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Giveaways attract lots of engagement

If you’ve ever contemplated over how you could get a post to take off without having to rely on paid promotions, then the answer you’ve been looking for is Instagram giveaways. Giveaway posts receive an insane amount of engagement in the form of tags, comments, likes, and even story shares. This is a major growth indicator that means the traffic will eventually propagate to your page too.

Although most giveaway posts receive engagement on their own, a sure way that many online businesses are using to secure even more activity on their giveaway posts is introducing guidelines that require people to tag a certain number of friends and ask them to follow the page, too in order to secure a win. This is a really great way for using Instagram giveaways for growth and also making sure your profile gets the attention of the platform’s algorithm. 

Giveaways provide opportunities for product feedback

Giving away products in a scheduled giveaway is pretty much like providing samples but also getting a lot in return. Giveaways are anything but simply handing out stuff for free. You’re giving people a chance to try your product and create user-generated content for feedback. In this way, you’ll have to do the bare minimum to create relevant promotional content for whatever you’re selling and instead have a way to display honest reviews and relatable content.

Giveaway feedback also shows your customers and viewers that your brand is invested in providing quality in a transparent and authentic manner. Also, once you happen to deliver on your giveaway and encourage people to share their experiences, you’ll gather a number of interested individuals who will be waiting on the sidelines for your next generous endeavor. This means lots of traffic for your Instagram profile and, ultimately, growth.

Set some profitable guidelines

As mentioned before, brands now make it a point to insert a number of guidelines that dictate how one can get a chance to win the items in question. You need to make sure you have guidelines, too and that they relate as much as you can make them to your growth goals and expectations. For instance, if your goal is more followers, then asking everyone entering to convince a couple of other friends to follow as well is a good approach.

Using Instagram Giveaways for Growth

If you’re after a better engagement rate and getting picked up by the algorithm for more exposure, then your best bet is to ask people to comment and share your giveaway post across different Instagram contexts. Using Instagram giveaways for growth is all about being creative and making sure you can get a good deal out of providing goods for someone without any cost.

Make sure the winnings are attractive

With giveaways, the rule usually is: the better the prize, the better the traffic for the page. So, make sure to be not only generous but also clever when picking out items for a giveaway. Firstly, make sure that you’re giving away multiple things so the overall aspect of winning the giveaway is rendered even more attractive. Secondly, you have to make sure that the winnings align well with your ideal target audience.

You already have a following, and if you’ve studied your brand and its prospects well, you already know which demographic group is more interested and forms the larger portion of potential customers. While structuring a list of items for your giveaway, be smart and make an assortment of products that would essentially call more to the audience you have in mind. If it helps, create a virtual persona out of your target audience and then pick your giveaway items accordingly.

Market your giveaway in the best way possible

So, you’ve made the decision to give your frequenters a chance to avail of some free stuff on your part, and you expect a lot of reach and engagement as a result. But how would that work if you haven’t implemented the right methods to make sure the giveaway is seen far and wide? Using Instagram giveaways for growth means using the most efficient approaches to make sure as many people as possible can know about it.

Start with the visual parts of your giveaway by ensuring that the posts you pick to announce your giveaway are perfectly motivating. Include high-resolution and attractive pictures of the items, and make sure the basic promises of the giveaway are presented in bright and bold letters. You have to structure your giveaway post so that it immediately catches people’s eye. Using hashtags is also an excellent way of categorizing your post in the right cluster and making sure it gets more exposure.

Make your giveaway look popular

Nothing will make your giveaway drench in popularity more than it looks like it already has myriads of people hopeful of securing the winnings. This means that you need a lot of engagement on your post and a lot of followers on your profile to back the impression up.

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