5 Tips to Write Instagram Captions for Better Engagement

How to write Instagram captions

All of you know that Instagram platform is about compelling posts which grab other users’ attention. You spend a lot of time choosing the most suitable filter and perhaps using other tools in order to get the right visual.

And in this case creation of a good Instagram captions become an afterthought, you begin to rush, probably try to find some “clever quotes” which you can put in a caption or just add a few hashtags and hope for the best…

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However, an Instagram caption is essential thing for getting followers to stop for a moment, check your new post and hopefully interact with your content. A caption is not only a key to have your posts seen by bigger amount of other Instagram users, it is important in terms of building target audience for your brand or personality.  

Although without no doubts images are a powerful communication tool, but how we interpret them usually depends on a caption or in other words, a caption adds contextual depth to your image, shows your personality. A post together with a good caption attracts other Instagram users, entertains them and inspires to take action (comment, like or share).

Probably, you have a question how a good Instagram caption looks like?

Actually, a good caption can be written in all shapes and sizes, from very short (just a few words) to long, in-depth stories.

However, the rule which is worth to remember is: whether a target audience finds a caption entertaining, it means that you are doing well!

If you feel that you need help writing a good caption, you are on the right direction. Today we will discuss about making attractive Instagram captions that drive audience’s engagement.

1. Put the most significant details first

Although Instagram lets you to put up to 2200 characters in a post’s caption, it doesn’t mean that your target audience will see it all.

Why it happens? Just because Instagram cut off your captions after 3-4 lines and users will need to click “see more” in order to read a whole text.

In this case, it is worthwhile to front-load the essential content of your post and all hashtags, mentions leave to the end. Be direct, because if you are too creative, use long texts, your target audience need to hit “see more” button and will miss the main idea of your post.

Likely, you have already known that most of the Instagram users just scroll down their feeds staring at images and don’t care about reading long captions.

So keep this in mind, at least try to grab users’ attention with the appealing few lines of a text before “more” button that will provide them a reason to stay a little bit longer and engage with your post.

2. Use a call-to-action strategy

Including a call–to–action (CTA) is an easy and effective way to encourage people to comment on your posts. So you can ask your target audience to act by clicking on a bio link, visit your webpage and write what they think about your brand.

It is important to remember while asking a question to use 5 W’s (what, why, when, where and who) which should inspire users to leave a comment.

When you are planning to use a call-to-action, it is better to start your caption with it. In this case the first part of your caption which is visible for a target audience will be so attractive, correspondingly it will help to grab users’ interest even if they don’t read a whole caption, and boost your Instagram post’s engagement level.

What is more, comments encouraged by a call-to-action strategy help to grow awareness of your account or brand because the followers of a people who take a part in a discussion can also see your post and probably interact with your content.

Although a call-to-action strategy is a useful way to get followers to comment on your images, however don’t forget that it is also important to reply to users’ answers and in this way drive a conversation.

All in all, ideas, thoughts and opinions that are expressed by users in the comments of your posts, all this information can be used in a future in order to improve your Instagram account’s strategy.

3. Add hashtags to your Instagram captions

Using hashtags in your Instagram caption isn’t mandatory, however without no doubts they are beneficial.

The first reason why it is recommended to include hashtags is that it helps to show your brand or personality to a wider target audience by putting your posts in a feed with other content which has the same tags or in other words make your post more discoverable. In this way you will increase awareness, gain a bigger amount of followers and grow an engagement rate of your profile.

In order to be successful with hashtags, it is important to use them strategically.

Instead of using popular hashtags that can look spammy and will not bring you an engagement growth in a long period of time, it is better to pick hashtags that are the most relevant to an uploaded image, brand or an Instagram audience you target.

In order to understand are the hashtags that you use relevant to the posts you publish, it is advisable to do a research for your hashtags and pay attention that show up in a feed.

Another way to find out what hashtags are suitable for your content is to check your audience’s or competitors’ hashtags. In this way, you will find more creative and oriented hashtags to your Instagram niche.

Besides, you can create and use branded hashtags that contain a name of your brand, company or campaign. Branded hashtags are a great way for your followers to tell other Instagram users about you (it will bring you more new followers), inspire them to engage with you, for example comment or share your content.

So, adding specific hashtags in your post’s caption that suit your Instagram target audience’s interests should increase engagement of your account.

However, don’t forget that according to all the rules it is recommended to put hashtags in the end of a caption.

4. Run a contest/giveaway

Let’s be honest and agree that nothing makes people more excited than a chance to win and get something free. What is more, people like to try new, little-known brands’ products.

Organizing a giveaway is a great way to let people engage with your profile by leaving a comment or even sharing your content and in this way you build your brand’s awareness, gather new followers.

You can organize a “comment and win” or “tag and win” contest. What participants need to do, in order to take a part in a contest, is to follow your account and leave a proper comment or tag a friend.

However, if you want to attract more people to your contest, you can ask some influencers to share it with his/her followers.

This type of contests will not only provide you with a big amount of comments, but it will also help to build stronger relationships with existing followers and attract potential ones.

You can also read our blog post “Benefits of Running Social Media Contests on Instagram” to learn how to organize a giveaway/contest to get the best results.

5. Don’t forget to us emojis in Instagram captions

And the last tip for today is – think about adding emojis to Instagram captions in order to give a little more personality to your posts and draw more of your followers’ attention.

Actually, it is advisable to not completely change words with emojis, but just simply make your text more compelling with these small cartoon-like images.

You may put a few emojis in the beginning of a caption’s text that will bring some colors to your followers’ feed. Because you know what? Everyone likes funny and suitable emojis.   

Taking everything into account, you probably noticed that in order to get a bigger engagement rate, it is important to write a good Instagram post’s caption.

Probably you are already spending a lot of time deciding how to edit an image, but make sure you are also spending enough time and effort on caption creation. It is recommended to write a draft before deciding if this caption matches a photo.

Don’t forget the rule that the most significant information which you want to present to your target audience you need to put in front of a caption.

What is more, don’t be afraid of interacting with your followers, because only in this way you will not only grow your profile’s engagement but also build a strong connection with your followers.

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