Tips on How to Get Blue Verification Mark on Instagram

Previously, before a summer 2018 it was incredibly difficult to get verified on an Instagram platform. Getting a blue verified check mark wasn’t official process of application like filling out a form, this process was available only for known brands, celebrities and other public figures such as popular influencers.

What is more, Instagram users had a lot of different questions, such as does a number of Instagram followers matter, for which type of Instagram accounts (business or personal) it is harder to get verification and generally on which factors Instagram pay attention while deciding to provide blue tick?

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There are good news that things have changed and now Instagram clarified a process of verification providing users (no matter if you are using a business or personal profile) an ability to apply to be verified on Instagram. However, it doesn’t mean that getting verification is so easy, you need to meet some Instagram requirements.

Likely, you want to ask is it useful to be verified on Instagram? And an answer: it is!

Firstly, because it helps to build trust with your followers. Imagine, even if your Instagram account is a little bit famous, so you can probably be impersonated. And after that it takes time to ask your friends to report this account and several identical Instagram accounts can seem suspicious to other users and they may unfollow you. So in this case verified blue tick is like assurance that your account is authentic.

Another argument is that having verified account provides you with an ability to add your webpage’s, blog’s and other links into Instagram Stories and in this case you don’t need to have 10 000 or more of followers.

So, if you think that you need some improvements in order to be verified on Instagram, you are on the right direction!

Today in this guide it will not only be shown how to request a verified Instagram check mark and what requirements should be met, but also tips will be provided in order to increase chances of getting this blue tick.  

How to request a verified Instagram check mark?

Actually, it is very simple to apply for verification directly from Instagram App. What you need to do is go to your profile, click on the 3 lines button in the top-right corner and choose Settings icon. Then scroll down and find Request Verification button, click on it.

Request Verification form should appear on a screen, so fill out it (write your username, full name and attach national ID, passport or driver’s license image).

That’s it, after that you need to wait while Instagram review your application and check notifications’ tab whether your request for verification is approved or declined.  

Furthermore, don’t expect to get an answer immediately, because this process doesn’t have specific time frames how long you can wait.

What requirements should be met for being verified on Instagram?

In order to get positive answer on application, your Instagram account should correspond to 5 main requirements:

The first criteria is to be authentic. Basically, it means that your Instagram profile has to be who you tell you are. In other words you need to show that your account is a real person, brand or business.

A second important requirement is that your Instagram account should be unique. So, it means that if your business has several accounts, then only one may be verified. Also, Instagram doesn’t provide verified check marks to general interest profiles, such us meme and various video having accounts.

A third requirement is very simple. It says that your Instagram account needs to be public or in other words open to other people. Otherwise if you don’t want to make your profile viewable to everyone, so why you want to be verified?

Besides, your account should be complete. It is recommended to have an eye-catching photo, a compelling bio and several uploaded posts.

Finally, you need to ensure that your profile is notable on an Instagram platform. It should be known, highly searchable by other users. Probably this is the hardest requirement to meet, because it is difficult to measure how much discoverable your Instagram account is.

If you think that you meet all requirements described above, however can’t still get a verified blue tick besides your name, so let’s discuss the ways what you can do in order to help yourself to be verified.

1. Build engagement

It is not a secret that in order to become famous on social media you need to be an influencer. This means that you need to have a big target audience who follow you, like and leave comments under your posts, in other words interact with your account.

If you seek to become known on Instagram and in this way boost your account’s engagement level, the main thing on which you need to concentrate is select a target niche which fits your personality or a brand.

There are no reasons try to appeal to everybody, it is better to one, specific let’s say area and work there.

2. Use right hashtags

Popular, related to your target niche hashtags is a very helpful tool if you want to make your posts more reachable by a wider Instagram audience and probably in this way increase an engagement rate.

Likely you have heard that social media specialists recommend to add maximum 30 hashtags under your Instagram posts because then you provide a bigger opportunity for your posts to be discoverable by other Instagram users.

Although it is better to choose the “right” hashtags for your account’s niche which vary approximately until 1 million in search volume, not the most searchable and popular ones, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t add some (up to 5) universal popular hashtags, such as #instagood, #selfie, #picoftheday.

In this case you will make your Instagram content more visible and help to grow your target audience. However it is recommended to focus more on hashtags that are the most relevant to your posts and audience and which will increase a chance to attract users who are interested in the same topic and probably encourage them to interact with your posts.

All in all, adding “right” hashtags in a caption of your posts will not only increase your reach or in other words make your posts more discoverable to a potential target audience but also help to receive a higher engagement rate.

3. Personalize your posts

Don’t forget that authenticity is a significant requirement according which Instagram provides a verified blue check mark. You need to add personality in your posts or in other words put a little bit of value in order to ensure that your Instagram account is unique.

In this case it is advisable not only to upload breathtaking photos, but also write interesting caption which will compel users to stop for some time, read and likely interact with your post.

The best tactic of creating compelling captions is storytelling or call-to-action which can help to generate engagement and also get new followers. While writing caption to your post don’t be afraid be a little bit personal, tell about your successes and struggles.

In this case captions will make your account different from other Instagram users, your followers will notice that you are open with them, they will begin to leave comments and like your posts. So it means that it not only make your Instagram profile authentic, but also boost an engagement level.

4. Promote your Instagram account on other social media platforms

Another useful way to grow reach of your posts is to promote your Instagram account using other social network websites.

For instance, you can tell about your Instagram profile on Twitter, Facebook or even on Youtube video. In this way you will not only clear up any confusions and prove what your account is real, but also attract new followers, encourage them to interact and become more famous on social media.

5. Upload posts at the right time

In order to increase your profile’s engagement rate, it is important to post when your Instagram target group is most active. In this case you are making that as many people as possible will see your uploaded post.

As some social media experts say that the best time to upload the posts is a time during a lunch (from 11am till 1pm) and evenings after work when people are coming home (6pm-9pm). However, it doesn’t mean that this time is also the best for you.

So, in order to choose which time of a day is better for you to upload your posts, you need to clarify in what time zones a majority of your followers is and a target audience which you want to access. Only then you will get their attention and probably increase your account’s engagement level.

In conclusion, if you are trying but still can’t get so waited verified blue mark, don’t be disappointed, have patience to take your time to improve your Instagram account according suggestions given above. Once you have made all necessary changes and correspond to all requirements – you will easily get verification!

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