The Ultimate Guide to Using Emojis on Instagram

ultimate guide to using emojis on instagram

A few years ago, the use of emojis for many Instagram brands was an unusual and strange way to express their emotions. However, now it would be stupid to ignore the effectiveness of emojis because they are crucial factor to make your Instagram content stand out from a crowd, engage with your audience and present your brand as more relatable.

Moreover, have you ever heard that 92% of all Internet users include emojis into their content?

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This happens because emojis are not only fun, they can easily make interesting even the most boring Instagram post and express emotions much better than any words.

If you are interested how emojis can help your brand to grow on Instagram, then keep reading further.

In today’s guide you will not only find out why it is important to use emojis on Instagram, but also how they may assist you in connecting with your audience and growing your brand. Furthermore, you will get some tips where you can use emojis on Instagram.

Let’s begin!

Why to use emojis on Instagram?

ultimate guide to using emojis on instagram

If you are thinking whether it is easier to just type out what you want to say, then most likely after today’s article you will change your mind.

Before I will start talking how to use emojis, let’s discuss why it is significant to employ them.

Here are 3 key reasons why you need to use emojis on Instagram.

1. Emojis increase engagement

First of all, while considering is it worth to use emojis on Instagram, remember one thing. Emojis = engagement. It means that using emojis on Instagram will influence on higher engagement.

The explanation why this happens is simple. Just because emojis are equivalent to the human face. When users scroll through their Instagram feeds and notice posts with emojis, their brain will behave in the same way if they see a real human face.

In this case, if a user sees a content with emojis, he will be more engaged with it, rather than if he would see a post only with a text in it.

Although it can seem unbelievable, but it is absolute truth and it is scientifically proven. Emojis boost likes, comments, impressions and reach that make up your engagement rate.

According to social media studies, Instagram posts with emojis have a 15% higher engagement level.

2. Emojis provide your brand with personality

Brand image is more important than the products or services they sell because it is the first thing that appears in audience’s mind when they see your brand on Instagram. Actually, brands have their own personalities and unique characters that help audience to connect with and be loyal to them.

So, using emojis on your Instagram profile provide your brand with a particular personality and identity. It doesn’t matter if your brand is youthful and cheerful or calm and smart, emojis may easily humanize identity of your brand.

What is more, keep in mind that using emojis in order to give your brand personality, will also help to increase your brand awareness. Remember, brands that have a touch of uniqueness are more noticeable and attractive.

3. Emojis express what words can’t

Have you ever faced a situation when you are writing a text under your Instagram post and can’t find the right words to express your feelings?

If your answer is yes, then don’t even doubt and start using emojis to convey what words can’t.

However, it doesn’t mean that you need to replace all words with emojis. Just insert some emojis that will give your text a little bit of uniqueness, excitement or intrigue. In this way, you will enforce the meaning of what you want to tell your Instagram audience.

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How to use emojis on Instagram?

Now as you are already aware why it is important to use emojis on Instagram, let’s discuss how to use them.

1. Make emojis relevant

If selected emojis don’t fit your brand, then better don’t use them at all. Otherwise, you will only screw up your brand image.

So, your task is to find emojis that naturally fit your brand and employ them on your Instagram.

2. Use emojis clearly

If you don’t know or only assume what your selected emojis mean, then don’t use them. Because usually these cute little symbols could not mean what you think they mean.

If you add an emoji which is associated with completely different things and sometimes with not so appropriate, in this case you will confuse your Instagram audience and leave a space for misinterpretations.

Let’s take a peach emoji as an example. While you can think that it represents just the fruit, a majority of other Instagram users associates this peach symbol with a butt.

Therefore, when you are doubting whether an emoji has other meanings, better check it on a Google to be sure that your message communicates exactly what you want to tell.

3. Avoid overuse of emojis

One of the most frequent mistakes while using emojis on Instagram is when people employ too much of emojis.

If you overuse emojis on Instagram, you will make your audience feel irritated or just confused. Consequently, this action can induce them to unfollow you.

All in all, according to social media studies, it is advised to use from 1 to 3 relevant emojis and you will notice great results.

4. Turn on your creativity

If you find emojis which match your brand and you clearly know that they will not be misinterpreted, then don’t miss a chance to use them. Use them on Instagram to express your thoughts in a more creative & funny way and encourage audience to take particular actions.

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Where to use emojis on Instagram?

Below are several tips where emojis can be added on your Instagram profile in order to make most of them.

1. In your bio section

Instagram bio is that place where you need to briefly describe your brand or your personality in order to make your Instagram profile more attractive and strengthen its visibility in searches.

And here emojis come to help. Don’t ignore to add them into your bio because they are an effective visual way to show your Instagram profile’s visitors what your brand is all about.

Just choose emojis that will represent your brand the most and include them into the bio. 

What is more, use emojis in your bio to punctuate a call-to-action. Insert hand pointing emoji to ask your profile visitors to click through to your website. In this case, emoji can help you to grab audience’s attention and encourage to take an action.

2. In post’s caption

An Instagram image is a self-explanatory by its nature. However, it is more effective when it has a description or in other words, a caption. Although, to improve your posts’ visibility you can just add some relevant hashtags, but it isn’t enough. 

In order to make your posts stand out from a crowd, it is advised to include emojis into your post’s caption. Emojis can easily provide your Instagram images with more context and help to connect with an audience on a deeper level.

In this case, by adding emojis into your Instagram post’s captions you will make your posts unique and impel to interact with them.

3. In comments
use emojis in comments

The last place where you can add emojis on Instagram is comment section.

Instead of writing long answers trying to express your emotions, better use emojis that will help you to convey your feelings.

However, don’t go overboard with emojis. You can insert emojis just like an addition to your text. In this way, emojis will make your reply look more friendly.

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In conclusion, emojis are that force which induce audience to stop and pay attention. They are considered as one of the powerful ways to boost engagement level.

Therefore, if you haven’t used emojis on your Instagram profile before, then it’s time to try to add some where it seems appropriate.

If you have any questions or just want to leave your thoughts regarding this topic, please drop a line in the comments below!

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