5 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Instagram Posts

schedule Instagram posts

Instagram is rapidly becoming one of the best social media platforms for businesses because it is continuously adding various features in order to make it easier and more convenient for brands to connect with a target audience. One of these features is an ability to schedule posts on Instagram.

Think how long it takes to decide which picture to upload, write the most suitable caption for it, search for related hashtags that can increase an engagement level and not skip the best posting time. Actually everything mentioned above is just about one Instagram post.

If your to-do list consists of a million tasks, in this case an opportunity to schedule Instagram posts is just for you, don’t hesitate and we’ll explain you why this Instagram feature is useful.

An ability to schedule Instagram posts is an amazing helper for social media marketers, particularly the ones who coordinate several profiles of different clients, bloggers, influencers and simple users as well. 

Scheduling Instagram posts is about freeing up your time on more important things, such as engagement with potential followers and increasing brand’s awareness, in other words about building a marketing strategy.

Remember that people want to see good content on their feeds. The more active you are on an Instagram platform, the higher engagement your profile will get.

However, if you are still doubting about benefits of scheduling Instagram posts, here are several reasons why it is useful to schedule posts.

1. Scheduling Instagram posts saves time

Probably the biggest benefit of scheduling posts is that it helps to save a great deal of time! Because it is a really tedious task to open Instagram app, upload an image, think of an attractive caption, write it and after that publish it.

Imagine the situation: you planned to post an image tomorrow in the afternoon, however, something important happens at that moment and you can’t find the time to upload a new post. In order to save yourself from these kind of unexpected situations, it is useful to learn how to schedule content on Instagram platform beforehand.

Actually, scheduling is a great way out if you want to optimize the process of publishing multiple Instagram posts and in this case you will free up your time for other more important stuff.

Since you are saving your time by scheduling Instagram posts, it is easier to spend bigger amount of time on doing researches about good captions and hashtags, growing engagement level of your account, attracting new followers.

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When you will figure out which hashtags it is better to use, the reach of your Instagram account should get higher. What is more, when you don’t need to spend a lot of time before publishing each well-organized post on Instagram, you can devote your time interacting with potential or new followers.

2. Helps to be more consistent and post during audience’s active hours

Have you ever been posting each working day exactly at 6pm and then because of amount of tasks which you need to do, you decided to instead publish the posts on the weekend? If this situation is similar to you, scheduling Instagram posts is a great option as it helps to stay consistent.

Consistency is important factor not only for your followers who want to get known with your brand and understand what to expect from you, but also makes an influence on Instagram algorithm. It means that the time when you upload a content has a big impact on how many users will notice your post.

What is more, for example, while you are travelling and heading into different time zones you can choose convenient time for yourself, however, it doesn’t mean that this time will be the best for your followers to engage. In this case using posts scheduler you will never forget to post at the time when your target audience is most active.

All in all, scheduling Instagram posts will help you to manage your content, it means that your posts will appear on an Instagram platform consistently without huge time intervals, reach the audience when they are the most active and your Instagram feed’s aesthetics will be maintained.

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3. Allows to upload from PC

If you are seeking to upload higher quality images on Instagram, probably you are using a professional camera. In this case, you probably prefer to edit pictures on a computer and would like to publish posts directly from a computer to Instagram.

So, congratulations! Instagram posts’ scheduler lets you to easily to upload photos from your computer, which also saves a lot of time. You don’t need to use phone for that.

You may spend saved amount of time on building an efficient Instagram strategy in order to grow your engagement level, organizing various Instagram contests, making attractive Instagram stories.

This possibility is convenient especially for photographers, marketers and brands because they store a lot of images in a computer.

A conclusion is that an ability to schedule and post images from your computer’s desktop to an Instagram platform helps to free up your time and devote it to other matters to achieve more significant goals.

4. Provides an ability to create compelling captions

To write a really good Instagram caption is a challenge for almost everyone, however, it gets harder to create an appealing caption every time you upload a picture.

Actually, it requires time and sometimes can be even stressful to select a suitable post, find related hashtags and write a good caption on a spot. Instead, you can write attractive captions for all photos which you are planning to upload during the upcoming week. Besides, it is better to do this task when you are in a creative or “writing” mood.

By writing Instagram caption in advance, you will not only reduce stressful and hurried situations but also save time and energy on interacting with your target audience or building new connections with potential followers.

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5. Helps to manage multiple Instagram accounts

While managing one personal Instagram profile cannot seem very difficult. However, if having several accounts, for instance, for your own business, for your hobbies and if you work as a social media marketer and organize accounts for other brands, in this case it can be really hard and require a lot of time and efforts to manage that amount of accounts.

Imagine how stressful it can be to maintain several Instagram accounts where you can’t forget to post regularly, upload attractive posts with compelling captions, engage with your target audience, track your strategy’s performance analytics or even interact with others users via DM.

Now you will probably agree that scheduling Instagram posts while having several accounts is a must. Using scheduling tool helps to stay concentrated on the content creation and make sure that you are going in the right direction with styles/themes of each account.  

Considered all things that were discussed above, scheduling Instagram posts is the best way in order to save time and devote it for achieving more important goals, such as using an Instagram strategy grow your brand awareness, get more Instagram followers, attract potential customers, generate leads or increase sales.

What is more, it is good to remember that consistency is more significant than frequency of uploading posts. If you stay consistent in your Instagram content, your target audience will become familiar with your brand which will increase users’ reliability and consequently their engagement with your account.

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