Instagram Follow/Unfollow Method: Should You Use It?

instagram follow unfollow method should you use it

Wondering how to increase followers of your Instagram account?

Follow and unfollow method can help you! It is considered as a fast and effective way to grow your Instagram followers.

However, there is no single opinion about the follow/unfollow strategy. Some people like it, others hate it.

And it still remains a taboo topic which a majority of marketers aren’t open to talk about or at least not to admit that they use it.

In this article you are going to learn everything you need to know about follow/unfollow method, starting from what this Instagram growth strategy is, how to implement it, what outcomes you can receive and much more.

Let’s get started!

What is the follow/unfollow method on Instagram?

If you are not aware, the follow/unfollow method or in other words, mass following, involves following Instagram accounts with a hope that those you followed will do the same for you. Afterwards, unfollowing all of the accounts that didn’t follow you back. That is why it is called as the follow/unfollow strategy.  

When Instagram user follows you, you will be able to quickly realize it due to a notification you receive every time a new follower gets on board.

So, by using this follow/unfollow method you have an opportunity to rapidly gain new Instagram followers. This is because, when you follow other Instagram accounts, you make them aware of your existence. And if your content seems interesting to them, it is most likely that they will follow you back.

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How the follow/unfollow process on Instagram looks like?

Use the steps outlined below for an efficient follow/unfollow strategy.

Step 1. Search for the users in your niche

The first task is to find Instagram accounts in the same niche as yours that have high engagement and huge followings. It is advised to review their followers and pay attention on those who are similar to your target audience.

Step 2. Follow users

Now start following users who fit your target audience and don’t look like Instagram spam accounts.

Actually, you need to choose the most active users. So, before pressing the “Follow” button, check these people’s Instagram profiles. However, in no case don’t start to follow random users in different niches.

Step 3. Engage with users

Once you have followed some users, don’t forget to interact with them.

Therefore, go to these users profiles, pick several photos, like them or even leave a comment.

In this way, you will increase the chances of being noticed by other users. Consequently, if they like your content, they will follow you back.

Step 4. Unfollow users

If it is the first time when you are using the follow/unfollow method, then most probably you will notice that amount of your followers is quickly growing.

However, the following number is always rising faster compared to the followers’ amount. And it is not so good. Because your goal should be have a much larger number of followers rather than an amount of users you are following.

Because in this case, your Instagram profile looks more like a celebrity or influencer and people think they must follow you.

So, your next step is to unfollow users. In fact, you can do it in a two ways.

First of all, you may decide to unfollow only those users who didn’t follow you back. Or there is an option to unfollow everyone regardless of whether they followed you in return or not.

However, don’t forget to wait a couple of days and only after some period of time start an unfollowing process. That’s it!

Besides, it is important to note that there are Instagram follow/unfollow limitations.

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Why Instagram limits the amount of users you can follow/unfollow?

Actually, all activities you are able to perform on Instagram have limits in order to reduce and prevent automated and bot performance.

However, it is a little bit confusing because there are no universal restrictions that would suit every Instagram account. Many factors, such as an age of an Instagram profile, existing amount of followers, overall engagement a profile receives, usage of automation come to play here.

For example, an Instagram account that exists more than 3 months can follow more users on Instagram rather than new profiles.

According to the recent social media researches, a monthly follow limit is around 6000 followers per month. It is about 200 followers per day. Moreover, in order to keep your Instagram profile safe and avoid suspension, better use 20 follows and unfollows per hour. 

With these numbers in mind, you can start slowly increase the number of Instagram users who you followed and unfollowed.

Therefore, if your Instagram account is new, it is advised at the beginning to follow the rule of 50 follows/unfollows per day. Then you can increase that number by adding around 10-20 follow/unfollows every day till you reach 200 per day.

Overall, remember that Instagram’s algorithm isn’t stupid. It investigates your account and decides whether your existing behavior is allowable or not.

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Why you should stop using the follow/unfollow Instagram strategy?

At first sight the follow/unfollow method on Instagram can seem as a great opportunity to boost amount of your followers, especially during the initial growth of your Instagram account. However, when your account grows, this strategy gets less effective and even can bring you negative outcomes.

The key thing is that using this follow/unfollow method you are directly violating Terms and Conditions, and Community Guidelines set by Instagram. Consequently, this leads to results, like limitation of your Instagram activity, deleted content, disabled account or other restrictions.

In fact, if it is a first time when you are overstepping Instagram terms, it is most probably that your account will be temporarily blocked, but there is always a chance to get a permanent ban.

What is more, by using the mass following method you push your credibility at risk. Why? Because it looks spammy and very annoying for other users who share their content on Instagram. Imagine the situation, an influencer starts following you, engages with you and after a couple of days he/she just unfollows you. Not so fine, isn’t it?

So, the follow/unfollow method will not help you to build engaged audience. As the followers gained by this method appear in your Instagram account by manipulation, consequently, they will not be interested in interaction with your content.

If a majority of your followers isn’t engaged, the Instagram supposes that you are not so appealing to people anymore and drops your reach.

In this case, do you really need to have “ghost” followers who will not respond to your posts?

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Wrapping everything up, now it is up to you whether you choose to use this follow/unfollow strategy or not.

If you still decide to try the follow/unfollow method on Instagram, make sure that you are following the active users in your niche and be strategic while unfollowing accounts. What is more important, apply this method only for a short period of time and in no cases exceed the set Instagram limits.

However, keep in mind that it is not recommended to use this marketing method. The best way to grow an amount of engaged Instagram followers is to do it organically by constantly interacting with users.

What do you think about the follow/unfollow strategy on Instagram? Have you ever used it in order to boost your Instagram audience? Please share your opinion in the comments below!

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