Instagram Engagement Groups (Pods): How To Use Them

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If there was an opportunity to greatly increase engagement of your Instagram content overnight, then everyone would took advantage of it. Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Moreover, since Instagram changed its feed from the chronological order to algorithm based, it became more difficult for users to receive a higher engagement level and, consequently, to grow their accounts.

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Since then, many users started searching for effective ways to hack Instagram algorithm. Some of the users apply hashtags or even turn to bots by using follow/unfollow method.

However, others decide to implement a technique called Instagram engagement groups (Instagram pods) into their strategies. Actually, this is what I am going to review in this article.

So, keep reading and you will find everything you need to know about Instagram engagement groups. Starting from what exactly engagement groups are, tips how to use them and ending whether they are worth to join or not.

Let’s begin!

What is an Instagram engagement group (pod)?

If you are not an Instagram influencer, then you most likely haven’t even realized that Instagram engagement groups (Instagram pods) exist.

Therefore, are you wondering to know what is an Instagram engagement group (Instagram pod)?

Well, let’s clarify what does it mean.

An Instagram engagement pod is a group of Instagram users who gather together to help boost engagement rates on each other’s content through likes, comments and sharing to gain more followers in the effort to extend the reach of their Instagram posts.

Instagram engagement pods usually communicate via direct messages on Instagram. However, as you know that Instagram supports only organic and real engagement, so, many users began to report that sharing posts through an Instagram DMs to receive more engagement seems suspicious for Instagram algorithm.

Due to this reason, many engagement groups were moved outside the platform,to the applications like WhatsApp, Telegram or even to Facebook groups.

What is more, there are no limits on the amount of members in each engagement pod. You can find broad Instagram pods with over 1000 active users, but there are also niche pods that include 50 or even fewer active accounts.

In addition, although each Instagram engagement group can have its particular rules, but a majority of them includes general guidelines.

First of all, the most important rule is not to leech. In pods jargon, it means that you submit your own posts for engagement, but don’t like or comment back. So, don’t do that! Otherwise, you most likely will be removed from an Instagram engagement group.

Secondly, don’t use the chat to chat. Remember, Instagram engagement pods are created purely for business, not for funny conversations.

Thirdly, you will be required to write comments that are more than 4 words in order not to look like bot.

Furthermore, you need to have a certain amount of followers before you will be able to join an Instagram pod.

How does an Instagram engagement pod work?

Once you have joined an Instagram engagement pod, you will be expected to constantly engage with your fellow pod-members with the hope that they will do the same.

So, every time when a member of the pod uploads a new Instagram post, he/she shares it in the group message thread. Subsequently, other Instagram pod members click on the uploaded post, like it and leave a thoughtful comment that encourages regular Instagram followers to interact with this post.

In this case, a high initial engagement level provides signals to Instagram that a user is posting quality, engaging content and, respectively, a post is moved higher up in Instagram audience’s feeds.

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Types of Instagram engagement pods

Below several social media network are presented, where you can find Instagram engagement pods:

  • Facebook. In fact, Facebook is the most known platform where you can go and search for an Instagram engagement pod. It provides you with a big variety of Instagram engagement pods that in most cases are closed groups. However, it doesn’t mean that you cannot join it, just that they are private and need to be approved first.
  • Telegram. Another popular networking platform suitable for engagement pods is Telegram. Here you can find broad chat pods of 1000 or more members that are much easier to join comparing with Facebook groups.
  • Reddit. Reddit has a subreddit where engagement pods live within Instagram messaging system. Instagram pod’s members inform the rest of the group that their Instagram post is already uploaded, so they can go through, like and comment on it.
  • Instagram. Believe it or not, but currently engagement pods on Instagram itself are almost impossible to find and to get invited to.

How to become a part of an Instagram engagement pod?

Keep in mind that a majority of smaller (niche) Instagram engagement pods is closed and that means it will be difficult to find and join them.

However, don’t give up! There are a few methods how you can try to become a member of an Instagram engagement pod.

Option 1. Networking! So, find Instagram users whose accounts are in yours or a very similar niche. Connect with them and try to build relationship. Moreover, don’t fear to ask them whether they are using Instagram engagement pods and can invite you or not.

Option 2. Find and become a member of Facebook groups that are related to Instagram. Communicate with those members and maybe they will give you access to engagement pods they are in.

Option 3. Go to Instagram subreddit and search for pods. That’s an easier to find engagement pods.

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Are Instagram engagement pods worth it?

Actually, there is no simple answer to this question!

If you have already read about Instagram engagement pods, you have probably heard different people opinions. Some affirm that being a member of this type of groups is beneficially, while others state that it is only time-confusing and harmful for an Instagram account.

Keep in mind that technically, Instagram engagement pods are not against Instagram’s terms of service. So, it means that you will not be violating Instagram rules.

Although Instagram engagement pods are a tempting method to boost content’s engagement rate, but they have drawbacks:

  1. Skewed ratio. If your posts get 100 likes on average, and then suddenly, your content begin receiving more than 300 likes and about 100 comments, your audience and algorithm can immediately notice that something is wrong.
  2. Lazy commenting. After some time, members of Instagram pods become lazy to interact with posts and their comments start to sound insincere.
  3. Interactions from the same Instagram accounts. When the same users are constantly liking and commenting on all of your posts, it starts to look suspicious.
  4. It takes a lot of time. You may want to spend your time on other marketing activities, but you cannot reject interactions with other members’ posts.

Considering all the disadvantages that Instagram engagement pods can bring you, most likely, the answer should be to try to find other ways that will help you to increase an engagement level of your Instagram content. However, you still should give Instagram engagement pods a chance!

How to use Instagram engagement pods?

On the other hand, if you do everything right, Instagram engagement pods can bring you great results in growing your account.

Below are some strategies that you can implement in order to receive better results from Instagram pod.

Tip 1. Be cautious

Remember, Instagram pods can be a risky business. And Instagram doesn’t like when people are “gaming” its system. So, don’t give a reason to Instagram to look suspicious.

Tip 2. Select Instagram pods wisely

Although there are many different types of pods, but it doesn’t mean that you should join them all. In order to save a little bit of your time and energy, it is advised to find and join a niche-specific Instagram pod. This is especially important if you are a brand with an already established reputation.

Tip 3. Leave only high quality comments

One of the effective ways not to look spammy to Instagram algorithm is to have high quality and thoughtful comments on your posts. So, if you get comments that seem like from bots, better delete them.

Tip 4. Don’t forget to respond to comments you receive

Undoubtedly, it takes time, however, it is worth it. In this case, your posts will look genuine and encourage other Instagram users to continue commenting on your posts.

Tip 5. Specify what you want users to comment on your posts

When sharing your uploaded Instagram post with members of an engagement pod, it is advised to ask them to comment on particular details of your image. This will help you to receive more relevant comments on your post.

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Wrapping everything up, undoubtedly Instagram engagement pods are a powerful tool to increase engagement rate of your content and grow your followers.

Being a member of an Instagram engagement pod can become tiring and mechanical over time, especially if you are in a larger group.

So, if you still want to try and join an Instagram engagement pod, then follow the tips provided in this article and everything should be all right.

What is your opinion about Instagram Pods? Will you join one? Let me know in the comments below!

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