Improve Your Ads Using Facebook Power5 Tactics

improve your ads using facebook power5 tactics

A majority of marketers does a lot of manual work in order to optimize their Facebook ads.

However, over the last few years Facebook advertising has changed and presented an automated ad campaign management.

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I believe that at first sight these new automated ad tactics called “Power5” can seem unusual for you to implement in your marketing strategy. But they include all the best practices of social advertising according to the main social media changes.

So, if you are wondering how to improve your Facebook ad performance & want to know how automated Facebook tactics can help you to make your advertisement more profitable, then you are in the right place!

In this article I am going to tell you how to use Facebook Power5 tactics in order to improve your ads’ performance.

What are Facebook Power5 tactics?

These Power5 tactics were launched to assist marketers in receiving better results advertising on Facebook. They consist of auto advanced matching, account simplification, campaign budget optimization, automatic placements and dynamic ads.

According to social media studies, when all these tactics are used together, they provide you with powerful results and high ROI (return on investment). It happens because Facebook uses statistical models and machine learning to find out as much as possible about your audience and tries to optimize delivery of your advertisements.

Now let’s take a look at each one.

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1. Auto advanced matching

Nowadays, in order to monitor every click, marketers check where every sale comes from and create a value for each user’s action, apply powerful tracking tools, however, this manual monitoring is still not perfect.

So, here auto advanced matching can help. Once you enable auto advanced matching in your Facebook Business Manager account, you let Facebook pixel (a small piece of code on your website) to send information back to Facebook about how visitors interact with your site.

This Facebook pixel becomes active when an user who has an active Facebook profile loads your website with an installed pixel or just clicks on a particular page of your website while trying to register or subscribe. In this case, auto advanced matching allows Facebook to remember the data from any entry field, e.g. name, email address and phone number in order to better match your brand’s webpage visitors to your Facebook conversions.

For instance, when users click on your Facebook ad and decide to place an order, they need to fill out the delivery section with all contact information. Therefore, Facebook will use this data to match it to their Facebook account and to build more precise customer’s profile for your future advertisement.

However, it is important to know that for security reasons all the information is hashed when it is collected by Facebook.

Advantages of using auto advanced matching:

  • Increase in custom audience’s size. Facebook is able to match more users more precisely and that boosts your website custom audience’s size;
  • Drive more conversions. As Facebook applies an additional data to match your conversions, then there is a bigger chance to find audience who has converted from your Facebook ad;
  • Reduction in conversions’ costs. Due to the reason that Facebook may better determine your customers, in this case, it is able to search for the right audience and raise conversion rates at lower costs.

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2. Account simplification

According to social media studies, it is advised to forget the old method of ad account’s setup when you need to manually create multiple campaigns and ads. All of this takes a lot of time.

Instead, in order to improve efficiency of you ad sets and budget, better use a simplified account structure.

What does it mean?

By simplifying your account’s structure, you let Facebook to automatically check what creatives and ad placements provide you with the best results. Therefore, it may optimize your account structure in real time. In this case, while creating your ads, use only one ad campaign’s objective and two to three ad sets.

Advantages of applying account simplification:

  • Decrease in audience overlap. If you use too many ad sets, you will end up trying to reach the same audience with different ad sets. This will be ineffective and increase cost of your advertisement. So, better employ an account simplification method and you will ensure that your ads reach the right people;
  • Reduction in CPA (cost per action). As your ads are reaching the audience that they are created for, consequently, it will lower the cost you pay for every action taken by your audience.

3. Campaign budget optimization

When it comes to your ad’s budget allocation, Facebook suggests a useful function called campaign budget optimization that makes it easier than ever to allocate budget and receive better results.

Applying campaign budget optimization feature, you set your ad’s budget at the campaign level, however, not at the ad set level. It means that Facebook will distribute your budget in the best performing ad sets. And this, accordingly, will improve both cost and efficiency of your ads.

Therefore, if you want to use campaign budget optimization, you need to start the process of creating your ad campaign as usual by choosing an objective. Only when you select a particular objective that you want to achieve, an opportunity of setting campaign budget optimization appears. Just scroll down, turn on a function of campaign budget optimization and enter the total amount of money you can spend on your ad campaign.

After that in accordance with your ad’s performance, Facebook will decide how much should be spent with each ad set.

Advantages of activating campaign budget optimization’s feature:

  • Better understanding which ad sets performance is more powerful;
  • Decrease in cost per conversion (CPC). CPC decreases because Facebook allocates your budget on the ads that can reach the right audience.

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4. Automatic placements

Many marketers know that the right ad placement makes a huge difference on the ad performance. Because of this, they try to put their ads into various placements and see how it works. However, there is a problem that to test all 15 placements takes a lot of time and money.

In this case, the best decision that you can make is to use automatic placements. Most likely, you want to ask why?

Just because automatic placements apply machine learning in order to understand where your audience spend most of their time. After that Facebook shows your ad to your target audience at the right place and at the right time.

Advantages of using automatic placements:

  • Reduction in ad costs. This happens because Facebook can decide to put your ad in the cost effective placements, such as Stories or Audience Network;
  • Higher conversions. Facebook puts your ads knowing the placements where your audience spends most of their time and that alone improves conversions.

5. Dynamic ads

It is proved that relevance is a crucial factor in advertising. In this case, by creating relevant ads, you correspond to audience’s interests and receive profitable results.

Facebook dynamic ads have this law of relevance. These ads let you show the right products to the certain people who have already expressed an interest in your website. In this case you are presenting relevant ads.

For example, a person has visited your webpage and added something to a cart, however, didn’t make a purchase. It means that based on this behavior you can create an ad & encourage a user to complete a particular action.

In order to use dynamic ads, first step what you need to take is to install the Facebook pixel on your website. Secondly, upload your Facebook product catalog and set up a dynamic ads campaign. In this case, dynamic ads will automatically display ads to people who have interacted with those products on your brand’s website.

Keep in mind that you have an opportunity to change pricing and availability of products for your ads by updating your Facebook product catalog.

What is more, dynamic ads may be also used if you choose Catalog sales as your ad campaign’s objective and broad audience targeting, then you ad set uses your brand’s webpage pixel information to search for the new customers who are most likely to be interested in your products.

Advantages of using dynamic ads:

  • Grow in click-through-rate (CTR). As your Facebook ads correspond to audience’s interest, there is a bigger change that they will click on your ad;
  • Decrease in cost per action (CPA). This is due to the dynamic ad relevance.

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Wrapping everything up, as Facebook algorithm is changing and provides with more effective ad features, your task is to change a way how you have been advertising on Facebook.

Try to apply Facebook Power5 tactics and you will notice that you receive more powerful results from your ads’ performance. Also, you will have more time on ad’s creative development and competitive analyses.

What do you think about these Facebook Power5 tactics? Which one you suppose can help you to improve you ad campaign’s performance?

Let me know in the comments below!

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