How to Write a Perfect YouTube Channel Description

youtube channel description

Most of the YouTubers work hard on their YouTube videos. They brainstorm the unique ideas, take time to record, edit and upload a video. Due to this amount of tasks related with video’s upload on YouTube, users often forget about their YouTube channel’s description.

Probably you know that your YouTube channel’s description is crucial in your overall YouTube performance.

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Do you know why?

Your channel’s description shows up in YouTube search results and usually it’s the only opportunity to grab users’ attention and encourage them to click on your channel, so it is important to ensure that your channel’s description will help viewers understand what to expect from your brand.

Well, do you remember when was the last time you updated your YouTube channel’s description? Or maybe you did try to update it, however, nothing seemed good enough?

Today I am going to review 6 strategies that you should keep in mind to write a perfect YouTube channel’s description.

1. Focus on the first 125 characters

There is an old but good rule, which is applied in journalistic writing. It states that you should write the most significant facts first and only then describe those that are less important.

These first 125 characters are crucial because they appear in YouTube search results. It is your chance to hook users in. So, try to write what you channel is about briefly and clearly in order to capture people’s attention.

It is considered that these 125 characters play the most impactful role in your YouTube channel’s description because they will be displayed in more places than any other part of your channel’s description.

Otherwise, if you misrepresent your brand’s channel, after reading your description and viewing your videos, users may feel disappointed, leave and unsubscribe your channel. This will damage your search ranking and your own or your brand’s reputation. 

In this case, make sure that all things mentioned in the first lines are relevant and catchy.

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2. Provide the advantage of watching your videos

Many users often misunderstand this obvious and simple strategy, which can be implemented in order to create a great YouTube channel’s description.

Actually, the best thing you may do while writing the advantage of watching your videos is to be as brief and accurate as possible. What is more, it is advised to provide the reason why users need to stay on your YouTube channel in the way that will make them feel curious.

Well, I will give you a good example. Imagine your channel’s description as the delicious appetizer, which gives the tone for the next main course. However, too much and you will dull the appetite. So, it means that brevity is the soul of your description.

Avoid writing the long, vague statements that will make you miss out on highly interested users, who are also your potential subscribers.

Overall, you need to state clearly (with some intriguing details) the reason why users should stay on your YouTube channel and start watching your videos.

3. Use natural language

The first task which you need to do before creating your YouTube channel’s description is to know you audience. Only when you perceive who your subscribers are, it will be easier for you to find out with what type of people you need to talk.

Try not to make your channel’s description too formal. It should be written using language which your audience will understand and relate to. So, it means that you need to create an easy to read description, with short sentences and even you can use bullet points.

What is more, while you are writing your channel’s description, it is advised to use the same language and terminology you apply to talk with your friend.

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4. Add your videos schedule

Another powerful way to make your target audience to come back to your YouTube channel is to show them when they can expect to see your videos.

Although this simple step can seem worthless but it provides your channel the constant viewers.

What is more, from your side the consistency is needed. Otherwise, if you don’t stick to your specified schedule then it will make no sense, isn’t it?

However, it doesn’t mean that you need to add the detailed timetable of your videos. It will even be better if you put a short note, like “New video every Tuesday!”.

You have probably noticed that a majority of big and successful YouTube channels don’t publish their videos schedule in the descriptions but for you, as a growing channel, it is good to show your audience that you are consistent.

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5. Insert keywords

The tactic of including keywords that are used by your target audience should assist you in explaining to YouTube users what the main content of your channel is.

As you know your audience, you probably need to understand what phrases these users can type in a search window while they want to find a particular content. So, in your YouTube channel’s description include the keywords that your audience will be likely using while searching for the similar channels as yours.

In order to find out what relevant phrases you can insert into your channel’s description, type the keywords that come to your mind into YouTube search bar and see the suggested key phrases. In other words, your task is to look for the phrases of 2 or more words in order to more accurately explain what your YouTube channel’s content is about and arouse audience’s interest.

For instance, if your YouTube channel is about sports, then users will be typing workouts, tips, motivation, exercises at home and etc. keywords and phrases.

All in all, include words that your potential subscribers are already using while searching for the similar content and you will notice improvements in your YouTube channel’s performance results.

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6. Insert call-to-action

In order to make most out of your YouTube channel description, say your channel visitors what to do next, or in other words, include call-to-action (CTA).

Guide your audience to your desirable outcome. You may ask them to subscribe, sign up to a newsletters, turn on notifications, go and watch a video or any other action you want them to do.

Remember, your CTA needs to be put at the end of your channel’s description and should be clear, urgent and show benefit the audience will get when they take the action.

For example, your CTA can sound like this: “If you are interested in this channel, make sure to subscribe and click the notification button, so you never miss my videos!

If it is done right, CTA should boost engagement level of your YouTube channel and provide you a bigger amount of new subscribers.

In conclusion, making your YouTube channel to stand out from the crowd of the huge and powerful players is undoubtedly a hard work. However, you shouldn’t ignore the elements of your YouTube channel, such as channel’s description. Although it is just a short description but still very effective in order to improve your YouTube performance results.

With strategies provided today, I hope it will be clear for you how to write a perfect YouTube channel’s description.

If you want to leave some feedback regarding YouTube channel’s description, drop a line into the comments’ box!

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