How to Use YouTube Community Tab to Boost Views

how to ue youtube community tab to boost views

If you think that by gaining a ton of subscribers you will easily build a loyal audience on YouTube, then you are wrong. Actually, it is just the beginning of your audience’s engagement process.

What is more, simply uploading attractive video content is not enough to encourage your subscribers to interact on your channel. What you need to do is to form a community of like-minded individuals who would want to be a part of your YouTube channel and engage with it.

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So, are you looking for new, interesting ways to interact with your YouTube subscribers? Here the YouTube Community tab feature can help you!

Keep reading and find out what exactly the YouTube Community tab is, how to use this feature effectively in order to engage with and grow your audience.

Let’s get started!

What is the YouTube Community tab?

YouTube has always lacked a place where the video content creators and their fans can interact with each other. That is why the Community tab was launched.

YouTube Community tab is a feature that helps YouTubers to engage with their audience with other types of content than just videos. Community tab lets creators to post text status updates, create polls, share images, GIFs and video links.

It is the YouTube equivalent of a Facebook page, without you having to leave the platform. Subscribers and other channel visitors have an opportunity to like or leave comments on posts.

Actually, the Community tab is a replacement of the Discussion tab. However, there is the difference between these two YouTube features. The Discussion tab was a place where users were allowed to upload only text-based updates.

In addition, the Community tab feature is available to both verified and non-verified YouTube channels that have more than 10 000 subscribers.

If you have access to the Community tab on your YouTube channel then don’t miss a chance to incorporate it into your growth strategy. In this case, you will be able to connect with your viewers in a fun and engaging manner.

Your Community posts will be as a great supplement to your regular video content and, consequently, will encourage your audience to interact and come back for more.

However, before I discuss the tips how you can use your YouTube channel’s Community tab, let’s review 3 key tasks that you need to do in order to reach your audience:

1. Let your subscribers know about your Community tab

Your subscribers are used to interact with you through videos you share on your YouTube channel. So, the first step that you need to take is to introduce them to your Community tab by uploading a short video.

However, don’t forget to insert a link of your Community tab in the video description. In this case, simply open your Community tab, copy the URL from the browser’s address bar and paste it in the description.

What is more, it is advised to post this introductory video on your Community tab to make sure that the audience who visits your tab for the first time would know how they can engage with your channel. 

2. Encourage your audience to enable notifications

In your introductory video or just your community post, explain your subscribers what they need to do to get notified about any newest activity on your YouTube channel. So, tell your audience to click the bell icon that is near the button they use to subscribe.

3. Define the purpose of your Community tab

It is recommended to make your first post on your Community tab about welcoming your YouTube audience and letting them know what was your Community tab created for. Furthermore, you can create the rules on how to use your Community tab.

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6 Ways to use the YouTube Community Tab to boost views

1. Promote your newest video

Have you just uploaded a new video on your YouTube channel?

Then go to your Community tab and promote your latest video there by sharing its link. Keep in mind that YouTube will give a little preview of your added video link with the thumbnail, title, number of views and time when your video was uploaded.

As some subscribers most probably have missed your video when it was released, then, by telling about your newest video on the Community tab, you will have a second chance to encourage your audience to watch it.

Moreover, don’t forget to promote your past most viewed videos on your Community tab.

2. Give a sneak peek

Isn’t it exciting when you watch a movie trailer? It provides with something to look forward to, right?

Actually, the same is and with your YouTube videos.

In this case, it is advised to use your Community tab to give your subscribers a sneak peek of your upcoming video and you will not only evoke people’s interest, but you will also make them to look forward to it.

3. Create polls

Do you lack ideas for your next YouTube video? Don’t worry!

Find out what your audience want to see by creating a poll on your Community tab.

Furthermore, you can post a poll where you will ask your subscribers what they like the most about your YouTube videos.

Overall, by letting your viewers be more involved with your channel, you will not only receive a useful data about their preferences, but will also be able to increase an engagement level of your content.

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4. Show your products

Keep in mind that you can use the YouTube Community tab to promote your products to your subscribers or just channel visitors.

In this case, just write a status update on your Community tab with pictures of your product and a link to the product sales page. Consider offering a special discount only for your YouTube subscribers and that should encourage them to check out your webpage.

5. Host a Q&A session

Another way how you can use your Community tab is to interact with your channel’s subscribers by hosting a Q&A session.

In order to maximize participation, promote the Q&A in advance on your Community tab by inviting your viewers to write questions in comments.

After some period of time come back and start answering your viewers’ questions. Don’t worry, you shouldn’t answer every question posted in comments., just pick the most interesting ones.

6. Share GIFs and memes

Nowadays people like to share GIFs and memes as they are considered as more visually entertaining rather than just words.

So, make the most out of these visuals and upload them on your YouTube Community tab. Consequently, you will engage with your audience in a more funny way. 

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All things considered, the YouTube Community tab is a relatively new and efficient way that allows YouTubers to interact with their viewers beyond just a video and grow their channels.

What is more, this YouTube feature helps to figure out what it is your audience opinion about your videos and channel in general.

What do you think about the Community tab? Do you have access to the Community tab on your YouTube channel? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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