How to Use User-Generated Content on YouTube

how to use user-generated content on YouTube

If you have a YouTube channel, then you most likely know that in order to catch users’ attention and evoke a sense of your brand’s reliability, your task is to upload a lot of engaged video content. However, creation of an informative and captivating video content is the time and lots of efforts consuming activity. 

While making and publishing your own content on YouTube is considered as a strong base for your channel, you shouldn’t miss a chance to try using another great type of video content. It will undoubtedly provide your channel’s visitors with a higher value and make your audience believe that your brand is better rather than your competitors.

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Wondering what it is? The answer is user-generated content which displays your brand from your customers’ point of view to other viewers who are potential customers.

So, want to know how to apply user-generated content in your YouTube channel?

Then keep reading this article and learn how to use user-generated content on YouTube, discover why it is important to start using user-generated video content and what kind of user-generated content on YouTube you may gather.

Let’s start!

Why should brands implement user-generated content into their YouTube videos?

1. Cost efficient

The first advantage that you can get if you apply user-generated content on your YouTube channel, is that this type of content is inexpensive or even costless. It means that user-generated content can help you to save a significant part of your budget.

All you need to do is to organize a video campaign where you will ask your YouTube audience to create and publish their produced content using your branded hashtag.

When you will choose particular videos that you want to share on your YouTube channel, don’t forget to ask your followers for a permission to use their created video content.

2. Ensures higher engagement rate

According to social media studies, user-generated content on YouTube gets 10 times more views compared with content created and uploaded by brands.

What is more, researches state that engagement of YouTube videos boosts by 28% when audience see a mixture of brand’s authored content and user-generated content.

Therefore, it means that this type of content is a more powerful way to encourage your YouTube audience to interact with your channel’s videos rather than content of traditional marketing.

3. Builds trust of a brand

When users view YouTube video content where other people are reviewing and telling about your brand’s products or services, they become more interested in your brand, receive extra motivation to buy and try its products or services.

In this case, people’s doubts about your brand that made them skeptical before considering it, instantly disappear.

Moreover, according to studies, 92% of people trust user-generated content over traditional advertising.

So, why not to use content about your brand produced by other users on YouTube in order to build trust and credibility of your brand while enhancing your channel?

4. Drives more sales

Actually, word-of-mouth is considered as very influential and responsible for around 50% of all purchases people make every day.

If you have video content created by several your existing customers who positively talk about your brand’s products or services, then it will not only make a strong brand image, but also will result in a growth of your sales. Because social media researches show that customers’ video reviews about your brand can increase sales by 74%.

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How to start with user-generated content?

Before I present which creative types of user-generated content you can apply on your YouTube channel, let’s briefly review some simple steps how to start with user-generated content.

  • Create a unique hashtag related to your brand. It will help to make your followers’ produced content visible;
  • Upload a video on your YouTube channel where you will encourage your audience to produce content about your brand adding your special hashtag;
  • Review videos created about your brand by other YouTube users and choose the best;
  • Ask for a permission to re-share their video;
  • Provide a content creator with a credit. In this case just mention this person in a video description.

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Types of user-generated content

If you run out of ideas what kind of videos to collect, then take a look at 3 suggestions provided below.

1. Run a video contest
youtube contest ideas

If your YouTube channel is full of videos only about your brand’s products or services, you can break that monotony and ask your audience to create something special.

For instance, if your channel is about travel, then ask your audience to record an attractive video of their own adventures and upload it on YouTube. That’s not all. After you will choose the most attractive video content that you will re-share on your YouTube channel, provide this user with a prize, such as a discount on any trip with your company.

However, while encouraging your audience to create user-generated content, don’t forget to mention about an opportunity to win a prize.

2. Ask for an opinion

Another idea how you can encourage your YouTube audience to create user-generated content is to ask them to help you out with a certain issue related to your brand and publish a video advice or opinion on YouTube.

Then you can pick out the best video suggestions, combine them and produce “how-to” video using only user-generated content.

This will help you to build a strong relationship between your brand and your followers showing that you value and rely on your audience’s opinion.

3. Create a Q&A video with your subscribers

In order to make user-generated content look more creative, ask your brand’s fans to submit their questions related to your brand through YouTube video.

After that take the most informative and engaging clips and feature in your Q&A video. This type of user-generated content will make your followers feel involved in your brand’s activity and increase engagement of your YouTube channel.

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In conclusion, user-generated content lets your brand to connect with its audience and create trust in the value of your YouTube video content, making your brand look more sociable and attractive.

Consequently, the more friendly and reliable you are, the more likely that your audience are engaged with your YouTube content.

In order not to miss a chance to grow your YouTube channel, start using user-generated content.

If you already apply user-generated content in your YouTube video strategy, please express your thoughts in the comments below!

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