How to Use Twitter Videos to Get More Followers?

how to use twitter videos to get more followers

Being one of the most powerful social media platforms with more than 330 million monthly active users, Twitter has created a lot of competition. Trying to stand out from a crowd of other attractive profiles isn’t a simple task.

However, what to do in order to differentiate your Twitter page in a competitive environment?

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Although you can optimize your profile, use Twitter ads or tweet more frequently, but all these actions aren’t as effective as the one that is usually overlooked. I’m talking about Twitter videos.

If content is considered as a king, then video is the crown jewel of a social media world, especially of Twitter. Applying video content is a great way to step up your Twitter game.

Wondering how Twitter video can be used in order to boost your engagement rate and get more followers?

In this article you are going to learn lots of useful things about Twitter video, the reasons why and how you should be using video content on Twitter to interact with your audience, increase your reach and grow your brand.

Let’s dive right into it!

Twitter video length

Twitter video is an effective way to connect with your audience on a more personal level. It is a catchy, memorable type of content that can drive a high level of engagement.

While uploading Twitter video on your page, keep in mind that you have 2 minutes and 20 seconds time limit to grab your audience’s attention.

Does this video length seem too short? However, it is absolutely not so. This video length works in your favor because the longer your video will be, the less of it people will watch. According to social media studies, more than 80% of users view a full video if it is 2 minutes or less.

Overall, it means that a short Twitter video is ideal to hold your audience’s attention and get more followers.

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How to upload Twitter video?

Getting started with Twitter video is very simple. Twitter offers several options for you to share a video, but I will review the most popular option – to share it via your mobile device.

Step 1. You just need to click on the camera icon at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2. In order to access video mode make sure that you have chosen the video recorder icon, not the camera.  

Step 3. Hold down the video button to record and release it in order to stop recording. If you want to add more clips to your video, then tap and hold the record button again.

Step 4. Now it is time to drag and move the pieces of your video to edit their order. Moreover, if you tap and drag up a particular video piece, you will be able to delete it from your video.

Step 5. After you finish editing your video, tap on the “Done” button in order to make your video ready to share.

Step 6. Don’t forget to preview your created video before you upload it on your Twitter page. If needed, do final changes. This step is important because after your video is released, you will not have an ability to go back and edit it.

Step 7. Once you are happy with your video, click on the “Tweet” button and it will appear on your followers news feeds.

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Why you should start using Twitter videos?

Now as you know how to upload Twitter videos, let’s take a look at why it is beneficial to use then in your Twitter marketing strategy.

1. Twitter video receives more retweets

Believe me or not, but videos spread out like no other type of content.

Why? The answer is simple! Just because social media users consider video as an interesting content that is easy to consume and engage with on their mobile devices.

This is especially true on Twitter, as a majority of people consumes content on mobiles, video is the most handy and shared media type. According to studies, tweets that include video get 6x more retweets rather than those with images and 3x more retweets than GIFs. Thus, you are able to increase your brand awareness and gain new followers.

Isn’t it a convincing reason to start posting videos on your Twitter page?

2. Twitter video grabs audience attention

While considering what type of content to share with your Twitter followers, keep in mind that video tweets reach and encourage to act an audience more quickly and efficiently than simple text tweets or those that include pictures.

What is more, videos by their nature are more likely to stand out in the audience’s feeds. They take up much more space than a regular 280 characters’ tweet and their motion is able to catch and hold people’s attention longer.

In this case, why not to post Twitter video that will differentiate your page from others and, consequently, induce your audience to interact and provides you with a higher engagement level?

3. Twitter video increases audience purchase intent

Social media researches indicate that after viewing your videos on Twitter people feel 14% more favorable about your brand. Furthermore, Twitter videos help audience to make a purchase decision 34% faster than any other kind of content.

So, if you incorporate video content into your Twitter marketing strategy, then you will most probably be able to boost amount of your customers and drive more sales.

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5 ideas how you can use Twitter videos

Understanding how to record and share Twitter videos on your page and why it can be useful for you is the first task. The next step that you need to take is figure out how to apply Twitter videos into your strategy in order to connect effectively with your audience and grow your brand.

Actually, there are tons of ideas how you can use Twitter videos. However, in this article I will review the most powerful ways that should help you to gain the greatest possible advantage from Twitter videos.

1. Educate your audience

Keep in mind that we live in an information age when people are used to receive content which educates and shows them how to make something new.

In this case, Twitter video is a perfect choice to teach your audience something interesting. The rule is just to be informative as well as entertaining.

Although at first glance, 2 minutes and 20 seconds can seem like not enough time to fully explain the whole topic, but it is absolutely possible to accommodate a several minutes’ process into 2 minutes and 20 seconds by shortly highlighting only the most important steps.

Overall, using Twitter video that educates people is considered as a powerful way to connect with your followers and help them to learn something new at the same time.

2. Promote your new products or services

If you are planning to launch a new product or a service, then the best strategy will be to share a short teaser that will help you to create a buzz around your brand and build up anticipation.

Use Twitter videos to show products or services of your brand that release soon on the market. Consequently, you will be able to make your audience look forward to the launch date and most probably drive more sales.

3. Reply to tweets

When you are responding to your followers’ tweets where your brand is mentioned or answering their questions, you not only prove that your page is active, but also show them that you value their efforts and time.

Now imagine that instead of a regular 280 characters tweet, you would reply with Twitter video. In this way, your replies will be surprising, more personal and will most likely encourage your audience to interact more. 

4. Capture spontaneous moments

Did something incredible happen that the only way people could believe is to show the video? Then show it in your short Twitter video.

Remember, unexpected and thrilling moments have more chance to go viral and incite your audience to engage.

5. Offer behind the scenes peeks

Providing your audience with a look behind the curtains of your brand is one of the most effective methods to create excitement around your brand.

Here Twitter video can perfectly help you to do it! So, don’t miss an opportunity to record and upload a video on your Twitter page in order to show your followers an exclusive content. Thus, you will start building your audience’s trust and loyalty.

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Wrapping everything up, Twitter audience is often on the go and scrolling to find out what is happening at the moment. Due to this reason, Twitter video is a perfect type of content for users to get all the necessary information or entertainment!

As you see Twitter videos can be very useful. It means that if you don’t start using this type of content now, you can miss out one of the greatest opportunities for you or your brand.

What do you think about Twitter videos? Do you apply a video content in your Twitter marketing strategy? Write your opinion in the comments below!

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