How to Use Twitter Polls to Boost Engagement

how to create twitter poll

Twitter is considered as the most popular social media platform for people who are looking to express their opinions and thoughts. If you are wondering how your audience feels about your brand’s new product or whether they had a good experience with your brand or not, then you should start using Twitter polls.

Twitter polls are an effective way to interact with your audience, collect valuable feedback from them and understand what you need to do for your brand in the future.

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Why Twitter polls?

The greatest advantage of Twitter polls is that with only one click audience can provide their answers and see results instantly. Users can retweet your poll to their followers too.

So, do you need a little inspiration on what to ask? Well, in today’s article, 5 ways how to implement Twitter polls in order to boost engagement will be reviewed.

However, before I get into that, let’s take a look how to create a poll on Twitter.

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How to create a Twitter poll?

Actually, it is very easy. After coming up with your question and all answers, it will take only a minute or two to start your Twitter poll. Here is step-by-step guide.

Step 1. Start a tweet

Begin composing your Tweet above your feed or click on the new Tweet button at the top of your screen. It is the same action as you create any Twitter post.

Step 2. Start a poll

Select the “Add poll” option in a tweet window. Include hashtags that are relevant to your brand. Ask the question. However, don’t forget to make it short, clear and engaging.

Step 3. Insert poll’s answers

Now it is time to add your answers. Remember, you are limited up to four answers. Ensure that your answers’ options sound unique and catchy.

Step 4. Set duration of a poll

It is not necessary, but useful to inform your audience how many days or hours your Twitter poll will be active.

Step 5. Complete a poll

Once a question is written and answers are added, the only thing that you need to do is press the “Tweet” button in order to make your poll seen to your Twitter audience.

When the poll is over, all participants will receive a notification and it will bring them back to your content. Moreover, you will be able to see the results of your poll. 

Easy and quick, isn’t it?

Now as you already know how to create Twitter polls, let’s discuss how to be successful with them.

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1. Tweet polls consistently

Uploading Twitter polls regularly provides your audience with a reason to come back to your Twitter account in order to see another engaging and informative content.

It is not a secret that even the brands who have a huge amount of followers face difficulties with getting their audience to go directly to their Twitter profiles. Why this happens? Just because a majority of the users scroll through their newsfeeds, looking for the most recent tweets from the users they are following.

However, if you have a clearly defined schedule when you post your Twitter polls, consequently, this will help your audience to understand what to expect from your brand and on which days. What is more, consistency assists you in ensuring that your followers will be more likely waiting for your upcoming Twitter polls, visit your profile to see other content and interact with it.

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2. Ask for opinion

Nothing helps to build brand loyalty than listening to your audience’s opinion and in this way showing that you care about them.

According to social media studies, 65% of users say that they feel a deep connection with a brand when a company shows that it values their point of view.

When it comes to brand decisions, such as ideas for your future content, re-design of your logo, new products release or location of your new store, so, why not to ask your Twitter audience for their thoughts? In this case, it is advised to use Twitter polls in order to provide your followers with an opportunity to vote on the various important things related to your brand.

Overall, when your followers feel that they are involved into your brand’s decisions, undoubtedly, these users should promote and recommend your brand’s products or services. Moreover, there are more chances that your audience will engage with your tweets.

3. Promote your brand’s products or services

Although it is advised to be minimalist with promotional tweets in order not to look annoying in the eyes of your audience. However, it is considered that Twitter polls may help to promote your brand’s products or services in an interactive and engaging way.

So, Twitter polls make promotion more like entertainment, rather than an advertisement.

If you have already launched your band’s new product, don’t use the simple promotional tweets. Better create an informative, short Twitter poll which will not only increase awareness of your product, but also will be as an entertaining method to encourage an audience to engage with your content.

4. Take advantage of timely events

Another powerful way to boost your Twitter profile’s engagement is by using polls for timely occasions, such as sports events, holidays, news stories, viral hashtags and etc.

Most probably you want to ask why it is useful to make Twitter polls including various actual events?

The answer is very simple. Just because Twitter audience has already been tweeting about different kind of events on their accounts, in this case, use Twitter polls in order to entertain your followers, start conversation with them and know their thoughts. Furthermore, it will assist you in increasing engagement level of your content.

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5. Choose the right duration of your poll

While creating your Twitter polls, you have an opportunity to set the voting duration.

By applying this Twitter polls’ feature, you will evoke a feeling of urgency and scarcity that will encourage your audience to take action immediately and engage with your Twitter content.

The poll length can vary from 5 minutes to 7 days. When you will be deciding on the length of your Twitter poll, you need to consider several important factors, like how much information do you want to collect, how time sensitive your question is and what day you want to upload your poll.

Actually, if a Twitter poll lasts longer than one day, it is advised to make it as a pinned tweet. In this way, you will put the poll to the top of your Twitter profile page making it the first one that every user will notice. Once your Twitter poll is over, you can delete it. Remember, pinned tweets can easily help you to boost engagement level.

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Wrapping everything up, Twitter polls are considered as a great way to have interesting and entertaining discussions with your followers and, consequently, increase engagement level.

Have you ever used Twitter polls? If not, then you are missing out an opportunity to interact with your audience and build your brand’s loyalty.

If you have any thoughts regarding this topic, let me know in the comment’s section!

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