How to Use Polls in Instagram Stories?

how to use polls in instagram stories

Looking for methods how to catch your audience attention and encourage them to engage with your content on Instagram?

Want to know how to receive more genuine feedback from your audience in a direct way? Then, Instagram Stories polls is what you should looking for!

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Creating a poll in your Instagram Story is considered not only as an effective way to get attention from your followers, but also this feature provides you with an opportunity to hear your audience opinion and interact with them in a fun & interactive manner.

So, if you are not already using Instagram polls, now is the best time to start doing using this feature!

In this article you will learn how to create an Instagram Story poll and how to monitor the results. Moreover, you will be presented with several creative ways how to use polls in Instagram Stories.

Let’s get started!

What is an Instagram Story poll?

Instagram poll is a feature where you ask your audience a question and allow them to choose between provided answer options.

Actually, there are two different types of poll stickers that you can add to your Instagram Stories. You can either create a classic poll with two customizable answers or insert an emoji slider.

Keep in mind that polls are integrated with Instagram Stories. It means that you have an opportunity to use polls in your Stories only. 

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How to add a poll into your Instagram Stories?

Adding a poll in your Instagram Story is an easy task. You can do it just in a few steps.

Step 1. Create a new Story

First of all, in order to get successful results from your poll, you need to upload a background Story post related to the subject of your poll. In this case, you can take a new image or use some of your recent photos.

Step 2. Fill in the question and answers for your poll

In order to create a poll, press on the sticker icon at the top of your Story screen. After that, tap on the poll sticker and the poll will appear on your Story.

Next, you need to write down a question you want to ask in the text field and customize the poll’s possible answers. By default, the answer options are “Yes” and “No”. So, if you want to edit these options, click on each box and type in your responses. Although there is no character limit for the poll’s question, however, the answers should be up to 22 characters.

What is more, if you decide to create an emoji slider poll, select a corresponding sticker and an emoji slider poll will show up on your screen. Then you will be asked to type in a question and set an emoji that best matches your question’s mood.

Step 3. Place your poll

Once you have finished editing your Story poll, tap the “Done” button at the top-right corner of the screen and the poll will be placed in the center of your Story post. However, keep in mind that you can easily click on the poll in order to change its location or resize it.

Step 4. Share your Story

When your Story with a poll is ready, it is time to share it with your Instagram audience.

While people will be swiping Stories, they will see your poll and be able to mark their answers.

That ‘s it!  

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How to monitor your Story poll results?

Once voting starts, you will have an opportunity to monitor your poll’s results in real-time.

In order to see who viewed and responded to your Story poll, you need to go to your Instagram Story and click on the eye icon at the bottom of the screen.

However, remember that the results of your poll are only available while the Story is live and will disappear after 24 hours.

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Creative ways to use polls in your Instagram Stories

Not sure how to use Instagram Stories polls for your brand? Let’s take a look at 6 creative ways to incorporate polls in your Instagram Stories.

1. Collect feedback

What is the better way to receive feedback on your brand’s products or services than to come straight out and ask your audience?

Instagram Stories polls are considered as a fast and efficient method to do this.

So, don’t miss a chance to include Stories polls into your Instagram strategy. In this way, you will be able to find out what your audience actually thinks about your brand and, consequently, improve customer experience.

By using Stories polls in order to gather followers’ feedback about creation of your new products or services you will not only effectively engage with your audience, but also show them that you care about their opinion.

However, while asking for a feedback, don’t forget to share the results of your Story poll.

In this case, your audience will see that their input helped you and they will be much more likely to continue to interact with your Instagram content once they know they are being heard.

2. Learn about your audience

Undoubtedly, figuring out your audience’s needs and wants is a crucial element in order to build successful marketing strategy. One option how you can learn about your customers is to carry out research. However, the more powerful way to understand what your followers want is to ask them directly using Instagram Stories polls.

All in all, stories polls can help you to gain insights about what your audience likes or dislikes and what they would like to see more from you.

If you ask about your audience’s preferences, consequently, you will perfectly know what they expect to get from you and will not try blindly to correspond with their needs.

3. Introduce your brand and products

Another great way how you can use Instagram Stories polls is to showcase your brand’s products or services.

Most likely you know that if you want to boost your sales, primarily you need to introduce your brand to an audience, show all of its best features.

Therefore, insert a poll into your Story in order to share updates of your brand’s products or services in a fun and interactive manner. In this way, you will help your followers to know your brand more closely and increase its awareness.

4. Organize a quiz

Is it possible to find someone who doesn’t like funny quizzes during a dull working way? Most probably, not.

In this case, it is advised to organize short quizzes by including polls into your Instagram Stories. As a result, you will not only be able to cheer up your followers’ day, but also promote your brand and encourage followers to engage with your content.

What is more, the best part is that you can make quizzes for any topic. Just ensure that it will be interesting to your followers.

For instance, if you are a brand of a sportswear, you can ask your audience to guess what will be the main colors of next collection of your brand’s clothes. If you are a blogger, using Stories polls you can make quizzes regarding your next video on IGTV channel.

Overall, conducting quizzes through Instagram Stories polls is considered as an effective method to entertain your audience, create buzz around your brand and increase your Instagram profile’s engagement level.

5. Drive traffic to your webpage

When Instagram provided its users with an opportunity to include links into their Instagram Stories, it became easier for brands to drive traffic to their webpages. However, it turns out that just to add the “swipe up” link isn’t so powerful tactic that would induce users to click for more information on Instagram Stories.

So, if you are looking for a creative way to get your audience to swipe up, it is recommended to combine Stories polls with the “swipe up” function that, consequently, will cause people to stop, pay attention and more likely to click on the link in order to check your brand’s website.

If you want to use the poll together with the “swipe up” link in your Instagram Story, you can do it in the following way.

First of all, upload the image of one of your brand’s products into your Story.

Secondly, add a poll where you will ask your audience how much they suppose it can cost and in this way, evoke a sense of curiosity. Then in order to help your audience to find the answer, direct them to swipe up and visit your brand’s website.

That’s it! You will definitely increase your webpage’s traffic.

6. Receive more answers with the emoji slider poll

Have you ever wanted to ask your audience a question, however, noticed that it would be great to have more than two response options?

You should use an emoji slider Story poll in order to allow your audience to have more than two answers. After you type the poll’s question, add several responses under it because audience will be able to drag the slider right or left and release to submit their answer.

So, emoji slider assists brands in creating personalized poll’s responses in a creative way.

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To sum up, if you haven’t used Instagram Stories polls before, I hope that this article will give you the inspiration to start using polls in your Instagram Stories because they can definitely take your Instagram Stories to the next level.

They are easy to create, interactive, fun and don’t require much time or effort. That’s why Instagram Stories polls are not only a great way to engage with your followers, but also provides with an opportunity to know more about your audience.

Do you include polls feature into your Instagram Stories? For what purpose you are using polls? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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