How to Use Instagram Carousel Posts: 10 Tips

how to use instagram carousel posts

Haven’t you noticed that sometimes a single image is not enough to tell the whole story?

This is why Instagram has created a useful multiple-image posting feature, also known as the carousel posts.

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Although many users were a little bit skeptical regarding a multi-photo post option once it was released and saw this feature as an inefficient tool that can only ruin the aesthetic of their Instagram feeds. However, with time people began to realize the value that carousel posts can bring.

Actually, with good creative tactics, carousel posts can help you to gain a higher engagement rate on your content, boost your brand loyalty and even help to drive sales.

Do you want to start using Instagram carousel posts but not sure how you can incorporate them into your marketing strategy?

In this article I will show you what exactly carousel posts are and how you can leverage them to promote your brand.

Let’s dive right into it!

What are Instagram carousel posts?

Instagram carousel posts is an interactive and engaging method to share important moments in more detail, present a complete body of your project work or display several variations of your products including different sizes, designs and colors.

In other words, carousel posts are an innovative way to evoke the curiosity of your audience.

With this carousel posts feature, you are able to upload multiple photos or videos in a single Instagram post. In this case, Instagram lets you to post up to 10 visuals, in precise order you want them to be displayed.

Actually, a carousel post looks exactly like a regular Instagram post in a news feed. However, you can easily identify a carousel post by the icon of two squares in its top right corner.

What is more, a set of circles, one in blue color underneath a post indicates which of the images or videos is shown now on a screen.  

You can edit each post individually or use a common Instagram filter for all visuals. However, due to a reason that it is considered as a single Instagram post, you will be able to add only one caption and location for all of the visuals.

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How to create Instagram carousel posts?

Now, as you know what Instagram carousel post is, it’s time to show you how to create one.

The process of creating a carousel post is very easy and takes only a few steps.

Step 1. Open up Instagram App and log in to your Instagram account.

Step 2. Tap on the “+” sign in the bottom center of the screen as you would normally do in order to start creating a new post.

Step 3. You will be moved to your camera library. Here click the “Select Multiple” button in the right corner of your new post.

Step 4. Now it’s time to choose up to 10 images or videos. Each visual you add into your carousel post will be indicated in the upper-right corner of its thumbnail.

Once you have selected the items you want to share with your audience, press the “Next” button. 

Step 5. If you want, you can add filters to your carousel post. However, don’t forget that the filter you select will be applied to all images or videos. However, in order to apply a particular filter for a specific image or video, you need to tap on the two circles icon in the bottom left corner of your visual and you will be able to select its filter separately.

What is more, you have an opportunity to change the order of visuals in a carousel post. In this case, simply click and hold the visual you want to reorder, then drag it to the right or left and you will change the sequence.

Then, tap the “Next” button again.

Step 6. In the appeared window write a caption, add location and tag people if you would like to.

Once you are done, press the “Share” button and you will upload the carousel post on your Instagram grid. Done!

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10 tips on how to use Instagram carousel posts

By using carousel post feature on Instagram you will make your content more interactive and deliver your message more effectively.

Let’s take a look at a few methods how you can leverage Instagram carousel posts in order to successfully show off your brand and engage with your audience.

1. Show different moments in a single location

Imagine a situation – you take photos with different outfits on a similar scenery. However, to display all the images as separate posts will look spammy and even annoy your followers. 

So, how to decide which image to upload on your Instagram grid? Don’t worry!

Just use a carousel posts feature and put them all in a single place. Only don’t forget to remind your audience to swipe left in order to see more photos.

2. Announce about your new product launch

When you are planning to launch a new product, sometimes it is not enough to upload a single Instagram post.

Moreover, in order to successfully market your brand’s new product, you need to show your audience its design, features, colors and etc.

Which is where Instagram carousel posts can help you!

Carousel posts are considered as a useful way to share more variations of your product that, consequently, will allow you to display your product in all of its glory without overwhelming followers with too many posts.

Actually, by using Instagram carousel posts to show your products in more detail, you will not only be able to give your audience a deeper look at their quality, but will also make them trust you. As a result, this action can help you to boost conversions.

3. Share moments from an event

If you are organizing or participating in an interesting event, then you can use multi-visuals feature in order to share the atmosphere and energy of this event just in one Instagram post.

What is more, you have an opportunity to tag people who attended the event in your carousel post, thank and remind them how much fun they had there. Thus, you will be able to create FOMO for the following event.

Actually, applying carousel posts to do an event recap is a huge advantage because in this way you will not spam your followers with multiple posts of the same occurrence and will also show its vibe.

4. Present customer reviews

It is undoubtedly that success of your brand depends on your customer reviews. Especially if you receive a lot of good ones, it makes sense to share these reviews and drive more sales.

In addition, you probably have already noticed that majority of brands show their customer reviews on their webpages. However, it has become too mainstream.

So, why not to consider sharing your customer reviews using Instagram carousel posts?

Just apply a carousel post that will allow you to show up to 10 positive reviews from your audience.

Overall, this approach is not only an effective way to increase your brand reputation and trust, but also gives you credibility and generates more leads. However, most importantly, you will not overstuff feeds of your Instagram followers by using a carousel post.

5. Demonstrate a process

Another effective way how you can use Instagram carousel posts is to show step-by-step tutorials on various processes and in that way provide more value to your audience.

Actually, these multi-image posts are great for makeup tutorials, recipe showcases and different DIY processes where many steps are required. Consequently, you will be able to show each ingredient or action that people need to take to reach the desired results.

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6. Show behind-the-scenes moments

Implement carousels posts into your Instagram strategy in order to give your followers a sneak peek behind-the-scenes and, accordingly, keep them engaged.

So, in your Instagram multi-image post give your audience a look at the creative process of the development of your products. However, try to ensure that the behind-the-scenes images show a real process and are not created especially for Instagram.

All in all, by allowing your followers to swipe through up to 10 photos and see how your products are being created, you will not only be able to get a higher engagement rate, but will also earn people’s trust.

7. Display user-generated content

Just like customer reviews, user-generated content is also a trusted and authentic form of content that resonates with an audience.

So, if you want to improve your brand reputation, build stronger relationships with your audience or drive your brand loyalty, you need to share user-generated content on your Instagram grid. However, it will be more effectively to pick several great user-generated content and upload them like an Instagram carousel post.

By curating and sharing your audience’s created content related to your brand, you will be able to show users that you are ready to interact with them and value their efforts.

8. Tell a story

Actually, Instagram carousel posts can do much more than you think!

For instance, they can help you to create and tell a story accompanied by pictures.

However, don’t forget about a caption. In this case, reading the caption while swiping through images in a carousel post, your followers will be diving into the story with more enthusiasm.

9. Zoom in some important things

Unlike simple Instagram image posts, carousel posts are considered as a great opportunity to give your audience a closer look at finer details or parts of something. It can be a piece of cloth or art, face makeup, a handy craft and many other things.

Use a carousel post in which the first picture will be the enlarged version and the following ones will be zoomed in different parts in order to present more details.

10. Show before and after shots

Although carousel posts feature allow you to upload up to 10 images, it doesn’t mean that you have to share them all.

For example, posting two pictures at once will provide you with a chance to present incredible transformations, such as home renovations, makeovers and weight or hairstyle changes.

Remember, audience is always curious to know how someone or something looked before and what the result after transformation is.

In this case, in order to show successfully before and after images, incorporate carousel posts into your Instagram strategy and you will notice an increase in an engagement level of your content.

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Wrapping everything up, Instagram carousel posts are incredibly flexible in communicating your message. They can be used to launch new products or services, tell a story, do an event recap, demonstrate before and after images, show different moments in a single location and much more.

So, what you are waiting for? Implement carousel posts into your Instagram strategy and as a result, you will be able to receive a higher engagement level on your content, increase your brand loyalty or even drive sales.

What is your opinion about carousel posts on Instagram? Do you share them on your Instagram grid? Please write your thoughts in the comments below!

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