How to Use Emojis on Facebook: The Ultimate Guide

how to use facebook emojis

There is a very simple and effective method to considerably boost your Facebook page engagement level.

Can you guess what it is? It is emojis! Most probably that when you think of emojis, you imagine something fun, creative and pleasant, isn’t it?

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However, by including this symbolic language of faces, objects and everything in between into your Facebook marketing strategy, you will be able to express your ideas in an original way, encourage audience to interact with you on Facebook and help your brand to stand out from a crowd.

Keep reading and discover 5 reasons why it is important for your brand to start adding emojis into Facebook posts and learn how to include them into your posts.

Before I go into details, let’s take a look at some numbers that emojis can bring you.

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Engagement statistics of Facebook emojis

According to various social media studies, emojis in a Facebook post can boost amount of likes by 57% and number of received comments, shares by 33%.

What is more, researches show that Facebook posts with emojis not only receive 24% greater total engagement rate , but also generate 8% more impressions and 29% more clicks.

So, with such results that you can get on Facebook due to emojis, there is no reason your brand shouldn’t be using them.

Actually, there is a huge variety of emojis that may help your brand to spice up Facebook post or message, but only handful ones are liked by social media audience. What do you think they could be?

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The most popular and most used emojis on Facebook are:

  • The face with tears of joy;
  • The smiling face with heart-shaped eyes;
  • The face throwing a kiss;
  • The rolling on the floor laughing face;
  • The grinning face;
  • The red heart;
  • The winking face;
  • The smiling face with smiling eyes;
  • The loudly crying face;
  • The smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes.

Overall, all 10 emojis humanize your brand, make it look friendlier and provide more meaning and emotion to Facebook posts.

Moreover, they encourage your audience to support your brand by clicking the like button and interacting with your brand on Facebook.

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5 reasons why your brand needs to start using emojis on Facebook

Now let’s see why Facebook emojis can be a great addition to your Facebook post.

1. Facebook Emojis are universal

The first great thing about emojis is that they are absolutely universal. Their meaning is understood in the same way in any country.

Consequently, for you, as a marketer, it is the best that can be. If your Facebook audience is from different parts of the earth, you shouldn’t worry because everyone will get the point.

2. Facebook Emojis assist in creating original advertising campaigns

Nowadays as social media is overcrowded with various brands’ content, marketers need to be very creative while making their Facebook posts. 

In this case, it is advised to start including emojis into your Facebook campaigns’ content. Moreover, keep in mind that this tactic should be especially effective if your target audience is millennials who prefer to express their thoughts and emotions through symbolic language of faces. However, if you want to reach older target audience, be more careful with emojis.

3. Facebook Emojis engage your audience

Another great reason why marketers should use emojis on their Facebook pages is that they help to boost engagement level.

As it was mentioned earlier the use of emojis on Facebook increases engagement by 24%.

However, engagement doesn’t solely depend on emojis. It is influenced by the type of content you present for an audience, what is written in your post and on your brand as a whole.

For instance, if you use a poll to find out users’ opinion and include emojis as answers instead of asking people to write comments, this strategy will be successful because it requires less efforts. On the other hand, if you write a Facebook status update only using emojis, it will look weird and most probably users will not engage with it.

So, add emojis to your Facebook posts only when they are relevant to your content. Then they will make positive impact on your Facebook page’s engagement

4. Facebook Emojis influence on people’s feelings

According to studies, emojis give social media users the same satisfaction as usual communication with other people.

What is more, users consider that brands which include emojis into their Facebook posts or messages with their audience are much friendlier rather than those who don’t. Consequently, Facebook audience feels happiness and responds positively to brands content.

5. Facebook Emojis are suitable for all types of businesses

There is an opinion that emojis are right only for trendy brands in fashion, beauty industries and in no case for serious, financial or legal brands.

However, this is absolutely not true!

Remember one important fact – Facebook audience as all social media users are emoji users. In this case, it doesn’t matter which business area your brand is working in, use of emojis in Facebook content will provide you with benefits.

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How to add emojis into your Facebook posts on desktop?

The process of including emojis to status update on Facebook is very easy and takes only a few seconds. Let’s review the steps how to do it.

Step 1.

First of all, begin by creating a new Facebook post. So, click on the “What’s on your mind?” window, write your text and upload the image or video related to your post.

Step 2.

After that tap on the little smiley face icon on the bottom-right corner of the post status. The window with lots of emojis and symbols will appear on your screen.

Step 3.

Now it is time to choose any emoji which matches your Facebook post’s text and insert it in your status. What is more, if you want to look other emojis, you may click through each category at the bottom of the appeared menu or you just scroll through a whole big list and devote your time picking your liked emojis.

Once you have selected emojis that are suitable for your Facebook post, press on the small smiley face again in order to close the window with emojis.

Step 4.

If your Facebook post is ready to be shown to your audience, then click the “Post” button and it will be visible to users.

That’s it! Incredibly easy, isn’t it?

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Few tips regarding Facebook emojis

Here are a few main advices that you need to keep in mind while inserting emojis into your Facebook posts.

1. Keep it relevant

In this case, it is advised not to add emoji into your Facebook post if it doesn’t suit the thought of your text.

2. Less is more

There is a good phrase – less is more. And it will be useful if you apply it while inserting emojis in your Facebook update status.

Why it is important? Just because if you put too many emojis, then your message can get weird, incomprehensible and will not encourage audience to pay attention and interact with it, but only push away.

3. Location is important

When it comes to a question, where it is better to add an emoji on a Facebook post in order to easily catch users’ attention, various social media studies say – at the start of a post.

However, you can make tests with different placing of emojis in your content to see how it influences on an engagement level of your Facebook page.

4. Think mobile

It is known that most people are using Facebook on their mobile devices. So, remember this fact when you will be inserting emojis on your Facebook posts because some less used emojis can’t be shown correctly on all devices.

In this case, better choose the more simple and familiar ones in order not to cause audience’s confusion.

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Wrapping everything up, now you have knowledge how to make your Facebook post more appealing by adding one or few emojis.

If you haven’t used emojis on your Facebook posts before, then it’s time to start adding them where they seem suitable. However, don’t make a mistake writing entirely in emojis.

If you have any questions or just want to leave your thoughts regarding this topic, please drop a line in the comments below!

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