How to Turn Your YouTube Viewers Into Subscribers?

how to turn your youtube video viewers into subscribers

Most probably everyone who has a YouTube channel has faced the situation when he/she has uploaded engaging video which received thousands of views, however, there was little to no increase in subscribers’ count.

Actually, it is a real challenge to convert viewers to your YouTube channel’s subscribers.

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Every time you share a video on YouTube there are two types of audiences who would watch it. The first – your YouTube subscribers who are interested in your content and are waiting for new videos to appear.

While the second audience consists of viewers who are not aware of your channel and came just because they found your video by searching.  

In order to encourage these new viewers to stay, watch more videos and subscribe is not enough to just create an appealing and informative content.

What you really need to do is to provide your video viewers with a reason to come back that, consequently, induce them to press that “Subscribe” button on your YouTube channel.

In this article you are going to learn how to turn your YouTube viewers into subscribers.

Let’s get started!

1. Create more personal connections

In fact, people don’t subscribe to channels, they subscribe to people.

Therefore, if you want your video viewers to get to return your channel and become your subscribers, then your main task should be to connect with them on a personal level.

The first option how you can do it is through your video content or you can also choose a more effective way – give a feedback to viewers’ comments.

Remember the one thing that people like when you interact with them, show that you care about your viewers. This is particularly important for your YouTube channel’s new visitors. Because in this way you allow viewers to know that they are welcomed and your channel isn’t like a private group where you only pay attention and talk to your existing, loyal subscribers.

Overall, in order to make new viewers feel special and, consequently, encourage them to subscribe to your YouTube channel, try to answer to visitors who have left their comments on your new and even older videos.

2. Remind your viewers to subscribe

It may sound strange, but sometimes people can think that they have already subscribed or just forgot to subscribe to a YouTube channel they actually like.

In this case, another easy method to convert your video viewers into subscribers is by asking them to tap on the “Subscribe” button.

How to ask? It is simple!

Just add a call-to-action (CTA) element at the end of your video which will remind your viewers to subscribe. So, when your video ends, use ten or less seconds for asking your viewers to like your video and subscribe to your channel by including a box which points to the “Subscribe” button.

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3. Get featured on other people’s YouTube channels

Find other YouTubers who create the similar video content as you do and offer them to promote on your channel.

What will be next? It is most probably that in exchange, these content creators will decide to feature your channel.

Consequently, both of you benefit from the additional promotion in front of an audience who already likes your type of content. In other words, you will increase an amount of your channel’s subscribers.

4. Use a trailer video

Another great opportunity in order to turn your channel’s visitors into subscribers is considered a new trailer feature.

It is important because it allows YouTubers to highlight videos to play only for non-subscribers. It means that when a user who isn’t a subscriber visits a channel, without prompting, the video trailer starts to play.

Undoubtedly, this action will induce viewers to stay on a channel, explore for more similar content and most likely to subscribe.

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5. Run a giveaway

Contests or in other words, giveaways work on Instagram, Facebook, so why not to run on YouTube?

Believe me or not, however, giveaways are considered as a great way to draw attention to your channel, receive tons of engagement and also boost your YouTube channel subscribers base.

While running a contest don’t forget to suggest a prize that will be attractive and relevant to your subscribers. Moreover, set clear requirements for your giveaway because only then the right people will be attracted to take a participation.

In this case, you will show your YouTube channel visitors that you actually care about users who watch your videos and try to engage with them in a more interesting way. Without a doubt, this will encourage your video viewers to participate in a contest and as a result, turn into your channel’s subscribers.

6. Evoke viewers curiosity

Actually without evoking your viewers curiosity, you can’t expect that they will return and subscribe for your YouTube channel.

However, there are some options how you may increase viewers interest in order to get them to come back for more.

First of all, you have an opportunity to include cliffhangers to your videos motivating viewers to come back later and watch the following video. Secondly, at the end of your video you can tell your audience what your next video will be about. In this case, they will know what to expect and most likely will look forward to your video.

All in all, create hype and do what it takes to encourage people to view more of your videos. Only in this case, there is a higher possibility that viewers will tap the “Subscribe” button.

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Wrapping everything up, follow the tips mentioned in this article and you will undoubtedly increase a chance to convert your YouTube video viewers into subscribers.

What is more, always keep in mind – it is all about giving your audience a reason to come back. So, constantly find new ways to show your potential subscribers the advantages they can get from subscribing to your channel.

Do you know any other methods how to turn YouTube viewers into subscribers? Please share your methods in the comments below!

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