How to Turn Off Comments on Instagram & Should You?

how to turn off comments on instagram

It doesn’t matter whether you run business or personal Instagram profile, it is just a matter of time when you will face angry users commenting negative stuff on your posts.

The more followers you have and more audience you reach, the more engagement your posts get. Consequently, amount of negative comments increases too. You can either go extreme and block certain users from your profile or turn off comment feature on your Instagram posts.

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In this article you will learn how to turn off comments on Instagram and should you even consider doing that.

Let’s start!

How to turn off Instagram comments

how to turn off comments on instagram

If you eventually decided to turn off commenting feature on your Instagram post, I will explain how to do it. And don’t worry, it’s easy! There are several ways to do it and it depends whether you want to turn off comments on already published post or on a new one that is yet to be published.

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Turning off comments on a new post

To turn off comments on a new post that is not yet published, upload or take a picture of your new post via Instagram app. Select filters (if any) and click “Next” in the left upper corner. Then you will be given an option to write caption for your post, but click on “Advanced settings” first on the bottom of the screen. Then you will see a “Turn Off Commenting” tab, press that switch to turn it off. That’s it.

After that proceed with the caption of your photo and just share your post. Now nobody be able to comment on your newly uploaded post!

Turning off comments on a published post

There is also a possibility to disable comments on your older posts too. To turn off comments on an already published post, select the post on which you would like to disable commenting feature, click on the “3-dot button” at the upper right corner, and select “Turn Off Commenting”.

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What happens when you disable comments on Instagram?

Many people wonder what happens when you disable commenting feature on your posts? That’s a good question, because you should know the answer before disabling comments.

Right after you turn off comments, nobody will be able to leave a comment on your Instagram post. Also, all existing comments on that photo (if there were any) will be hidden. Your comments are not an exclusion, so they will be hidden too. Existing comments will appear again only after you switch it back and enable comments on your Instagram post.

So, always have that in mind, because by disabling this feature you not only prevent spammy comments, but also hide and prevent real audience engagement (chats in comment section).

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Should you turn off Instagram comments?

Get more comments on Instagram

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in Instagram, we all know that. The more audience you have, the more chance that you will get negative comments, face trolls and haters that just want to make fun of you or your brand.

But don’t hurry turning off Instagram comments. As I said earlier, turning off comments not only prevents spam, but removes existing comments and limits your audience’s ability to engage and leave honest opinions about you, your business or your content. Overall, your engagement will be hurt after that. So, you should disable comments only in extreme situations.

Instead, if there’s just a couple of trolls/haters that try to harm you or your business by leaving negative and offensive comments, you can handle it in several different ways. For example, you can just remove comments that you don’t like from your Instagram post. Or you can block certain Instagram users (so they won’t be able to leave comments and view your content).

But, if your customer’s wrote a honest negative comment on your Instagram post, you can reply to it with facts and legit arguments. I wouldn’t recommend deleting such comment as you would lose that customer and others may notice that you don’t solve your customer’s problems.

If you respond to negative client’s comment with real facts and explain situation in detail, unhappy customer may understand you and give you another chance. Also, other users will see that you try to help your customers so you and your brand will become more trustable in their eyes.

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That’s it for this article. I hope that you get the idea that comments should be turned off only in extreme situations. As there are a lot of other options to choose from to handle and administer your comment’s section.

If you receive unhappy customer comments, try to reply to those. If you receive spammy comments, just delete those. But you should almost never turn off comments on Instagram, as it would harm the engagement level of your Instagram account.

If you have any other tips on how to handle negative or spammy Instagram comments, leave a comment below!

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