How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Stories?

how to see who viewed your instagram stories

Stories were introduced to Instagram only in August 2016. While stories still could be considered as a new feature, we couldn’t imagine Instagram without stories anymore. It took over Instagram right after release.

Instagram stories help brands to get more followers, sales and general brand awareness. Instagram stories are also commonly used by personal accounts, because everyone wants to share with their friends what they did or went today, right?

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Instagram stories feature went viral mainly because of people’s curiosity. People want to see Instagram stories of others, and others want to see who viewed their Instagram stories.

So, if you are the one who wants to see who viewed your Instagram stories, here is a short guide on how to do this!

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How to see who viewed your Instagram stories?

Everybody wants to know who visited their Instagram profile or viewed their Instagram stories. In fact, it is very easy to get the full list of users who viewed your Instagram stories.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Go to Instagram using Instagram App or directly via website;
  2. Login to your Instagram account (if you haven’t already);
  3. Click on your recently posted stories and swipe up on the screen.
  4. Now you will see the list of people who recently viewed your Instagram stories.

How are people on your Instagram Story viewers list ranked?

Some people say that when you see a list of users that viewed your Instagram stories, you can predict who are stalking you and watching your stories the most. Following that logic users that are displayed on top of the list should be the most active stalkers.

Unfortunately, that’s just rumors and not true at all. The person on top of the list is not necessarily the one that is watching your stories the most. Just so you know, there is no way to see how many times someone viewed your story. However, don’t think that story viewers’ list is built by random order!

Actually, I would say that it is the other way around! People you see on top of the list are the ones who you engage with the most. Instagram algorithm analyses with which users you interact the most and place them on top of your stories viewers’ list because it seems that you care about them (or stalk?) the most.

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Recent update on Instagram story viewers list

If you would like to view the list of users who watched your Instagram stories, better hurry up because that list will be removed soon!

Instagram rolled out an update on February 2019, which automatically hides Instagram story viewers list after 24 hours. Instagram did not provide any statement why such update has been rolled out and why should it be beneficial to anyone.

We can only guess that Instagram don’t want to collect too much data. They made it very simple – Instagram stories are available for 24 hours and so will be the list of your story viewers.

Who can view your stories?

If your Instagram account is public, then your stories can be viewed by anyone, even by the ones who doesn’t follow you. However, if you set your Instagram account to private mode, then user will need to follow you to unlock your content and view your stories.

If you would like to block certain users from viewing your stories, Instagram offers such option too.

Talking about the privacy, it is important to mention that you will be the only one who can view list of users who watched your Instagram stories.

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“Mass story views” marketing technique

If you recently checked your Instagram story viewers list and noticed a lot of unknown people, don’t worry, you are not alone! Since the early 2019 many so-called Instagram growth service agencies introduced “mass story views” marketing technique, which helps to get more followers faster. It’s one of those shady Instagram marketing techniques as “follow for follow” which you shouldn’t be using.

It works the following way – service provider (agency) submits client’s Instagram account to their system and that account automatically views millions of stories per day. As you know, many are interested who viewed their stories. So, when people look at their story viewers list, they usually notice that particular user and some of them click on his profile. They may even follow that account if it seems interesting.

Chances that user will check the list, click on profile and follow him are really low, but when you consider that stories are being viewed millions of times per day, then you understand that user can really get many profile visits and new followers.

However, be wary that as stories are being viewed millions of times per day, Instagram’s algorithm quickly notices spammy behavior and punishes (blocks action or suspends) such account. If you don’t want to lose your account, then we highly recommend not to use such marketing techniques.

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That’s it for this article. I hope that now you understand how to see who viewed your Instagram stories and how does story viewers list works. If you have something to add, don’t hesitate to contact us or leave a reply in the comments’ section below.

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