How to See What Someone Likes on Instagram?

How to See What Someone Likes on Instagram

Can I see what someone likes on Instagram? Since the official feature was canceled in 2019, many Instagram users have become a real problem. But do not worry. According to many tried methods, there are multiple solutions we will look at.

Background Story

Before October 2019, Instagram users could easily see other people’s likes by clicking on the ‘following’ tab. Your followers’ recent likes, post comments, and who they are following were posted in the activity section on the ‘following’ tab. The ‘following’ tab was removed in October 2019 to protect users’ privacy. This section is no longer available, and what you can see right now is your recent followers, your liked posts, and follower suggestions. Despite removing this feature, there are multiple ways you can see what other people like on Instagram.

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The Manual Option

This is one of the most complex and time-consuming options you can follow. You have to go through their profile and create a list of all the accounts they follow. This could even be in hundreds or even thousands for most people. After creating a list of the accounts, you can visit each profile and click on every post to find the likes of the person you are looking for. It isn’t an effective option, and you can get tired quickly.

The Simple Way

The things that others liked on Instagram can reveal a lot about themselves. If you want to know what your favorite celebrities like on Instagram, you need an excellent tool. Snoopreport is a doable online tool that can help you easily track the activity of anyone you care about on Instagram. There is an easy option to see what someone likes on Instagram. Activity tracking apps like Snoopreport also grants you an easy way to go about this.

Snoopreport, as an Instagram Activity Log Tool

Snoopreport is a tool that allows you to see the activity of an Instagram user in a fairly detailed way; not only will you be able to see their “likes”, but you may also see other types of information.

In addition to viewing someone’s “likes”, it also helps you know the amount of “likes” they have received, the number of comments made; their interests, their monitoring, i.e., the pages he has followed in the last week; the number of hashtags used, among other things.

As if that were not enough, you can also download a spreadsheet of this Snoopreport report, with CSV format (this is a format similar to the one used by Microsoft Excel), to chronologically represent the activities of the account, as well as having some additional information: location, favorite publications and much more.

Snoopreport possesses a more excellent function than the old official monitoring mode – “Activity”. It is not necessary to find someone’s activities one by one. Instead, Snoopreport will create a report on your targeted user’s activity, where you can view their likes, comments, and which they recently followed. In the full report, you can see more information about what interests you.

How the Snoopreport Platform Works

The way this page works is quite simple: go to the platform page, register to create a user account, choose a plan of your convenience (the subscription payment will depend on the number of users on Instagram you want to monitor) and finally, enter the accounts to verify.

Snoopreport uses publicly available data to predict user behavior and verify their actions. Therefore, you don’t need to log into your own or someone else’s account to keep track of their activities.

Each week, you will receive a report, which will show a person’s activity file on Instagram for a whole week; the data that the Snoopreport platform will show you will be pretty accurate, with a 5% margin of error; which means your success rate is 95%, quite accurate with all the activities.

As you can see, the platform is really simple and very easy to use, perhaps the downside is that it requires a payment to use its services; but it is worth it for all it can offer us, as well as for having to check that others use them with bad intentions.

Is It Legal?

Yup! Snoopreport does not disclose anyone’s Instagram account but does collect publicly available data. It ensures the legality of all information, and you don’t have to worry about a thing when using it.

Other Important Uses Snoopreport

In addition to personal plans, Snoopreport also prepares plans for the company. This means that you could monitor a group of Instagram users to find out what your important customers liked. Additionally, Snoopreport is free for data science students and other researchers.

Seeing this platform more than as a tool to monitor someone’s likes on Instagram, you can also take advantage of it. It’s especially to monitor the accounts of suppliers or companies since by knowing the activities of their consumers, they can offer them better services and more accurate customer service, which would result in better results and could help the page gain more followers, become more known.

In the case of individual accounts, Snoopreport could be used by parents or a representative to monitor their children’s accounts; even more, knowing that nowadays, any of us, especially children, could be victims of cyberbullying, kidnapping, etc. theft of information. You may also use the platform to discover fake or criminal accounts since this tool gives you fairly accurate reports in its information and a great activity log.

Give it a Try!

Looking at someone’s Instagram activity is a great way to know more about them. You will know whether the person has the same interests or benefits as a business if you are dealing with your competitors. Snoopreport has provided a simple option to go about the process of checking someone’s Instagram activity, especially their likes since the option was removed from the activity tab in 2019.

You will get a detailed report of someone’s Instagram activity and know the posts they’ve liked. Sign up for Snoopreport to get accurate Instagram activity reports for different people and see their likes.

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