How to Schedule Facebook Posts: The Complete Guide

Just imagine a situation that you have planned to publish content once a day on your Facebook page this week.

As usually on Monday morning you log in to Facebook in order to interact with your audience and devote considerable time into creation of an engaging post.

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After that, as you know that your audience is the most active at 5 pm, you start doing other daily tasks and wait until a particular hour. Around 5 pm you go back to your Facebook page, upload your post and hit the Share Now button again.

However, that’s not all. You need to repeat this action for the next 6 days.

Sounds not so attractive, isn’t it?

Don’t worry. There is an effective method how you can make your day-to-day tasks easier by saving your time and boosting an engagement level.  Just start scheduling your Facebook posts.

Wondering how to schedule Facebook posts and what benefits it can give you? Then keep reading further.

Before I discuss the ways how you can schedule your Facebook posts, let’s review 3 biggest advantages of scheduling.

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Biggest advantages of scheduling Facebook posts

schedule facebook posts
1. Save time on other activities

One biggest advantage of scheduling Facebook posts is that it lets you to save a great amount of time and spend it effectively on other necessary tasks.

Actually, a procedure of scheduling Facebook posts can seem requiring a lot of work and time at first glance. However, as soon as you begin scheduling, you will undoubtedly notice how you improve the process of publishing multiple Facebook posts at the required hours.

What is more, you will free up time for activities, such as analysis of your Facebook performance, development of a new strategy, attraction of a new audience or engagement with your existing followers.

What you need to understand about scheduling is that it is a one time action which helps you to plan your Facebook content for a few days, a week or even a month in advance.

2. Maintain consistency and quality

Are you so punctual and upload your Facebook posts each day exactly at the time when a majority of your followers are active?

Let me guess. Most probably due to a busy day you forget to publish your post at a right time and postpone to do it later. And here you are making a huge mistake. Why? Because if timing isn’t right your Facebook posts will be missed by your audience and will not receive high engagement rate.

In this case, scheduling can help you to ensure that you are uploading your Facebook posts consistently and maintain your posts’ quality.

Overall, as you are scheduling your Facebook content, it will be published automatically and you will not forget to upload a new post even if you are busy on that day. Moreover, because you spend your time editing your Facebook posts beforehand, you are able to create quality content.

3. Connect and engage with a wider audience

Uploading your posts directly on Facebook isn’t causing any big inconveniences until you need to publish a post at a time outside of your working hours in order to reach a bigger audience at different times of a day.

To take a break while you are having a lunch to share your Facebook post is still acceptable. However, what can be worse than to wake up in the middle of the night in order to do that.

And here scheduling comes to save you. It lets you to share your Facebook content when you can’t even be awaken. It doesn’t matter, is it 6 pm or 3 am, as your posts are published automatically at the chosen time, no one will know whether you uploaded it manually yourself or not.

Therefore, due to the scheduling, you will be able to reach more users around the world and, consequently, boost your Facebook content’s engagement level. This is especially very helpful if your audience is spread across several time zones.

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Now as you know what benefits Facebook post scheduling can provide you with, does it seem more attractive? Well, let’s see how to schedule your posts on Facebook then.

How to schedule your Facebook posts?

There are 2 ways you can do it:

  • Facebook posting scheduler;
  • Third-party schedulers.

I am going to show you how to do this on Facebook posting scheduler (as it is the most popular option). However, keep in mind that you can’t schedule posts on a personal account, you need to have Facebook Business Page.

If you don’t have one, you can easily create your own Facebook Business Page just in a few minutes.

Once you have your Business Page, it means that you are ready to start scheduling your posts via Facebook posting scheduler.

Step 1. Create a post

First of all, you need to go to the top of your Facebook Page’s timeline. Then click on the “Publishing Tools” section and press the “+Create” button in the top-right corner of your screen. You will see the box where you can create a post. Start writing your status, upload an image or add a link as you normally would. 

Step 2. Choose “Schedule”

As soon as you have created a post, move your mouse cursor to the small arrow icon next to the “Share Now” button. After that from the drop-down menu select the “Schedule” option. You will be transferred to a window where you will be asked to choose when you want your post to be published.

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Step 3. Select a date and time

During the third step you have to select the particular date and time for your post to go live. And this is absolutely up to you.

However, keep in mind that you will only get effective results if you publish your content at the time when your audience is the most active.

Step 4. Hit the “Schedule Post” button

Once the right date and time are chosen, click on the “Schedule” button. After that instead of the “Share Now” button you will see “Later”, which means that your post will not be shown to your audience right away.

That’s it, you have just scheduled your Facebook post. But don’t forget to press the “Schedule Post” in order to finish everything.

If you hit the “Home” section on the left-side menu in order to refresh your page, then you will be able to see how many scheduled posts you have in total. Just click on “See posts” and you will see all your upcoming scheduled Facebook posts in one place. It is the place where you can reschedule, edit or delete posts you have already scheduled.

As it was mentioned earlier, there is an opportunity to schedule Facebook posts using third-party posting tools. In fact, there are lots of tools that offer you a scheduling function, such as Buffer, PostPlanner and others.

Therefore, if you decide to choose a third-party tool instead of a scheduler provided by Facebook, then select the one which you like the most because the principle of their performance are more or less the same.

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Wrapping everything up, scheduling Facebook posts is like a lifesaver. It not only helps you to save your time and devote it on engaging with your Facebook audience, but also assists you in improvement of your social marketing performance.

What is your opinion about scheduling? Are you using an opportunity of scheduling your Facebook posts? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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