How To Retweet On Twitter & Why Should You?

how to retweet on twitter

Twitter wasn’t built so you could just share your own opinion. Monologue isn’t interesting to anybody, conversations between users is what gets people coming back to social networks. Retweeting helps you to add your own view to the topic and possibly start a conversation.

If you would like to know more about retweeting, then keep reading further.

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In this article I will explain how to retweet on Twitter and the main benefits that your account can gain from retweeting.

What is a retweet?

how to retweet with a comment

Retweet is basically a tweet posted by other user that you share with your audience. Retweeting enables you to share news and your new Twitter discoveries.

When retweeting, you will be given an option to add your own comment to it or share it as it is. Once posted, your retweet will reference the original tweet you are sharing.

Retweeting is commonly used when you want to add your own view to the ongoing topic and reference the tweet that you are talking about.

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How to retweet on Twitter?

Retweeting is pretty easy. If you would like to retweet someone’s tweet, then follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Twitter and login to your Twitter account;
  2. Locate the post that you would like to retweet;
  3. Click on retweet icon (double arrow) at the bottom of the tweet;
  4. Add your own comment to the Add comment field or just retweet it as it is. Done!

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What are the benefits of retweeting?

Retweeting on Twitter provides you with a lot of advantages. I can’t stress this enough, you must be retweeting if you want to get the most out of Twitter.

First of all, retweeting will make your content more interesting and entertaining to your audience. This will increase the engagement rate of your tweets. That’s because people like variety of content, they want to hear someone else’s opinion too, not just yours.

You should retweet other people content to bring more variety to your Twitter feed, this will make your audience more engaged and entertained, consequently they will spend more time on your profile.

You see, if you only provide your own opinion on specific topic, people will still want to hear other views on the same topic. However, if you retweet to some interesting topic with your own comment and express your opinion, then your audience won’t need to search for more on other Twitter profiles.

Secondly, retweeting helps you to gather more followers. When you retweet someone’s tweet, the original publisher will get a notification that you retweeted his post. There is a possibility that your retweet can get noticed by someone with established audience and he may retweet back (of course, if he finds your opinion interesting).

Thirdly, even if they don’t retweet you back, they still may notice you, reach out to you or do some favor for you later. Retweeting helps you to build your network.

All in all, there are no cons to retweeting. So, if you find someone’s tweet interesting, don’t hesitate to retweet it. And it would be the best if you add your own view on the topic by adding a comment.

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Now you should know how to retweet on Twitter and understand the main benefits of retweeting. If you have any more questions related to this topic, leave a comment below!

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