How to Repost on Instagram: A Complete Guide

how to repost on instagram complete guide

Undoubtedly, you are using Instagram to share images of your brand’s products, connect and engage with your followers. What is more, you are spending a lot of time and effort in order to create original content and share it with your audience. However, have you ever thought about reposting other Instagram user generated content?

If not, then you are losing an opportunity to grow your brand more easily and effectively.

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Well-planned Instagram repost may provide you with a huge engagement and increase your followers so much that your own content cannot.

Besides, when you hear a phrase “reposting on Instagram”, most probably you consider it as a very easy task. Do you think that reposting on Instagram is the same as resharing on Facebook or retweeting on Twitter? 

Unfortunately, it is not as simple as that. Instagram doesn’t have a function of reposting in its app, however, there is a great news that you can repost using external apps.

So, keep reading and you will not only learn how to repost on Instagram, but also get information about the main reposting strategies and the reasons why it can be useful for your brand to repost.

Let’s get started!

How to repost on Instagram?

how to repost on instagram

For a majority of users, Instagram is a way to display their original content, therefore, not requesting for a permission can be comparable to stealing a content and can ruin your brand’s reputation. In this case, before you repost other user’s content to your Instagram feed, you need to get a permission first.

Actually, not every brand complies with this rule. And it is not good, because to ask for an approval prior using this person’s content is more the best practice, not the law. So, better ask for a permission in order to avoid any unpleasant situations later.

Once you have got an approval from a person whose Instagram content you want to use, then it means that you are ready to repost.

However, how do you actually go about it?

If you type a phrase “Repost for Instagram” on the Apps Store or Google Play, you will see several versions of basically the same working apps. According to statistics, iOS users prefer “Repost: for Instagram” application, but Android users more often download “Repost for Instagram”.

Below are the steps on how to repost using any third-party app, such as “Repost for Instagram“.

Step 1. Copy link of a particular post in Instagram

The first task what you need to do is to go to Instagram and find an image or a video, which you want to repost. After that click on the three dots icon at the top-right corner of the post and from the appeared menu choose “Copy link”. If you copied link successfully, notification “Link copied to clipboard” should show up.

Step 2. Open Instagram reposting app

Once a post’s link is copied, you need to open a reposting application. There the post you have copied should occur. After this you will have an opportunity to select a color and a position of an attribution mark. So, it can be black or white and there are 4 options where you are able to put it – bottom left, bottom right, top left and top right corners or don’t insert an attribution mark at all.

What is more, you have a chance to leave an original post’s caption.

Step 3. Edit your repost and share it on Instagram

After all the necessary actions on a reposting app are done, you will be redirected to Instagram, where you will have to select a placement of your repost. There is an opportunity to share your repost on an Instagram feed or a Story.

So, choose one of these two options. If you decided to repost as an Instagram Story, then you won’t be able to copy a post’s caption. The following procedure of your repost will be the same as you upload a Story into your Instagram. You may also put stickers, use effects or write something on your repost’s image.

However, if you select to share your repost in your Instagram feed, in this case, you will be able to make some adjustments to this image. Moreover, if you decided not to leave an original post’s caption, then add your own, click the “Share” button and the repost will appear on your Instagram profile. But don’t forget to give photo credit to a user whose Instagram post you repost. In this case, insert a username in a caption of your repost.

That’s it! You are finished!

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Why reposting on Instagram is important for your brand?

Now as you have already learned how to repost on Instagram, it’s time to understand the reasons why it can be useful for your brand to repost.

First of all, repost creates trust. According to social media studies, customers trust reposted user-generated content (UGC) 50% more rather than other type of content. Furthermore, 84% of people state that reposted user-generated content influences on their decision whether to make a purchase or not.

Secondly, reposts assist you in boosting conversions. Brands that repost their customers’ created content on their Instagram profiles, notice the higher conversions, improved click-through rates (CTR) to brand’s website and better average order value.

Thirdly, reposting expands your brand. Reposted user-generated content generates a two way conversation, lets your brand to easily interact with its audience and show that it cares about customers. It means that your brand can get much more reach if it uses a reposting strategy on Instagram.

Finally, reposting helps to avoid content fatigue in your Instagram profile. It makes your Instagram content look more varied and fresh. In other words, this type of content will induce audience to stop and pay attention to your profile.

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The key strategies for reposting on Instagram

hen you repost content on Instagram, there are couple of things you need to keep in mind.

  • Create a branded hashtag which users will use in their posts about your brand. Consequently, this hashtag will make audience’s content visible for you and you will be able to repost it;
  • Reposts should be relevant to your brand. If a user uploads a simple image and you see that it doesn’t have any connection with your brand, then it is better not to repost this type of content;
  • Reposts need to correspond to your Instagram aesthetics;
  • It is better when in repost’s caption there is credit to the owner of a content.

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Wrapping everything up, is reposting a part of your Instagram strategy?

If not, then don’t miss a chance to try it out and you will undoubtedly notice that it can provide you with a really great results!

If you have any question regarding this topic or just want to share your thoughts, feel free to drop a line in the comments below!

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