How to Recover a Disabled Facebook Ad Account?

How to Recover a Disabled Facebook Ad Account

Many marketers who run ads on Facebook are facing a situation when their Facebook ad account is suspended/disabled. Actually, it can happen tpo anyone sooner or later.

However, it doesn’t mean that you need to panic and give up on Facebook ads.

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Many people who have had their Facebook ad accounts suspended, have successfully got their ad accounts reactivated.

So, did Facebook disable your advertising account?

Wondering how to appeal this decision and get your Facebook advertising account back in order to run your ads again?

Then you have come to the right place!

In this article you will learn why your Facebook ad account has been disabled, how to submit an appeal in order to get it reactivated and how to avoid getting your Facebook advertising account suspended in the future.

Let’s begin!

Why your Facebook ad account has been disabled?

Before you appeal or decide to create an absolutely new Facebook ad account, you should find out why your Facebook advertising account got deactivated. Consequently, you will remember that you have done wrong previously and will not repeat the same mistakes that got your Facebook ad account suspended.

If you log in into your Facebook ad account and see there the red colored message from Facebook saying that your ad account has been flagged, then it can happen for 2 main reasons.

1. You ads receive the high percentage of negative feedback

You perfectly know that Facebook users you target can share their positive feedback on your ads as well as negative.

The negative feedback is considered if your audience hides a single or all advertisements from your Facebook page, presses the “Unlike” button on your Facebook page or reports the content of your ads as spam, offensive, prohibited, sexually inappropriate and etc. In this case, Facebook’s algorithm perceives these actions as a red flag signal and tries to mitigate a possible threat by suspending your advertising account.

Actually if one or two people unlike your page, report your ad or hide your ad content, it is not a big problem. However, you should be cautious when the percentage of the negative feedback comparing to the overall number of your ad impressions begin to increase.

In order to view the negative feedback score your ads receive, firstly, you need to go Facebook Ads Manager. Then choose the individual ad and tap the “Preview” icon. From the drop-down menu select the “Facebook Post with Comments” option. After that scroll to the bottom of your ad and press on the “Performance Results” section which will open the “Post Details” window. Here you can see all negative feedback you ad has received.

So, if you want to calculate the negative feedback percentage of your Facebook ad, you need to take all categories (hide post, report as spam, hide all posts and unlike page) in the negative feedback section and divide by the total number of people reached.

Once your ads negative feedback rates are calculated, see whether there is an ad with high negative feedback which can be as a trigger of your Facebook account’s disability.

Overall, if no ads have a high negative feedback percentage, then most probably that your ad failed to comply with Facebook advertising policies.

2. Your ads violate Facebook advertising policies

Another most common reason why Facebook ad accounts get suspended is for violating advertising policies.

Facebook advertising policies are like a rulebook which gives marketers instructions on what types of ad content they are allowed or not allowed to show.

If you haven’t read before and may think that Facebook advertising policies are the long paragraphs of legalese, but it is not at all. Although, they are easy to read, at the same time they are ambiguous, so study them carefully.

What is more, some marketers believe that they can dance around Facebook advertising policies, however, they are wrong. The only thing where this leads to is violation of rules and disability of an ad account. 

When marketers create and place their ads on Facebook, they are reviewed against advertising guidelines. And if everything comply with requirements, Facebook ad account will not be suspended for no good reason.

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How to recover your disabled Facebook ad account?

Now, as you know for what reasons your Facebook ad account can be suspended, it’s time to understand how to rebuild your account.

Actually the process of reinstating your Facebook ad account is very easy.

Therefore, go to Ads Manager page where you will see a red colored notification informing about your ad account’s suspension. After that click on the “Contact us” phrase and follow the steps in order to submit a form which will explain your situation, and help to reactive your ad account.

That’s it! You have submitted your appeal in Ads Manager.

It can happen that you don’t see the red message in Ads Manager, then it is most likely that you have received an email related to your ad account’s disability. In this case, follow the instructions in your email in order to appeal.

However, there is another method how you may reach Facebook support team and boost chances of getting your ad account recovered.

So, you can click on the question icon at the top-right corner of your ad account’s screen and scroll down while you will see the blue phrase “Help Center”. In this case, you will speak through an online chat with a Facebook support team’s representative that most probably will make your appeal process faster.

If a chat isn’t available, you have an opportunity to fill in and submit a form where you will tell about your ad account’s disability.

Now just wait until Facebook reviews your request and reinstates your ad account.

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How to protect your Facebook ad account from being suspended again?

Whether you have had your Facebook ad account disabled or not, below are several advices that will help you to keep your ad account from getting shut down in the future.  

1. Comply with Facebook advertising policies

When it comes to Facebook ad account, this is actually the most significant advice that you need to follow.

As it was mentioned before ad accounts are suspended for violating simple, but crucial rules which Facebook has in its guidelines.

In this case, it is advised to read and keep in mind while uploading your ads on Facebook the “Prohibited Content” and “Restricted Content” sections’ of advertising policies.

2. Test your ads

It is recommended to test you ads before creating a lot of similar ones. It means that better set up one ad, receive its approval and only then duplicate the ad set or begin running multiple Facebook ads at the same time.

3. Make sure that your landing pages are compliant

 In fact, compliance doesn’t end on your Facebook ads. It extends to all your pages beyond the click.

Apart from following Facebook advertising policies, don’t forget to insert links to necessary legal declarations and disclaimers. This documents include things, like a privacy policy, terms and conditions, wording which says that your website isn’t affiliated with Facebook.

4. Clean your ad account

Another advice is to separate resources between accounts by removing ad account’s administrators who no longer need to have an access.

Secondly, you need to use a different payment method for each Facebook ad account.

Moreover, if Facebook disapproved your ads for some reasons, you should delete them right away because otherwise these ads will lower your account’s quality score.

Overall, make your Facebook ad account look organized.

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In conclusion, devote your time and efforts to monitoring your Facebook ad account. And don’t ever upload risky ads that can receive negative feedback or be disapproved by Facebook algorithm.

If your Facebook ad account is disabled, don’t start to panic. Just be persistent in trying to figure out the reasons and finding a solution in order to recover your ad account as soon as possible.

Has your Facebook ad account ever been disabled? Were these tips helpful to get your Facebook ad account recovered? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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