How to Promote Your YouTube Channel: 7 Free Methods

how to promote your youtube channel

If video content is a crucial element of your brand’s marketing strategy or you are a YouTube content creator, then promoting your YouTube channel should be as a necessity rather than an option.

And there is no better time than now to find out how to promote your YouTube channel.

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YouTube has already become the second most-visited website on the web with an increased number of active monthly users up to 2 billion.

Therefore, in this tough competition, how your YouTube channel will stand out and catch attention of potential audience? If you want to get your YouTube channel out there, you need to implement effective promotional tactics.

In this article I am going to review 7 working free methods to promote your YouTube channel in order to drive traffic and gain more subscribers.

Let’s dive right into it!

1. Write catchy video titles

When viewers are searching for a video on YouTube, your video title is the first thing that grabs audience’s attention. It helps audience to understand what your video is about and whether it is worth to watch or not.

In this case, provide your audience with a reason to click on your YouTube video by writing titles that will immediately catch viewers’ attention and evoke their curiosity.

However, to create a really engaging title isn’t as simple as it can seem. So, it is more important not to hurry, better spend time generating ideas for a captivating title rather than sticking with the first thought which arises in your mind.

Here are some tips for creating a strong YouTube video title:

  • Make it brief and intriguing. According to social media studies, while writing your YouTube video headline, it is advised to stick to between 40 and 66 characters. Why? Just because if a video title is too long, YouTube can cut it off and make it difficult to understand. Also, insert words that will make your video title sound exciting and encouraging your audience to watch it;
  • Include keywords. In order to present users all the valuable information and instantly catch their attention, put keywords in the first half of your video title. Actually, it is important due to a reason that most of the viewers usually focus on the beginning of the sentence and skip the rest.

Keep this advice in mind when you will be writing your YouTube video titles and you will see that this really helps to get more viewers to your YouTube videos and channel in general.

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2. Don’t forget about SEO

Similarly like a Google search, YouTube has its own search algorithm. Due to this, the right YouTube Search engine optimization tactic is a significant method to promote your channel. It helps to make your video and channel more discoverable in YouTube search results.

What is more, SEO increases your YouTube channel and video chances of showing up in Google search results. Actually, usually YouTube videos are ranked higher comparing with the suggestions of websites or blog posts.

Once you implement SEO on your YouTube channel, then you will have an advantage in promoting your channel. In this case, optimize your video by adding relevant keywords and tags. However, there is no common rule which will tell you what keywords can help to rank your YouTube video higher.

Below there are several best practices for YouTube SEO, in order to give YouTube more context about your video and boost your video chances of showing up in searches:

  • Insert keywords into your video titles and descriptions;
  • Mention keywords in your video;
  • Use categories;
  • Add tags.

Remember, while trying to make your YouTube channel visible, you need to include only keywords that are relevant and suit your content. If keywords are popular and other YouTubers use them, it doesn’t mean that you should do the same.

3. Create attractive thumbnails

One of the easiest and efficient ways to promote your YouTube channel is creating thumbnails.

Actually, thumbnails matter even more than video titles. Why? It is because the first thing that people notice is visual content.

In this case, don’t miss a chance to capture your audience attention and create a captivating and relevant thumbnail for each of your YouTube videos.

While video title helps audience to realize your video content, at the same time a thumbnail gives them an idea of video content’s quality.

However, keep in mind that YouTube by default makes 3 screenshots from any given video and uses one of them as a thumbnail. And sometimes a picture it takes can be blurry or out of focus. Consequently, this thumbnail doesn’t look attractive and people won’t press on your video even if they are interested in the topic.

So, create custom thumbnails by yourself that will not only look appealing at the first sight, but also will provide a sense of professionalism. In this way, add texts, graphics, pictures or any other design elements. Moreover, you can use image creation tools, like Canva, to make your thumbnails look catchy. 

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4. Run a contest

youtube contest ideas

Running a contest where people have an opportunity to win something is considered as a great method to promote your YouTube channel, drive more engagement and encourage people to become your channel’s subscribers.

Therefore, don’t doubt in effectiveness of running a contest or a giveaway. The chance to win a prize will induce users to engage with your video. Only don’t forget to keep your contest rules simple by telling your audience to like your video, leave a comment and subscribe to your channel.

Here are some advices while running a contest on YouTube:

  • Start your contest with a clear goal having in mind;
  • Make sure that you are following YouTube contest policies;
  • Select a contest prize that is related to your brand and most likely be liked by your audience;
  • Turn on your creativity by including a user-generated content as an additional requirement in order to participate in your contest.

However, be careful with organizing YouTube contests very often. After the contest, you need to make sure that it provides your YouTube channel with the results you want to achieve. Otherwise, you will end up wasting time, resources and throwing away money on free prizes without promoting your YouTube channel.

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5. Figure out what your audience likes

If you want to promote your YouTube channel, your task is to create a content which will entertain your audience. In other words, make a content that evokes sense of curiosity and encourages viewers to interact.

First of all, the simplest way to understand what content your audience desire to see on your YouTube channel is to ask them directly in the end of your video and induce to leave thoughts in the comments.

Secondly, you can insert the poll cards to your videos in order to collect viewers responses about what type of content they prefer to see. What is more, analyze your YouTube Analytics and you will find out how your audience engage with a particular type of content and when they lose interest.

6. Use call to action

Actually, your YouTube videos should have a goal – whether you create a video to promote your brand or to encourage audience to visit your webpage. However, if a person views your video and after that just leaves, then it means that you are putting not enough efforts in order to induce users to take action.

In this case, you need to use call to action (CTA) that immediately encourages your audience to do what you want them to accomplish. Therefore, create call to action which is clear and evokes a sense of urgency.

Here are the ways how you can add call to action into your YouTube videos:

  • Direct host-mentions. It is when you look directly to the camera and tell viewers what you want them to do;
  • Video descriptions. Ask your audience to like, comment or share your video in the description itself. Or even you can insert a link to your website and invite users to click on it;
  • End cards. It is an image which appears at the end of your video and informs viewers what they need to do next.

7. Work with other brands and creators

Collaborating with other brands and YouTube content creators is considered as an effective tactic to promote your YouTube channel.

Actually, each collaboration assists you in reaching the new audiences and boosting an amount of your channel’s subscribers. This is because you are working with a YouTuber who this audience already know, like and trust.

However, remember, the most important rule of a successful YouTube collaboration is to find the right partner which will help you to ensure your authenticity. It means that your task is to search for other YouTuber whose content is similar to yours and matches your audience’s preferences.

So, how to collaborate with other YouTube content creators in order to promote your channel?

There are several ways how to do it.

For example, you may make an interview in one of your videos or you can organize a live stream together and answer all questions of your audience. What is more, you have an opportunity to create a content and ask other YouTuber to upload it on his/her channel.

Also, you may agree with YouTube influencers that they will review your brand’s products or services and in return will get to try your new products or services for free.

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Wrapping everything up, as you most likely already noticed there are lots of organic ways to effectively promote your YouTube channel. So, it is unnecessary to use the paid campaigns to promote your YouTube channel.

However, remember that your YouTube channel won’t grow overnight. It requires time and undoubtedly your efforts.

So, adapt these tactics and you will notice that you start getting more video views and your subscriber base is increasing.

Do you know some other methods how to promote your YouTube channel? Please let me know in the comments below!

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