How To Pick The Right Hashtags For Instagram Posts?

how to pick the right instagram hashtags

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With more than 1 billion of monthly active users, Instagram is an ideal place to promote your brand, boost an amount of your fans or drive more sales.

Even if you upload engaging Instagram posts, you can be missing one important thing to have a successful marketing strategy. It is hashtags!

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At first glance, hashtags may not seem like important element of your strategy, but they remain one of the most powerful ways to get more eyes on your Instagram content.

Without a keen knowledge of Instagram hashtags and how they work, they can start doing harm to your profile pretty quickly.

Fortunately, you came to the right place!

In this article you will find out the tips how to choose the right hashtags for your Instagram posts that will help you to grow on Instagram even faster!

Let’s dive right into it!

Why it is important to use hashtags on Instagram?

Before I start talking about how you can find the right hashtags for your Instagram content, your first task is to clearly understand what benefits you can receive by adding hashtags into your Instagram content.

Below are some main reasons why you need to pay attention on hashtags while crafting your Instagram posts.

1. Hashtags boost the visibility of your posts

Think about how many efforts and time goes into the posts you upload on Instagram. From catching the perfect image to writing the informative and compiling caption and most likely, you don’t want all of this work to go to waste.

In this case, you shouldn’t ignore the hashtags. They are exactly what makes your Instagram posts discoverable to a wider audience.

Keep in mind that when an audience is interested in a particular topic on Instagram, they search for the related hashtags. Consequently, if you insert the right hashtags into your Instagram posts, there are bigger chances that your Instagram profile will be noticed and people will check your content. And if they find out that your profile is relevant to their interests, they most probably decide to follow you.

2. Hashtags encourage audience to engage

Social media studies show that Instagram posts containing at least one hashtag receive a higher engagement level rather than those that don’t have hashtags.

Believe me or not, but Instagram audience engage with hashtags that are simple and clear. That’s why so many brands create and promote their own branded hashtags to induce interactions with their audience.

3. Hashtags drive more sales of your brand products or services

By inserting the right hashtags into your Instagram posts, where you promote your brand products or services, you will not only gain great visibility to your brand, but also increase the chance of selling those products or services to concerned potential customers.  

So, try to use as relevant as possible hashtags on Instagram and you will be able to drive more sales to your webpage.

4. Hashtags help you to keep up with your industry trends

If you are searching for the trends in your brand industry, your task should be to look no further than popular hashtags.

Consistently following tags that are popular in your industry will help you to keep an eye on competitors and figure out what an audience is talking about your brand on Instagram.

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How to pick the right hashtags for your Instagram posts?

In order to be successful with hashtags on Instagram, you need to be strategic about what hashtags you use and how you use them.

If you just insert the most popular hashtags, like #beautiful, #love, #happy into your Instagram posts, it doesn’t mean you are going to get a ton of likes and comments.

Instead of applying popular Instagram hashtags, it is advised to find and use hashtags that are plain, more niche and relevant to your brand and its audience.

Here are 5 methods that can you implement to find the right hashtags for your Instagram posts:

1. Use Instagram search function

The easiest and effective way to find the right hashtags for your content is to search for them on Instagram.

In this case, just type in the keyword that is relevant to your brand into Instagram search bar and you will receive a list of suggested hashtags with that keyword, as well as a number of Instagram posts that are tagged with it.

Although you may think that if the hashtag was included in a big amount of posts, then it is great and you should use it. However, you are wrong because high-density hashtag means there is a high rate of competition and, consequently, your posts might get lost.

If you want to get successful results, the best strategy will be to use a combination of popular and niche hashtags in your Instagram posts.

2. Check out what hashtags your competitors are applying

Another great way to find relevant hashtags for your posts is by researching your Instagram competitors whose target audience is the same or similar to yours.

Your task is to figure out what powerful hashtags your competitors are using and maybe discover new Instagram hashtags that you will be able to include in your posts.

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3. Explore the hashtags that your audience is using

Inserting random, popular hashtags at the end of your posts will not help you to grow your Instagram profile.

Instead of this, you should discover what hashtags your Instagram audience is adding into their posts and start using the ones that fit the content you are sharing on Instagram.

Remember that the right hashtags are the ones that speak the language of your target audience.

4. Insert hashtags that other influential people in your industry are

Find Instagram pages of other influential people with the same niche as yours and analyze the hashtags they are using on their posts.

It is recommended to check what hashtags provide them with a high engagement level and based on it create your own list of best Instagram hashtags related to your niche.

Because why not learn from the best in your industry?

5. Look to your most successful posts for trends

While trying to find the best hashtags for your content, you can browse through uploaded Instagram posts containing a hashtag you are already having success with.

Have you notice a trend of other common hashtags that could be inserted into your posts?

If yes, then don’t forget to add these hashtags in the posts you are planning to publish on Instagram in the future.

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Wrapping everything up, when it comes to finding the right Instagram hashtags for your posts, you need to include only those that are relevant to your brand, industry and your audience.

If you use Instagram hashtags strategically, you will be able not only to make your content more visible, but also receive a higher engagement rate and even drive more sales.

Do you know any other tips on how to pick the right hashtags for Instagram posts? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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